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On Sortied
Haha! Did somebody call for a Sealer?
On Entering a Room
You wanna to make some noise?
When Quest Begins
The journey of training starts...NOW!
You got everything you need for the journey?
Response to Beginning of a Quest
Heck yeah! I'm gonna show you the fruits of my training!
Heh! You KNOW I'm ready to roll!
When Controlling Character in Quest
It's my time to shine!
When Receiving a Heal
Hoooo! You're a lifesaver!
Oh yeah, that's better. Thanks!
When Entering a Boss' Room
Stuff like this is all part of my Sealer duties. Now let's crush it!
Pfft! You think I'm gonna lose to a chump like this?!
Response to Entering a Boss' Room
Just leave everything to Master Wu Kong!
I ain't gonna lose this one!
Upon Getting to Low Health
Don't underestimate Master Wu Kong, punk!
Hngh... Might've gotten carried away there...
Upon Opening a Chest
Oh, baby! TREASURE!
Guess there probably ain't any Qilin relics in there...
Boss on Low Health
Ha! They're gettin' weaker!
Ho hoo! We got this all wrapped up with a nice little bow!
Boss Enters Break State
Here's our chance! C'mon, everyone!
Let's rough 'em up while they're open!
Rare Enemy Spawns
Say, THAT one's interesting!
Huh. That's a weird one.
Upon Death
Urgh... I suck...
Master...I'm sorry...
Upon Revival
Next up, a Wu Kong win!
When Using Weapon/Shared Skills
Damage: Here comes Wu Kong!
Buff Self: Check out these moves!
Buff Ally: Go team us!
Debuff Enemy: Hahahaha! Got you!
Heal Ally: Hey, you okay?
Heal Self: Ha! This ain't nothing!
Player Uses Damaging Skill
Whoa, awesome! Do that again!
I gotta work harder if I wanna keep up with you!
When Shape Shifting is Ready
How's about a little rampage with the dragon?
The dragon's chi is about to overflow!
Shape Shifting into Dragon
Oh, it is on now!
Idle During Quest
*yawn* Time for a break!
Let's see... Do I sense any Qilin relics around here?
Quest Clear
Nothing to it!
Quest Failure
I got no right to call myself a Sealer anymore...
Home Screen Walking
Leave it to me!
Welp, I screwed that up...
So tired...from all that training...
Time for some training!
Enough work—let's kick back and have some fun!
I'm gonna become one heck of a Sealer!
Home Screen Inside
Gimme a shout if you've got problems. I'm a Sealer now, so I'm sure I can help out.
Really awesome Sealers get called great Sealers, so I'm gonna be a GREAT great Sealer someday!
The angrier Master Xuan Zang gets, the wider she smiles. It's next-level scary, I tell you what.
If you need a Qilin relic handled, leave it to me! ...I mean, I might blow it, but still.
I'm so good at climbing trees. Zhu Bajie calls me a monkey! ...Er, that IS a compliment, right?
Some fruit got stolen from the garden? Uhhh...I don't know a thing about it!
Home Screen Portrait
I'm wearing the Jin Gu Er! What do you think Pretty fancy, yeah?
I can get anywhere with the Jindou Yun! Except that it's hard to control and I tend to wipe out.
This is the first time I've had to live apart from my master. Oh, not that I'm lonely or anything!
Training apart from my master makes me realize how amazing she is. But I'm still going to surpass her someday!
I'm the first human in the world to become a Sealer, which is why I've got to blaze a new trail.
Collection Portrait
Don't think I'm the same as we last met, I've been training like a madman!
Compared to my Master's strictness, training in the Qilin village is easy breezy!
Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing were both a big deal back in Taiwu, but they still seem pretty low-key about it.
What's the Qilin village like? Well, it's pretty much "Yaaawn!" and then sometimes "Ka-pow!", you know.
I used to train so my master would acknowledge me, but now I do it to be the best Sealer I can be.
Limited Lines
New Year:
Giving Valentine's:
Receiving Valentine's:
Anniversary Lines
2nd Anniversary: It’s our two year anniversary! We’ve had our share of trouble, but I know you can go on if I’M by your side!
At The Halidom
Time for a little graffiti... "Wu Kong wuz here!"
Gah, you scared me! I thought you were my master there for a second...
This place might be better than the Qilin village!
New Mana Circle Unlocked
I wonder if my skills are approaching my master's now?
On Mana Circle Fully Unbound
I've gotten pretty darn good! And it's about time folks start to acknowledge that.
Upon Maxed Out Friendship
You might be the strongest around now, but I think I can catch up so long as we stick together.

