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详细内容: 玩家Lv

完成任务获得的"经验值"积累到一定数量即可升级. 玩家等级提升后, 体力与战友数上限将提升, 圣城中的设施等级上限将解锁, 还可建造新的设施.



两种类型的资源: 体力、共斗之翼

体力 单人模式进行任务,或多人模式中创建房间时使用。

  • 关于上限
  • 关于回复

    使用Icon Diamantium.png 龙钻Icon Wyrmite.png 龙辉晶和道具可回复体力,并且即使高于上限也可继续回复。

  • 当任务所需体力高于体力上限时

共斗之翼 作为guest参加多人模式时使用。

  • 关于上限
  • 关于回复

    使用Icon Diamantium.png 龙钻Icon Wyrmite.png 龙辉晶和道具可回复共斗之翼,并且即使高于上限也可继续回复。



Wyrmite and Diamantium

详细内容: 货币

游戏中有几种类型的货币,可用于召唤,制作等用途。 Icon Wyrmite.png 龙辉晶, Icon Resource Mana.png 魔力 , Icon Resource Rupies.png 金币, 和 Icon Resource Eldwater.png 觉醒水滴 可在游戏中作为报酬获得。召唤出重复角色、出售3 Icon Rarity 3.png或更高级别的龙辉护符也可获得Icon Resource Eldwater.png 觉醒水滴。而 Icon Diamantium.png 龙钻 只可在“商店”页面通过购买获得。


详细内容: 召唤

召唤是失落的龙约中的关键机制之一。玩家可以在召唤页面使用Icon Wyrmite.png 龙辉晶Icon Diamantium.png 龙钻或召唤券来获得新角色、龙辉护符和龙。

玩家在召唤页面的“传说召唤”中,特定的角色、龙和龙辉护符的出现概率会比通常情况下更高。所有3 Icon Rarity 3.png、4 Icon Rarity 4.png和5 Icon Rarity 5.png珍稀度的常驻角色、龙和龙辉护符均有可能出现。



详细内容: 角色

Adventurers are characters that players use to complete quests. Adventurers are attributed a weapon type and element, which determine their attack style, and their damage and durability against other elements. Each specific adventurer has a static set of skills and abilities that cannot be changed. Players can equip adventurers with weapons, dragons, and wyrmprints to boost their stats and potentially grant special skills and abilities.

Adventurers level up by gaining experience through completing quests, and from crystal items such as Silver Crystals. Their max level is determined solely by rarity, and all Adventurers can be promoted to the highest rarity. Players can only have one copy of an adventurer, so duplicates gained through Template:Summoning are instantly converted to Icon Resource Eldwater.png Eldwater.


Teams are groups of up to 4 Adventurers that can be sent on quests. In the Team section of the Main Menu, players can create up to 6 unique teams that can be used in quests. Each adventurer can be equipped with a weapon, a dragon, and a wyrmprint through the menu UI. Teams allow custom loadouts each adventurer, so a single adventurer can be used on multiple teams with different sets of equipment, but each piece of equipment can only be used once per team. There is also a feature inside the team menu to optimize teambuilding, which will automatically create a full team of 4 adventurers with full loadouts.

For more information and tips on how to build teams, visit the 队伍编成 page.


详细内容: 数值

There are various stats used by adventurers which can be granted and increased by equipped weapons, dragons, wyrmprints, skills, and abilities. A large proportion of these stats cannot be seen on the Adventurer's stat breakdowns in the game, but nonetheless will increase their damage and durability. Some stats have an effect on an adventurer's skills, or their skills granted while shapeshifted.

Basic stats which can be found on all Adventurer's and equipped items are HP and Strength. HP directly increases a character Health Pool, and Strength affects damage done by basic attacks and abilities.



详细内容: 武器

Weapons are wielded by 角色 to boost their stats and potentially provide extra skills in combat. Each adventurer has a default 1 Icon Rarity 1.png weapon that provides no bonuses or skills. 2 Icon Rarity 2.png weapons are obtained in quests by opening chests and defeating enemies. Once the Smithy facility is unlocked in Halidom, 3 Icon Rarity 3.png, 4 Icon Rarity 4.png, and 5 Icon Rarity 5.png weapons can be crafted through the Upgrade Menu. Weapons can also be upgraded to higher tiers, which provides an extra skill and higher stats to Adventurers. The highest tier of weapons gain an elemental type, and if they are used by an Adventurer of the same element, the weapon will grant an extra 50% HP and Strength worth of its stats.


详细内容: 龙辉护符

Wyrmprints are items that can be equipped by Adventurers, providing Health, Strength, and Might. Every Wyrmprint will also provide at least one |Ability to the equipped Adventurer. Wyrmprints can be unbound to increase their maximum possible level by using a second copy of the same Wyrmprint. When a Wyrmprint is fully unbound, the Abilities provided by the Wyrmprint will be upgraded to a higher tier, providing greater bonuses.

Because the Health and Strength provided by Wyrmprints are fairly low, and they gain very little per level, most of the value of the Wyrmprints comes from the Abilities they provide. Finding Wyrmprints that provide skills that benefit the playstyle of Adventurers is recommended.



Dragons are creatures that can be equipped to Adventurers, providing Health and Strength and Might. Dragons also have Abilities that can provide extra stats to Adventurers as long as they are a specific Elemental type. Ex: Ezelith can gain 40% more Strength by equipping Agni due to his (Flame) Strength +40% ability. In addition to these abilities, Dragons will also grant an extra 50% of their Health and Strength stats to adventurers of the same elemental type.

During missions, Adventurers can shapeshift into the equipped dragon for a brief period of time after filling up their Dragon Gauge. While in this shapeshifted form, the Adventurer will gain a new basic attack and a usable Skill which can have a variety of effects depending on the dragon. In their shapeshifted form, Adventurers have no health bar, but instead have a yellow duration bar that decreases over time and while taking damage. When the duration bar runs out, the Adventurer will return to their normal state and the Dragon Gauge will go on cooldown.


详细内容: 任务机制


详细内容: 战斗机制