Version Changelog/Ver 1.9.0 Fortune from Afar Revival

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Ver 1.9.0 Fortune from Afar Revival (Jun 30, 2019)[edit source]

New Content



210087 01.png Shinobi

5 Icon Rarity 5.pngIcon Element Shadow.png Shinobi
HP: 368 Strength: 128

Skills Abilities


400334 01.png Indelible Summer
5 Icon Rarity 5.png Indelible Summer
Affinity: Icon Union 08.png Wolf's Boon
HP: 94   Strength: 26
Icon Ability 1030012.png (Water) Affliction Guard III
400335 01.png Taiko Tandem
4 Icon Rarity 4.png Taiko Tandem
Affinity: Icon Union 01.png Crown's Boon
HP: 71   Strength: 25
Icon Ability 1010012.png 30 Hits = Energy Level Up

Featured period: June 30, 2019 06:00:00 UTC to July 11, 2019 05:59:59 UTC





Summon Showcases

Festival Phenoms

Festival Phenoms Summon Top Banner.png

  • Start Date: June 30, 2019 06:00:00 AM UTC
  • End Date: July 11, 2019 05:59:59 AM UTC


Fortune from Afar (June 2019)

Fortune from Afar/June 2019

  • New difficulty added
    • A new raid battle difficulty, Shishimai Showdown Nightmare, has been added.
    • It will unlock if you have completed Shishimai Showdown EX.
    • Nightmare difficulty requires the same amount of otherworld fragments and getherwings as Expert difficulty, and the drop rewards are also the same.
    • Once per day when the player clears Nightmare difficulty, they can get a Grand Bounty.
      • Note: The Grand Bounty the player receives is randomly selected from a set of rewards.
  • Refreshed emblem rewards
    • The bronze emblem and silver emblem rewards contain items for upgrading shadow-attuned adventurers, such as Botan, an adventurer who appears in the event.
    • Use emblems acquired in the Beginner and Standard raid difficulties to upgrade shadow-attuned adventurers!
    • Also, insignias and tablets, which can be acquired as rewards for The Imperial Onslaught, have been added to the rewards for gold emblems.
  • Castle Stories
    • A new story A Blessed Master has been added to Castle Stories. It can be read by using 201008001.png Looking Glass, which can be obtained by trading emblem rewards.

Shadow-attuned Adventurer Upgrade

Banner Top Shadow-attuned Adventurer Upgrade Event.png

  • The Shadowsteep Ruins (Beginner/Standard/Expert) event quest, where the player can obtain items for upgrading shadow-attuned adventurers, is open for the duration of this event. Additionally, drop rewards the player can obtain from Shadowsteep Ruins are doubled!
  • Note: This does not apply to weapons and wyrmprints.
  • Event Duration: June 30, 2019 6:00:00 UTC to July 5, 2019 5:59:59 UTC

Zodiark's Trial Double Drops

Banner Top Zodiark's Trial Event Details.png

  • During this event, drop rewards the player can obtain from Zodiark's Trial are doubled!
  • Note: This does not apply to weapons and wyrmprints.
  • Event Duration: July 5, 2019 6:00:00 UTC to July 11, 2019 5:59:59 UTC

Daily Free Summon Event

  • A daily free summon event, which will allow the player to summon on the applicable summon showcase for free once per day, starts July 06, 2019 06:00 UTC!
  • Applicable Summon Showcase: Festival Phenoms
  • Event Duration: July 06, 2019 6:00:00 UTC to July 08, 2019 5:59:59 UTC
  • Notes:
    1. The player can summon for free on the applicable summon showcase once per day (each day is from 6:00:00 UTC to 5:59:59 UTC).
    2. The daily free summon resets each day at 6:00 UTC.
    3. The Daily Deal, which allows the player to summon once per day for 30 Icon Diamantium.png Diamantium, can be used after performing the daily free summon.
    4. For more information about summoning, tap Summon on the in-game footer menu, then select Showcase Info and check the Details tab.


  • In Ver. 1.9.0, Japanese voice played when the adventurer 110318 01 r05.png Sylas uses his Icon Skill 013.png Woodland Spear skill has been changed.
    • Note: This change only affects the line played. The voice actor for 110318 01 r05.png Sylas has not changed.
  • The description text for skills which increase skill damage has been adjusted.
  • The design for the Icon Ability 1020029.png Dragonyule Blessing ability icon has been changed from Icon Ability 1020002.png.

Fixed Issues

  • [July 08, 2019 9:00 UTC] Voice sometimes does not play when unbinding mana circles.
  • If a player who has more than 101 friends attempts to join a co-op quest using the "Find a Room" button, an error will be displayed and the player won't be able to enter the co-op room.
  • In co-op, when a player besides the host uses 110053 02 r04.png Dragonyule Nefaria's Icon Ability 1020002.png Flurry Freezer I ability, enemies are able to act even while freezed.
  • When using 110274 01 r05.png Albert's Icon Skill 030.png Thunderous Impulse skill, a buff icon is incorrectly displayed, and the skill gauge that charges automatically fills up faster than expected.
    • Note: This issue occurrs in version 1.8.0.
  • Enemies are sometimes able to act even after being stunned by a regular attack under the effect of 110015 02 r05.png Beautician Zardin's Icon Skill 932.png Stunning Visage skill.