Adventurer Story Episodes

Episode 1

A Human Sealer

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Waaaaah hoooo!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: YEEEEE HAAAAW!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Oh, yeah! Long time no see, Halidom! I've always loved this place—the chi is just so clear and tranquil!

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: It's great to see how Wu Kong has been spreadin' his wings lately!

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: Is it truly all right for him to be wielding such power so soon after neutralizing the Jin Gu Er?

110299 02 r05.pngRadiant Xuan Zang: It is not his power I worry about, but the judgment of its use...

110299 02 r05.pngRadiant Xuan Zang: Wu Kong! Soaring about the sky on the Jindou Yun while screaming like a madman is not the way to endear yourself to others!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Aw, c'mon, master! It's no big deal! I mean, look how well I can control this thing now!

110299 02 r05.pngRadiant Xuan Zang: Honestly, Wu Kong... Just when I think you have learned from the Jin Gu Er incident, you prove yourself every bit a child.

210074 01.pngYulong: I am returned, Xuan Zang. Our annual communication with the various sealer territories has been completed without incident.

110299 02 r05.pngRadiant Xuan Zang: Welcome back, Yulong. Do you bring any news from our sealer brethren?

210074 01.pngYulong: Yes, a great sealer of western Taiwu entrusted me with a written message.

Unknown.png???: LOOK OUT BELOOOOW!

210074 01.pngYulong: Ooof!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Dang it! Why does this ALWAYS happen?!

210074 01.pngYulong: I see you are as ill-behaved as ever, child.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Heh heh! Yeah, maybe. Anyhoo, you said you have a message from a great sealer?

210074 01.pngYulong: Remove your dirty paws from that letter! It is addressed to Xuan Zang alone!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Aw, it's fine! I'm just gonna take a liiiiittle peeeeek...

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: "I am not alone in my amazement that a novice was able to handle the Jin Gu Er. Indeed, others in the sealer village also hold Wu Kong's actions in great esteem."

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Wait, great esteem? ME?!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Aaaah ha ha ha! It's about time they all realized how great I am!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: I KNEW I was a natural genius— and now it's only a matter of time before I become a great sealer, too!

Unknown.png???: Ooooh?

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: ACK!

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: I have told you countless times not to read messages intended for others, Wu Kong. And for such disobedience, I believe a harsh punishment is in order.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: W-wait, hold on, master! Let's just stop and think about this for a...

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: EEEYAAAAARGH!

100003 01 r04.pngRanzal: Wu Kong might be a full-fledged sealer, but he's still dumb as a sack'a hammers.

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Right? Hard to believe a rookie like him is gettin' praise from an actual great sealer.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: That "rookie" you are so quick to dismiss is the first human sealer in all history, and was also able to handle one of the most powerful Qilin relics: the Jin Gu Er.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: Is it truly so surprising that he would be a topic of discussion amongst the Qilin?

100003 01 r04.pngRanzal: No one doubts the kid's talent, Cleo, but he acts like a damn fool most'a the time! Maybe all them great sealers just don't know what he's REALLY like.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Uwaaaaaaargh! I'M SOOOOOORRRRYYY!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Ugh. She didn't have to get THAT angry...

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Aw, cheer up, chum! ...And maybe don't go snoopin' into other folks' private letters next time, yeah?

