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Maribelle & Notte: Trick or treat!

110024 01 r03.png Here you are—a single marshmallow. Now be good friends and share it between the two of you, all right?

110032 01 r05.png Whoa, ANOTHER one? Halloween is the beeeeest!

Notte: Who should we go to next? ...Oh!

110018 01 r04.png Making a candy house in the garden, eh? How very refined, Euden.

Maribelle & Notte: Trick or treat!

110018 01 r04.png It's dangerous to only give a pirate those two options. You two must be brave as the sea itself, by gar! So then! What sort of trick are you planning to pull on me if I don't make with the treat booty?

110032 01 r05.png Weeell...we could maaaaybe...

Notte: Er, we didn't really plan that far ahead.

110018 01 r04.png Pfft. What a waste! Halloween is the one time of year when you can prank people but good. You need to plan an epic trick!

Notte: Yeah, I guess you're right... All right, then! We're gonna trick fools like they've never been tricked before!

110032 01 r05.png Er, but what kind of trick should we DO? I can't think of any good ones.

110018 01 r04.png *sigh* You two are hopeless. But fine! I'll give you some pointers so you can enjoy both the 'trick' and 'treat' side of this.

Notte: We can have both? Yaaaaaay!

110018 01 r04.png Right then! We're going to form a gang that does nothing but celebrate Halloween. And we'll be called...the Plunder Pals! From this point forth, you will refer to me as "Captain." Now weigh anchor, lassies!

110048 01 r03.png ...Why on earth would they put an assassin in charge of making dinner?

110021 01 r05.png This pie's done. How's the soup coming along?

110048 01 r03.png Almost finished. I just need to add my secret ingredient to spice it up...

110018 01 r04.png Gahar har har! Trick or treat, mateys! It be us—the Plunder Pals!

110048 01 r03.png The Plunder...Pals?

110021 01 r05.png Are you implying that these adorable children are freebooters of some manner?

110018 01 r04.png That's right! We're a band of merry pirates who appear but once a year on Halloween. ...And we'll start by plundering that pie. Yoink! *munch* *crunch* *slobber*

110048 01 r03.png Hey! Don't steal our food!

110018 01 r04.png *munch* *smack* Oh wow, that was good. Now you two! Grab a slice and chow down!

110032 01 r05.png Er, is it really okay for us to do that? We haven't eaten our vegetables yet.

110018 01 r04.png Who cares? This is our Halloween trick!

Notte: Weeeeell, in THAT case... *horf* *chomp* Oh man, pumpkin pie whaaaaat?!

110032 01 r05.png *sluuuuurp* Mmm! This pumpkin soup is warming me all up!

110048 01 r03.png Oh yeah? Heh. That's good to hea—HEY! STOP STEALING OUR FOOD! I'm serious, now! Stop stealing food or we won't have anything left for dinner.

110018 01 r04.png Gahar har har! You won't get rid of us that easily! Now give us a treat, or the tricks will continue unabated!

110048 01 r03.png Wait. You play a trick first, THEN demand treats? ...Is that really how this works?

110021 01 r05.png Er, will this pie be enough? I originally made it for Fydon and Felyx, but humans can eat it as well.

110048 01 r03.png Hey! Stop helping them!

110021 01 r05.png It is an adult's duty to look the other way when it comes to children's pranks— particularly so on Halloween.

110048 01 r03.png One of them is a hell of a big kid... But eh, fine. Give me a second to whip up some baked goodies here.

Maribelle & Notte: Wooooo!

110018 01 r04.png See how it works, you two? You prank right out of the gate, then blackmail 'em to get the sweet, sweet booty.

Maribelle & Notte: Aye aye, cap'n!

110035 01 r03.png ...Checkmate.

110039 01 r04.png Hmm. Perhaps we can both forget this game ever happened.

110018 01 r04.png Trick or treeeat! The Plunder Pals have arrived!

110035 01 r03.png Well, look at these excitable young lasses. What can we do for you?

110018 01 r04.png It's time for a Halloween trick, old man! Show 'em what ya got, Maribelle.

110032 01 r05.png Aye-aye, captain! Um, so, I guess... I'll move THESE!

110035 01 r03.png No! My checkmate!

110032 01 r05.png Yep! And if you don't give us treats, I'm gonna move 'em even MORE!

110039 01 r04.png Heh. Well, we certainly can't have that. Here then—take these steamed buns.

110032 01 r05.png Hey, what gives? We're tricking the heck out of you, but you sound all impressed.

110039 01 r04.png Don't be an old fuddy-duddy, Raemond. Give the children a treat.

110035 01 r03.png Fuddy-duddy? How dare you, sir! ...Fine then. If I give you something, will you stop interfering with our game?

110032 01 r05.png That's right!

110018 01 r04.png All right, time to make for our next target. Steady on, lassies!

110269 01 r04.png ...Um, Notte? When you're bobbing in front of me like that, I can't see the crystal.

110028 01 r03.png Ugh. Just move, already! The crystal ball is showing us how to get the prince to a wedding hall!

Notte: Trick or treeeat! ...Oh, and I'm not leaving till you give us treats, if you're confused about how this works.

110028 01 r03.png Oh, are you SERIOUS?! Okay, fine— take these cookies and get out of my face already.

110269 01 r04.png Er, I have some sugar plums. Will those do?

Notte: Hee hee! We win again!

110018 01 r04.png You two are really getting the hang of this. So next we have—

110063 01 r03.png Stop right there!

Notte: Oh. Estelle. What's your problem?

110063 01 r03.png You know what it is! Just because it's Halloween does NOT mean you can run amok playing tricks and making a mockery of common decency. It's inexcusable! As a preacher, it is my duty to correct you with the Loving Hand!

110032 01 r05.png Nooooo! I don't want a Loving Haaaand! What are we gonna do, Captain?!

110018 01 r04.png Hold your ground, lassies! In times like these, you just have to... Whoa. Is that...Euden?! In a Halloween costume?! He's soooo handsome!

110063 01 r03.png Karina, there's no way I'm going to be distracted by such an obvious ploy. Give me SOME credit here. ...Still, what if she's serious and I miss it? Maybe I can just... *peek*

110018 01 r04.png NOW! Plunder Pals, full speed ahead!

110063 01 r03.png H-hey! Get back here!

And so, the Plunder Pals sailed from one end of the castle to the other, plundering treats and engaging in every manner of trick imaginable.

110032 01 r05.png Mmm! These treats are delish... This is a haul fit for a queen!

Notte: Treats that you get after tricking people just taste better for some reason.

110032 01 r05.png I think I could get used to this life. That's probably a bad thing, huh?

110018 01 r04.png A little excess once in a while is fine. You live but a single time, after all.

Notte: This was super fun, Captain Karina. Thanks for helping us!

110018 01 r04.png I should be thanking the two of you! I had a really good time. But alas, this is where the Plunder Pals must disband. However, I have one last thing I'd like to say to you... When times look rough, get greedy! That's how you live a life without regrets. Got it?

Maribelle & Notte: Aye aye, captain!