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Basic Attacks[]

Basic attacks occur when a player taps on the screen while controlling an Adventurer. Multiple taps on the screen will unleash combos of basic attacks with different animations and damage modifiers. Basic attacks are dependent on weapon type, so adventurers with the same weapon type will use the same basic attacks and combos.

There are the modifiers for the basic attack combos and dash attacks for every weapon. Every adventurer of the same weapon type will use the same attack modifiers. Basic Attacks will cause adventurers to gain Skill Points when a hit lands on an enemy. SP is only gained ONCE for each attack, regardless of the number of times you hit an enemy or the number of enemies you hit.

List of Basic Attack Modifiers[]

Weapon Attack Damage Modifier Number of Hits SP Gain
Sword Combo 1 75% 1 150
Combo 2 80% 1 150
Combo 3 95% 1 196
Combo 4 100% 1 265
Combo 5 (Slash)

Combo 5 (AoE Impact)

150% 1 391
150% 1
Dash Attack 95% 1 143
Blade Combo 1 97% 1 130
Combo 2 97% 1 130
Combo 3 63% 2 220
Combo 4 129% 1 360
Combo 5 [Uncharged] 194% 1 660
Combo 5 (dash) [Charged]

Combo 5 (circle slash)

143% 1 900
143% 1
Dash Attack 94% 1 104
Dagger Combo 1 75% 1 144
Combo 2 38% 2 144
Combo 3 54% 2 264
Combo 4 119% 1 288
Combo 5 119% 1 288
Dash Attack 89% 1 132
Axe Combo 1 114% 1 200
Combo 2 122% 1 240
Combo 3 204% 1 360
Combo 4 (Draws enemies
closer for 0.5 seconds)
216% 1 380
Combo 5 228% 1 420
Dash Attack 73% 1 160
Lance Combo 1 84% 1 120
Combo 2 45% 2 240
Combo 3 108% 1 120
Combo 4 150% 1 480
Combo 5 112% 1 600
Dash Attack 89% 1 111
Bow Combo 1 29% 3 184
Combo 2 37% 2 92
Combo 3 42% 3 276
Combo 4 63% 2 414
Combo 5 35% 5 529
Dash Attack 30% 3 208
Wand Combo 1 98% 1 130
Combo 2 53% 2 200
Combo 3 36% 3 240
Combo 4 78% 2 430
Combo 5 (Big Ball)

Combo 5 (Small Projectiles)

61.8% 1 600
36.05% 4
Dash Attack 100% 1 156
Staff Combo 1 69% 1 232
Combo 2 80% 1 232
Combo 3 45% 2 348
Combo 4 150% 1 464
Combo 5 196% 1 696
Dash Attack 80% 1 300

Force Strikes[]

Force Strikes are secondary attacks that occur when a player taps and holds their finger on the screen. A special charge icon will appear under or near the adventurer, and when it fully lights up, release the held finger will launch the attack in the direction or location of the icon. Force Strikes are dependent on weapon type, so adventurers with the same weapon type will use the same type of Force Strike.

The Force Strike attack is initially locked for every Adventurer, and is gained by unlocking the first Force Strike node on an adventurer's Mana Circle. Hold your finger down without moving it to charge a Force Strike. The point where you held your finger down becomes the pivot point for aiming the Force Strike after it is charged. Drag your finger away from that point in the OPPOSITE direction to where you wish to attack to aim your strike (like drawing a slingshot).

Bonus Effects of Force Strike Attacks[]

  • Force Strikes do bonus damage to the Overdrive Gauge Bars of bosses, causing them to enter the Break state faster than regular attacks.
  • Force Strikes will instantly break enemy guards (the blue barriers some enemies create to block damage).
  • Force Strikes can knock back some enemies and interrupt their attacks in the process.
  • Force Strikes provide a degree of knockback and stagger resistance when held down, enabling one to, for example, not get knocked down by the Phantom Assault in Wind Imperial Onslaught (ailment affliction still applies to those without ailment resistance).