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Fiiiine! Fine. I won't do it again.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: ...Huh?

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: What's up?

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Over there...

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: It's Fa Ming!

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: You mean that old Qilin guy? What's his deal?

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: He is the master of my master, and one of the most powerful great sealers in the entire world.

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Guy sounds like a pretty big cheese! So what's he doin' in the Halidom?

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: It looks like he's talking to my master. Possibly about...

110299 02 r05.pngRadiant Xuan Zang: ...As I stated, this situation is different. In truth, I was the one who recommended that Wu Kong deal with the Jin Gu Er.

110299 02 r05.pngRadiant Xuan Zang: Any rumors that the boy acted recklessly and of his own accord are false.

Fa Ming: Xuan Zang, I do not speak to you exclusively regarding this incident with the Jin Gu Er.

Fa Ming: The Qilin relics are the responsibility and legacy of our tribe alone; a human could never understand such a burden.

110299 02 r05.pngRadiant Xuan Zang: You may well be right, master. And yet...

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Sounds like they're arguing about that Jin Gu Er thing.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Specifically the incident where I used reckless means to take care of it...

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Eh, he probably just felt like griping. Old men do that all the time.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: And he's a bigger pain than most...

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: You don't like the guy?

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: HE doesn't like ME.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Some of the especially rigid Qilin tribe folks don't care for the idea of a human like me being an actual sealer.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: No matter how diligently I train, or how many relics I seal away, it doesn't matter.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: The old farts just keep saying that Qilin relics are Qilin problems, and we humans should butt out.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: It's been that way even since my master took me on as a pupil.

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Sounds like a real pain.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Eh, it's not so bad. I mean, I hate that my master has to get an earful about it, but it just makes me all the more determined to prove 'em wrong.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: And in order to do that...

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Whoa!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: *wheeze* *pant*

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Hyah!

110299 02 r05.pngRadiant Xuan Zang: Er, don't you think you might be overdoing it a bit, Wu Kong? The credo "all things in moderation" includes training, you know.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: It's fine, master. I've gotta work harder!

110299 02 r05.pngRadiant Xuan Zang: What in the world has gotten into you? You've never been so eager to train.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: (That stupid old man... I'm gonna become an amazing great sealer and MAKE him acknowledge how awesome I am!)

Episode 2

Qilin Resolve

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: O power universal, hear my decree... Essence of speed, winds of flight...

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: (Okay, nice! Today I'll try adding more incantations to increase its power.)

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Path of heaven, road of clouds... And clouds of heaven... And, and...sky of clouds!

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: Wu Kong! If you chant that much, the relic's power will grow too great!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Graaaagh!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Ooof.

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: *sigh* How many times must I tell you that chants need to be limited to correspond with your own abilities?

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Darn it...

210074 01.pngYulong: Xuan Zang!

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: What is it, Yulong? Why the hurry?

210074 01.pngYulong: Master Fa Ming has taken charge of the Ling Xuan Dan.

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: He has?!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: He did the what now?

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: We've not a moment to lose. Come with me, Wu Kong.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Okay!

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: Master! Are you all right?!

Fa Ming: Nnngh... Xuan Zang...

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: I've heard tell of this miasma!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Looks like it's coming from that jewel he's holding. Lemme just grab tha—

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: Keep your distance, Wu Kong!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Huh? Why?

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: That jewel is the Ling Xuan Dan—a terribly dangerous relic that exudes a most fearsome miasma.

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: Coming into contact with it brings about unimaginable pain. Some even perish from the agony of it.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: But it's got your master!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: We need to take it from him now!


110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: You'll DIE if we don't!

Fa Ming: It may be so—but it is a choice I make with open eyes.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Huh?

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: Master, I cannot believe you've taken up the duty of keeping the Ling Xuan Dan under control...

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Duty? What are you talking about?

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: Even when sealed, the Ling Xuan Dan's miasma never subsides; it continues to blanket all around it in a fog of death.

