Version Changelog/Ver 2.0.1 Version Update

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Ver 2.0.1 Version Update (October 12, 2020)[edit source]

Issues Addressed

  • Certain drop rewards for clearing the following quests in co-op may not be displayed on the quest results screen and cannot be obtained.
  • Affected Quests
  • Note: Compensation for this issue will be provided after the update planned for later this month. For further details, please see the following notification: Issue Regarding Drop Rewards in Co-op
  • An error occurs when using the Optimize feature if the weapon equipped beforehand has more wyrmprints than the weapon equipped afterward has slots.
  • If a player has either zero 122001001.png Fortifying Gemstones or zero 123001001.png Amplifying Gemstones, the Apply Augments button on the wyrmprint upgrade screen will appear grayed-out and cannot be tapped.
  • After playing the Alberian Battle Royale and then using skip tickets to clear any other quest, the Alberian Battle Royale result screen may sometimes be displayed instead.