List of Force Strike Modifiers[]

Level Damage Multiplier Type Number of Hits SP Gain Effect
Sword 1 104% Directional 1 345 on first enemy hit Deals 8x Damage to OD Bar
2 115%
Blade 1 83% Directional 1 200 on first enemy hit Deals 6x Damage to OD Bar
2 92%
Dagger 1 43.2% Directional 3 288 on first enemy hit Deals 8.4x Damage to OD Bar on Hit 1 and 2
Deals 4.2x Damage to OD bar on Hit 3
2 47%
Axe 1 173% Personal Area of Effect 1 300 on first enemy hit Deals 3.08x Damage to OD Bar

Draws enemies closer until released

(can be charged indefinitely)

2 192%
Lance 1 27% Directional 5 400 on first enemy hit Deals 5.2x Damage to OD Bar on Hits 1-4

Deals 6.2x Damage to OD Bar on Hit 5

2 30%
Bow 1 28% Targetted Area of Effect 8 460 on first enemy hit Deals 3x Damage to OD Bar
2 31%
Wand 1 81% Targetted Area of Effect 2 400 on first enemy hit Deals 4x Damage to OD Bar
2 90%
Staff 1 55% Directional 4 580 on first enemy hit Deals 4.2x Damage to OD Bar
2 61%


Every character and dragon has skills that they can use while on missions. These skills appear as small icons along the bottom of the screen during missions. To use one of the skills, the icon must be fully lit up, which usually only occurs after a certain amount of SP has been acquired during the mission. Once a skill icon is fully lit up, players must tap on the icon to use the skill. Skills can be attacks, buffs, recovery, or a combination of the three. Once a skill has been used, the Adventurer must gain enough SP to fully light the icon to use the same skill again.

During a skill, be it the user or a helper's skill, the user is immune to all damage during the skill animation except against purple attacks that make contact. In addition, if controlled by the player, the skill use and portrait cut-in generates iframes (invincibility frames) for the user's team as well. This can be used to an advantage. However iframes generated for AI in this way will only last 1 second, regardless of the skill's duration.


When equipped with a Dragon, all Adventurers gain the ability to shapeshift into that Dragon while on a mission. During the mission, a shapeshifting icon will appear near the bottom of the screen. Once the icon is fully lit, players can cause their adventurers to shapeshift by tapping on the icon. Shapeshifting allows the player to temporarily fight as the Dragon, giving the adventurer new basic attacks, a new skill, and a Dragon timer that shows how much longer the adventurer will remain in their shapeshifted form.

During shapeshift, you cannot be knocked back and are immune to all afflictions.

All manner of shapeshift attacks will break enemy blue shields instantly, and can also destroy some field obstacles.

Unlike adventurers, both moving and dodging during shapeshift will also cause hitstun towards targets and break objects.

Elemental Bonus[]

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Class Banes[]

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Damage Formula[]

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Healing Formula[]

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Action Markers[]

Most enemy skills feature telegraphed attacks, that is, action markers on the ground, that indicate where an attack will hit. There are two known types, red (sometimes yellow, depending on the color of the ground, e.g. Brunhilda) marker attacks, which can be iframed, and purple marker attacks, whose damage cannot be avoided and will stagger those that are hit even while the hit is performing skills. Some purple attacks can possibly be avoided if their hitbox does not match their marker or escaping along the vertical axis by using skills that put an adventurer at the position, or tanked with a dragonshift. Unlike actual players, A.I. controlled adventurers usually have a 70% chance to dodge purple attacks through avoidance actions (this does not apply to the "controlled" unit AI in Auto Mode). Action markers also function as a timer of sorts for the enemy skill, for example, for circular type action markers, it will fill in color, and once it reaches the circumference the attack will hit.

Hit Priority[]

Every action has a individual speed value tagged to it which determines whether the user or the target will be interrupted when two opposing attacks clash. As such, strategies such as repeated force strike usage, or certain combo strings, may prevent the enemy from being able to retaliate, depending on the enemy.

Enemy Attention[]

Attacks and skills of an enemy, surmised as enemy actions, may be assigned a specific target group for each of them. Target groups include, but are not limited to, the following: specific party members, specific party member distances and specific party member positions relative to the enemy. For example, raid bosses tend to target the host first, which makes it possible to kite or bait them into turning round in circles or to charge into corners. Enemy mages and flyeyes tend to target their ranged force strike attack against the party member who is at the furthest distance to them, such as in Avenue to Power. Dragons tend to leap backwards and damage an adventurer in the process if there is an adventurer behind them. It is thus possible to strategize and dodge attacks by taking note of this.