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: The only way to stave this off is for a great sealer to control the relic and suppress the miasma.

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: To that end, great sealers from each era have looked after the relic in secret, taking the miasma into their bodies and quelling its power.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: B-but that means Fa Ming...

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: Yes. He will spend hundreds of years enduring a pain without end.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Okay, that's insane. There HAS to be a way to just stop this poison mist crap!

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: Qilin legends do speak of one possible way...

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: If we were in possession of this relic's opposite—the Su Jindan—we could perhaps neutralize the miasma.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Fine then! We go get that relic and—

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: Alas, the Su Jindan's location has been lost to the ravages of time.

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: Many sealers over the years have searched for it, but none have been successful.

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: Right now, our only option is for a great sealer to use their own life force to constrain the relic's power.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: That's... No!

Fa Ming: Hmph. Now do you see, boy? This is our resolve as Qilin!

Fa Ming: We chose to continue shouldering the burden of the dark legacy we have inherited from our ancestors.

Fa Ming: You do not have such resolve, boy— you could not even ATTEMPT to have it!

Fa Ming: You are a mere human with no relation whatsoever to the history of our tribe.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: !

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: This is hardly the time to bring up such sensitive matters, master.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: No. He's right. I don't have that kind of resolve...

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Because I REFUSE to have it!

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: What are you saying?!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Just the truth. We can go around and around on this point forever, but I'm never going to be a Qilin.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: No matter how much I train, I'll never truly understand the weight your tribe has taken on its shoulders.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: But I AM a sealer, and that means I find and neutralize ancient relics.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: And since that's got nothing to do with whether I'm Qilin or human, I'm gonna go out there and find the Su Jindan!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Then your master will be free!

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: Wu Kung, wait! ...Heavens, but that boy is just SO terribly reckless sometimes.

Fa Ming: Save your worry—he'll give up and come crawling back before the day is out.

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: Wu Kong...

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: That old goat thinks he's a real hot potato, but all he's doing is getting himself killed!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Just you watch! I can't wait to see your face when I show up with the Su Jindan!

Episode 3

Seeking the Su Jindan

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: *pant* *wheeze* According to the info I got my hands on, the Su Jindan is somewhere in this mountain range...

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Too bad this place is FREAKIN' HUGE! Where the heck IS this stupid relic?!

210074 01.pngYulong: *sigh* Did you truly believe you would randomly stumble upon a fated hidden relic if you simply nosed about?

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: No one invited you, Yulong! ...Uh oh. Did my master tell you to come here and bring me back?

210074 01.pngYulong: The opposite, in fact: Xuan Zang ordered me to assist you in your search.

210074 01.pngYulong: She is presently occupied performing a duty in Master Fa Ming's place, and so cannot lend aid in the matter herself.

210074 01.pngYulong: Thus, she sent me to keep watch. She is...terribly worried about you.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Oh man. If I'm making her sweat, I've REALLY gotta hurry up and find this thing. Anyway, thanks for the help.

210074 01.pngYulong: Indeed, I hope my ability to sense the presence of Qilin relics will prove useful.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Hey, so while we're looking, how about you let me ride on your back? I've been hoofin' it for days now, and I'm beat.

210074 01.pngYulong: Xuan Zang's command was to ascertain the Su Jindan's whereabouts—she said nothing about allowing foolish boys to ride me like a common mule.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Yeah, but SHE always gets to ride around on your back!

210074 01.pngYulong: But of course! It is my supreme pleasure and delight to bear Xuan Zang across the skies!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Uh, you say some weird stuff sometimes. You know that, right?

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: *sigh* We've been going around these mountains for three days, and still no sign of the relic.

210074 01.pngYulong: It is strange. I have patrolled from the peaks of the mountains to the deepest valley depths, and yet sense nothing.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Say, what about that mountain waaaay over there? You haven't looked at that one yet, have you?

