World of Kindness

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World of Kindness


110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Huh? Is that...?

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: ......

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: (I'm pretty sure that's Odetta. She's always by herself.)

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: (I can't just leave her alone. My sister senses are tingling...!)

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: (She might not welcome my attention, but it should be fine if I just say hi, right?)

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Excuse me, Odetta?

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: It's...Louise, right? Do you need something?

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Not really; I was just hoping we could talk a bit.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: Ah, I see. I looked sad, didn't l?

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: W-well, maybe a little. I thought you might like some company.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: You needn't worry. I know solitude well, and I actually quite enjoy it. I often journey on my own, you see.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: Well then; farewell, Louise.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: She really just walked away.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: She might like being alone, but if she keeps pushing people away like that she'll ALWAYS be alone.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Ugh, now I'm really worried. Maybe I'm being a teensy bit nosy, but...oh well!

A few weeks later...

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: There you are, Odetta! Are you hungry? I tried making your favorite.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: ......

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Ooo, that's a serious face.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: What is your DEAL?

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: You've been near me at my every waking moment—but did I ask for such attention? NO!

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: Louise, I appreciate your concern. But as I said before, I LIKE being alone.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Odetta... I'm sorry. I get overprotective sometimes. It's a bad habit.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: I got the message though; I won't try to talk to you again. ...Bye.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: Good, Odetta, you got just as you wanted. You are strong, and solitude is your most trusted companion.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: ...This is who you are.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: Ugh, why can't I sleep?

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: (Have I been relying on Louise's lullabies lately?)

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: Argh!

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: ...Morning already? But the sun is so high in the sky... Did I oversleep?!

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: But it was my turn to take the watch! Why didn't Louise wake me u—oh...

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: (She's been waking me up lately... Did I grow accustomed to it?)

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: *sigh*

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: Is something amiss, Odetta? That was a mighty sigh.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: Actually, Cleo...

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: I see. So, you can no longer live without Louise.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: Uh, I didn't go THAT far.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: Perhaps you should swallow your pride and apologize.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: I'm not sure it would matter. I wasn't exactly kind in my dismissal.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: Odetta, you are accustomed to thinking only of yourself, yes? This is not a slight; merely an observation.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: Louise is the opposite. She puts all others before herself—a trait she developed through caring for her younger brother.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: For you, I would think Louise's perspective to be an entirely new world.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: She is kind, and understanding. Do not be afraid; just speak with her.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: ......

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Come in.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: Um, Louise...

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Oh, Odetta. Is something wrong?

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: I came to apologize. I should never have spoken to you so harshly.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: I'm not accustomed to being cared for without expectation of reward, and I took my confusion out on you.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Aww. You're a good girl, aren't you Odetta? Thank you for coming to apologize.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: ...Huh?

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Oh, excuse me. Patting people on the head is something of a habit of mine.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: You're...not angry?

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Not at all. I admit, I was a bit overbearing.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: Wow. We really are COMPLETELY different people.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: But that's why I'd like to know more about you—and I won't run away this time.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: Do you think we could be friends, Louise?

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: What are you talking about, Odetta?

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: ...Right. How foolish of me.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: No, silly. We're ALREADY friends!

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: O-oh! Well, um, thank you. You truly are a marvel of kindness.

The next day...

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Doo-de-doo, de-doo...

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: You seem in good spirits, Louise. Did you make up with Odetta?

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: How'd you know about all that?

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: She told me herself.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Hm, I see. What did she say?

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: That she was confused by your mothering. I am glad to know you made amends—but may I say something?

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Sure.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: I understand you were met with some resistance from Odetta, despite your best intentions.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: But I also know you are much too stubborn to give up in the face of such opposition.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: You only did so because you believed it the most effective strategy—as if dealing with a rebellious child. Am I correct?

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Guilty as charged.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: Heh. Just as I thought.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: But that's okay, right? We ended up friends, and now I can take care of her—

Unknown.png???: Is that so?

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Odetta! ...Are you angry?

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: No. I already had some understanding of what sort of person you are.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: Your plan worked; you got me to leave my solitude of my own volition.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Awwww!

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: You are SO CUTE when you're honest! Let your big sis give you a big squishy hug!

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: W-wait, no—stop!

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Come on, remember what happened the last time you kicked up a fuss?

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: I'll raise you up good and strong. Just leave everything to me!

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: I am already a grown woman, thank you very much!

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: They do seem a perfect pair...

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: All right—ALL RIGHT! Let go already! You can hug me, just not so tight.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Say, Odetta?

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: I know I can be a bit much, but can we still be friends?

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: Considering the silly ordeal we just endured, and that we only came out closer to each other...

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: I'd say we're already friends!

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Ha ha, you're right!