Wings of Despair

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Icon Episode Title Summon.pngWings of Despair
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100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: Hello? Anyone?

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: ...Not a trace of life, as I feared. Fie, but this is the fourth sudden disappearance of a noble family.

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: All of them were pious followers of Ilia who had donated large sums to the Church. There is no possible reason for them to flee or go into hiding.

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: Whatever could be happening here?

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: Hmm? Who goes there?!

Noble: Eeeeek! Please, no! Don't kill me!

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: Ah! Are you of this house, sir? If so, might you inform me as to what happened here, if anything?

Noble: D-don't come near me! You're a Paladyn— you're friends with HER!

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: Pray, sir, calm yourself and tell me what has transpired here.

Noble: A sylvan woman...used a-arrows... The mirror! despair... Noooo, I don't want to die!

Noble: She's still near! She must be!

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: ?!

100001 08 r05.pngGala Prince: Hah!

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: Euden?!

100001 08 r05.pngGala Prince: Are you all right, Elly?!

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: Hrk?!

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: There!

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: Is this...a mirror?!

Unknown.png???: I was curious to see how the youngest Grand Paladyn in history had grown. Alas, I find you to be naught more than a hopeless disappointment.

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: That voice... Those skills... Ciella!

100001 08 r05.pngGala Prince: You know this woman?

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: Yes. She was once a Paladyn who served the Goddess Ilia.

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: Long before I was a Paladyn for true, she taught me of their comportments and martial arts.

100001 08 r05.pngGala Prince: So she's your TEACHER?!

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: We weren't so close as to have been teacher and pupil—but she was one of the Paladyns I aspired to be like.

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: And how long it has been, Elisanne? Ah, I did not wish to see you again, yet as this presents an opportunity to end your life, I cannot complain of it.

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: I heard you were excommunicated just as I was promoted to the rank of Paladyn.

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: But does this mean the disappearances of the Ilian faithful are your doing?

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: I despair for your faculties that you even feel the need to pose such a query.

100001 08 r05.pngGala Prince: I won't let it stand if you killed the people here!

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: Your proclivity for taking up the mantle of a knight in shining armor is repugnant, seventh scion. But I suppose it's no surprise from a puppet.

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: Puppet? What is that supposed to—

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: Do you truly think I will answer every fool query you think to toss my direction? How terrifically naive.

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: You were once a splendid Paladyn with an ironclad sense of justice.

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: You went too far at times, true, but we all still respected you—nay, even sought to BE you. How can you have turned to such violent actions in the meantime?

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: Your memory is despairingly weak. And further, you misunderstand.

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: How so?

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: I have not changed at all—I still act to protect justice and order. I have simply come to a new realization.

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: I now recognize the deception that the Ilian Church spreads across this world.

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: ...Of what do you speak?

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: Your lack of understanding is further proof that you Paladyns yet cling to false justice.

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: Explain yourself!

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: The righteousness and justice that you tout is nothing more than convenient dogma.

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: The notion of universal equity is mere self-righteousness; the idea of a just world is but mistaken presumption.

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: Sinners float above this world awash in material possessions and glory while the good and pure die languishing in gutters. THIS is the truth of the world.

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: The doctrine of the Ilian Church averts its eyes from reality, preferring instead the false promise of salvation. Then they deign call obedience of that doctrine "order."

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: But however splendid the words one uses to hide the truth, people will still kill one another without hesitation if it means their own survival.

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: You brandish that lance at me and call it justice, but it is nothing more than a means to justify your own violent ends. I despair for you, Paladyn. Truly I do.

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: ......

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: You poor, pitiful child. You have been cowed by putrid deception, unable to even question the false justice to which you cling so very fiercely.

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: Thus will I release you from that false justice, for I cannot ignore the plaintive wails of such a pitiful child.

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: And how many lives have you ended using that selfsame reasoning?

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: I SAVED those people!

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: They lacked tenacity, and so went without salvation. Pain will later lead to happiness. These are the lies that hide the despair of reality.

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: The absence of salvation? Suffering? All of it is meaningless. This is the cruel yoke of our reality, and a lesson I made certain to teach them well.

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: Enough of this rot!

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: How can you stand there and call ANY of this salvation?!

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: Poor, pitiful Elisanne. It seems you also wish to avert your gaze from the cruel nature of reality.

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: I understand, for I was once very much the same. But you must accept despair, which means the time has come for me to liberate you from "justice."

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: That is no liberation! You may have tossed your faith aside, but I refuse to do the same!

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: If you choose to wallow in base despair, you must do it alone. For no matter how cruel the world might be, I will hold fast to the order and righteousness I believe in!

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: As Grand Paladyn of the Ilian Church, I will end your atrocities this day!

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: The depths of your naivety are staggering.

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: But I will wrest you free of the deception you cling to! ...Feral Shroud, expand!

100001 08 r05.pngGala Prince: This barrier... You're one of them!

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: We are wings of judgment which unfurl in rejection of the deceit of this world! We are AGITO!

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella: I will thrust you into the depths of despair!