210074 01.pngYulong: *sigh* Why do I feel like you became a sealer without knowing one whit of your chosen profession's history?

210074 01.pngYulong: That is a cursed mountain of impurities, a site that has been taboo since the era of the ancient Qilin.

210074 01.pngYulong: No sealer would dare set foot there.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Which means no one has ever checked it out before, right?! Riiiiiight?

210074 01.pngYulong: Wu Kong, you cannot mean to... No, boy! Wait!

210074 01.pngYulong: Do you truly mean to enter this place?

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Yep! I mean, yeah, I'm sure I'll get a lecture about it or whatever, but if the Su Jindan could be here, I have to look.

210074 01.pngYulong: Hold!

210074 01.pngYulong: This mist... This presence...

210074 01.pngYulong: Take care, Wu Kong! This mist... ...people's...dangerous...

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Did you say something, Yulong? ...Huh? Yulong?

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: He's gone! Did he go back because he didn't want to get scolded? Sheesh, talk about your obedient little lapdogs...

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Welp, nothing to do about it now. Looks like I'm searching on my own.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: (Just wait, old man—I WILL save you!)

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: (And then I'll MAKE you acknowledge me!)

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: *cough* The mist's getting thicker... I can't see two feet in front of me... And I'm getting...kinda tired...

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Nnnngh...

Qilin Youth: Are you awake, human child?

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Huh...? Did I pass out? Where am I?

Qilin Youth: You did—and only by the luckiest thread do you still cling to the mortal coil.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: But hey, what are you even DOING here? I thought Qilin all avoided this place.

Qilin Youth: I've no choice but to hide myself away in a place none will ever dare enter.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Oh? Why's that?

Qilin Youth: Enough. I know not your circumstances, but you must make from this place with all haste.

Qilin Youth: Else you will be swallowed by the mist released by the Su Jindan.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Wait, THAT jewel is the Su Jindan?!

Qilin Youth: You know of this relic?

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Funny story. See...

Qilin Youth: ...Mmm. So in order to save the life of a great sealer, you need this relic?

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Yeah, so I don't know all the details, but apparently great sealers have been risking their lives for hundreds of years to keep the Ling Xuan Dan in check.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: But it'd all be fine if we had the Su Jindan, so maybe I can just...borrow it?

Qilin Youth: I would be happy to lend it to you. And based on what you have told me, it seems this method might also serve to nullify the power of THIS relic as well.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Wait, huh? I'm not sure I follow.

Qilin Youth: It's likely that the Ling Xuan Dan's yin chi and the Su Jindan's yang chi will mutually nullify each other.

Qilin Youth: So if the two were to be brought together, there is a high possibility of BOTH loathsome mists being eradicated.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: You're talking about this mist that's around us right now, right?

Qilin Youth: Yes, and it is a most bothersome thing. Spending an extended period in its presence will cause one's essence to be absorbed into the Su Jindan.

Qilin Youth: Its victims live on as part of the mist, cursed with a sort of sham immortality.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Well, THAT sounds freaky! How'd you end up in charge of this little beauty?

Qilin Youth: When I was a journeying sealer, I found the relic about to run wild near a human village.

Qilin Youth: I could not let this happen, and so took up the relic at once, and ended up trapped within its terrible thrall.

Qilin Youth: Once this happened, I knew I had to find a place where I could exist in solitude so as not to threaten the lives of others.

Qilin Youth: How long has it been? A century? More? Time no longer has meaning for me.

Qilin Youth: All I know is that my very existence is now tied to the Su Jindan.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: So you've been alone here for all that time just to keep this thing contained?

Qilin Youth: Like you, I am a sealer; duty demanded that I do what was necessary.

Qilin Youth: But now, having heard of the existence of this Ling Xuan Dan, that burden has been removed from my mind.

Qilin Youth: I will entrust my relic to you; I have faith you will do what is right.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Er, but we just met.

Qilin Youth: Is that a problem?

