Version Changelog/Ver 2.1.0 Tartarus's Wrath: Master

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Ver 2.1.0 Tartarus's Wrath: Master (November 11, 2020)[edit source]

New Content

Icon Element Shadow.png Tartarus's Wrath

Banner Top Tartarus's Wrath Master.png

"I will destroy this world of many sins," the Agito said.
"In order avenge my fallen king," the Agito said.
"Everything I do is for my king, for His Majesty, King Alberius."

The vengeful determination in the Agito's gloomy eyes tells of his uprising against all who took his master from him and lived. The dragon who descended half-clad in steel has a name, and that name is Tartarus.

New Agito Series Weapons
  • The ability to refine the powerful light-attuned 6 Icon Rarity 6.png Agito weapons was unlocked at November 11, 2020 6:00 UTC. By refining these weapons, they will gain additional abilities that grant bonus effects depending on which skill effect is active.
  • The maximum level for the TW02 102304 IMG 01 01.png Light Tree facility will be increased to level 25.
Changes to Weekly Bonuses
Changes to Survival Bonuses and the Number of Revives
  • Survival bonuses and the number of revives were changed at November 11, 2020 6:00 UTC. The number of revives in Tartarus's Wrath: Expert has been changed to one, and survival bonuses have been added. The number of revives in Tartarus's Wrath: Standard has been increased to two, and the survival bonus content has been changed.



Other Changes

  • The icons and descriptions of some variants of Tír na nÓg were adjusted.