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Of course not! I'll fulfill my sealer duty.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: But listen. I'm a human, right? So I don't really "get" this resolve you Qilin have to take responsibility for your ancestors' actions.

Qilin Youth: Though you may not grasp it fully, you have taken it on nonetheless.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: I have?

Qilin Youth: Yes. Whatever may happen, you will save the sealer called Fa Ming. That is the resolve that guides you to act now.

Qilin Youth: I know this because you have not fled this place even knowing the fearsome power that resides here.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Okay, yeah. I think I understand now— and you can absolutely count on me!

Qilin Youth: Be swift, Wu Kong. Bring the Su Jindan to its opposite before the mist fells you.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Er, aren't you coming?

Qilin Youth: As I said, my handling of the relic did no more than grant me a false survival.

Qilin Youth: Without its power, dissolution awaits me. Or perhaps I should say...release.

Qilin Youth: Please, human sealer. Do this for me.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: W-wait!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: He's gone...

210074 01.pngYulong: THERE you are, you fool child!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Hey, Yulong.

210074 01.pngYulong: Th-that relic! Wu Kong, it is...?

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Yeah, I found it. Er, or I was entrusted with it, I guess.

210074 01.pngYulong: What happened in there?

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: I'll explain on the way. Let's go!

Episode 4

Acting with Conviction

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: *pant* *pant* I finally...made it down to the mountain path...

210074 01.pngYulong: Wu Kong, is this not quite reckless? For a novice sealer to try and control a relic of the Su Jindan's standing...

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Aw, it's fine! Even a newbie like me oughta be able to keep it under control long enough to reach old man Fa Ming.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Urk! Oooo...

210074 01.pngYulong: *sigh* It seems there is no other option. Climb up on my back.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: No can do. I'm holding the Su Jindan, remember? It'd be dangerous even for a dragon like you to get too close to me.

210074 01.pngYulong: Just get up there already—for Xuan Zang's sake, as well as your own.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Heh. Thanks, buddy.

210074 01.pngYulong: Your thanks are not necessary. And now, we are away!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Urk!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Ngh... *wheeze*

210074 01.pngYulong: Wu Kong! Are you well?

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: S-sorry... I'm losin' strength and can't really hold on...

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Darn it! This stupid Su Jindan is makin' me all kinds of drowsy.

210074 01.pngYulong: You mustn't fall asleep; if you are consumed by its power, you will be trapped in its spell of false immortality.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Yeah, I know that!

210074 01.pngYulong: Endure, Wu Kong. If you can get this relic back, there is no doubt that Fa Ming will accept you as a sealer for true.

210074 01.pngYulong: Do you not wish to get the better of the Qilin who denied you so?

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Of course I do! And besides...

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: I just plain want to save him.

210074 01.pngYulong: Oh? I thought you disliked him.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: He's the one who don't like ME! For me, it's more like...

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Well, I just think he's really cool. He's a great sealer, he's powerful, and I want to be like him.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: But then he gets all, "You're not a Qilin, you'll never understand, blah blah blah," and there's nothing I can say.

210074 01.pngYulong: History and race are great barriers to overcome for certain.

210074 01.pngYulong: Greater still when we discuss the Qilin, whose role in leading their civilization to ruin due to their own depravity still echoes forth today.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Yeah, but no matter how hard I work, I can never become one of them.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: And no matter how hard I try to understand their experience, there's always going to be some part of it that's a mystery.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: But that's exactly what makes me want to reject the Qilin way of living.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: They don't NEED to go so far in taking responsibility for their past—there has to be some other way.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: So if I walk along outside the wall long enough...then someday...

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Someday there could be a future... where the Qilin don't condemn themselves and...and they don't...

210074 01.pngYulong: Open your eyes, boy! You mustn't fall asleep!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: I know...but I can't...control...

210074 01.pngYulong: Hold strong, Wu Kong!

Unknown.png???: Yulong!

210074 01.pngYulong: Xuan Zang!

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: I had no idea the Su Jindan's power was as dangerous as the Ling Xuan Dan's.

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: Your return was late, so I came back to check on your progress.

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: So this is the Su Jindan, is it? If I could hold back its power, even for a short time...

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: ...Whew! There. It shouldn't trouble us for a little while. Let us hurry back to my master and make him whole.

210074 01.pngYulong: I will carry you on my back, Xuan Zang.

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: And I will hold onto Wu Kong.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Nnnmh...master... Zzz...

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: You are hopelessly reckless, Wu Kong...

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: And yet, you did well.

Episode 5


Unknown.png???: So he hasn't opened his eyes once in the days since then?

Unknown.png???: Correct. It seems he had too much contact with the mist of the Su Jindan.

Unknown.png???: The boy was reckless beyond belief to bear the Su Jindan at his experience.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Nnngh...

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Huh? Wh-where...?

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: You're awake at last, Wu Kong.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Master... Wait, where's the Su Jindan?!

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: I took the liberty of neutralizing both of the relics myself.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: And Fa Ming? Is he all right?

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: Yes, he's right here.

Fa Ming: ......

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: You're really okay?

Fa Ming: Can you not tell by looking at me, boy? I am both hale and hearty.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Oh, I'm so relieved!

Fa Ming: Ahem! Yes, well, I offer you my thanks. And I now understand your resolve.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Huh?

Fa Ming: Don't misunderstand. I haven't accepted you as having the resolve of a sealer. But...

Fa Ming: You saved me—and more than that, you saved all the Qilin who would have become victims of the miasma at some point in the future.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Wait... Are you PRAISING me?

Fa Ming: Don't get carried away! Trespassing upon our sacred mountain is not a deed to be so easily forgiven.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Urk!

Fa Ming: Furthermore, overestimating your own strength and attempting to control the Su Jindan is the height of imprudence.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Nnngh...

Fa Ming: A careless person like you could never understand the resolve of the Qilin tribe to discipline and restrain ourselves.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Okay, sure. I get that. But...

Fa Ming: Silence! Your actions show that you are yet immature as a sealer. So although you did achieve some success this day, I cannot officially praise your actions too highly.

Fa Ming: Which is why...

Fa Ming: I acknowledge you have your own particular manner of resolve.

Fa Ming: And that this resolve enabled you to take reckless action in an attempt to save me.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Whaaaa?

Fa Ming: Close your slackened jaw, boy. I have nothing further to say.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: ...Heh. Guess I'll have to settle for that for now.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: But I WILL get you to accept me as a true sealer one day!

Fa Ming: Don't get full of yourself. My opinion remains that you should give up on being a sealer.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Rrrr... You hard-headed old coot!

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Oh...

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Ha ha! After all that sleep, my stomach is GRUMBLY!

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: I believe Cleo has prepared some food for you.

110324 01 r05.pngWu Kong: Now you're talkin'!

Fa Ming: We great sealers have operated under particular beliefs for a very long time...

Fa Ming: As such, we neglected to make a true effort to locate the Su Jindan.

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: I likely would have done the same were I in your position.

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: For we have always existed in a cloistered world where we do naught but practice restraint and discipline.

Fa Ming: Indeed, the history of our people is suffused with such—thus is it a tenet of our race that we risk our lives.

Fa Ming: It is not a matter of whether a human child would be capable of bearing such a responsibility, but rather that we should never be placing it upon them at all.

Fa Ming: But these events have shown me that Wu Kong is not only uninterested in having such a responsibility, he wishes to prevent us from having to carry it anymore as well.

Fa Ming: I suspect that is precisely why he was able to locate the Su Jindan.

Fa Ming: And so this, too, becomes another piece of our history. ...Heh.

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: Oh ho ho! It does indeed, master.

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: It is because he did not take on the burden of our history that he was able to find his path in this matter.

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: And in that same way, he may find other paths in the future that we cannot.

110299 01 r04.pngXuan Zang: That is what I believe.