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Ver 1.8.0 Version Update (May 24, 2019)[edit source]

This update came with a free 10102.png Tenfold Summon Voucher.


New Feature for Playing with Nearby People in Co-Op

  • The player can now play co-op with nearby players without entering an ID.
  • Select Co-Op Play then Local to create a room and search for nearby players.
  • The other players can then select Co-Op Play then Join Nearby Players to enter the room created when Local was selected.
    • Note: The player must agree to allow the app to use location information in order to use this feature.

Adventurer AI Adjustments

  • The AI for adventurers in the player's team and the adventurer being controlled when playing with auto enabled has been adjusted.
  • The AI will now do its best to avoid enemy attack markers.
    • Note: Some attacks will be difficult for the AI to avoid.

Crafting Screen Improvements

  • It is now possible to craft weapons of second tier or higher directly from View Tree on the crafting screen.
  • Note: Crafting in this way will consume the total number of materials and whetstones required to craft, unbind, and upgrade the selected weapon. However, weapons cannot be used as materials when crafting in this way, nor can unbinding items (112002001.png Damascus Ingot, 112001001.png Steel Brick, etc.) be used to unbind when crafting a weapon all at once.
  • Additionally, the amount of information displayed has been increased to make it possible to check each weapon's source from the list.
    • A weapon's source is given by an icon in the crafting screen.
  • There have also been some other minor UI adjustments.
    • Weapons have been separated into Core Weapons and Void Weapons.
    • A Tier 3 List is now available. Weapons in this list give Lv. 1 skills and abilities and can be viewed by element.

Clear Time Display on the Results Screen

  • The player's clear time will now display on the quest results screen.
    • Note: Clear times display in units of minutes and seconds, and the maximum clear time that can be displayed is 99 minutes and 59 seconds.

Giving Gifts in Batches in the Dragon's Roost

  • The player can now give dragons multiple gifts at once in the Dragon's Roost.
  • Additionally, a music note icon will now display on the daily limited item to indicate when it matches the dragon's preference.
  • On the Switch Dragons screen, a music note icon will also display on top of the icons of dragons that prefer the daily limited item for that day.
    • Note: A dragon's bond gauge fills quicker when the player gives them the item they prefer.
  • The player can also now give multiple four-leaf clovers to dragons at once.

Improvements to Might Settings in Co-Op

  • Might is now adjusted in increments of 100 in Room Settings for Co-Op.
  • With this change, it is now easier to set round numbers than it was when might was configured in increments of 1.
    • Note: Amounts less than 100 will be rounded down. The maximum value the player can set for the might requirement has not changed.
  • Additionally, the might value the player sets will be carried over when the player creates a new room.

Treasure Trade Feature Improvements

  • Items have been split into Consumables and Materials in the sorting conditions.
  • In order to narrow things down, the Facility and Other conditions have been added.

Other Changes

  • When using a skill, it is now possible to switch to charging force strikes during the cut-in animation, as long as the skill's motion is complete.
  • The victory animation for Gala Dragalia version adventurers has been changed.
    • Note: This change will be applied May 27, 2019 5:30 UTC.
  • There is no longer a limit to the number of times you can trade for the Greatwyrm wyrmprints, which can be obtained from the Treasure Trade for The Imperial Onslaught.
    • Note: This will be applied May 31, 2019 2:30 UTC.
  • Some text has been adjusted under Help and FAQ.


  • [May 24, 2019 11:40 UTC] Under certain circumstances in co-op games, the effects from abilities and buffs are not reflected in the damage from Poison, Burn, Paralysis, and Bleed inflicted by guests, nor in the Shield Prep skills used by guests.

Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this version:

  • When buffs and debuffs that affect the same parameter were both applied, only the icon for one with the higher value displayed.
    • Example: When the 30% strength increase buff and 10% strength decrease debuff both applied at the same time, both icons should have appeared, but only the strength increase icon would appear.
  • In co-op:
    • Damage from the burn, poison, paralysis, and bleeding afflictions applied to adventurers other than those belonging to the player who created the room was treated as critical damage.
    • When damage from the bleeding affliction exceeded a certain value, damage dealt by adventurers other than those belonging to the player who created the room became 1.
    • Sometimes the timing at which an adventurer was reduced to 0 HP was out of sync.
  • Sometimes defeated enemies remained standing until they disappeared, without playing the defeat animation.
  • In High Mercury's Trial:
    • The damage dealt to the Spheres of Salvation by the water rats was counted once for each player participating in co-op.
    • The effect sound did not play when entering or leaving the Spheres of Salvation.
    • When a helper skill was used inside a Sphere of Salvation, only that sphere would inflate and appear for the remainder of the trial.
    • When a defeated adventurer was within a Sphere of Salvation, that sphere would inflate.
    • When an adventurer was targeted by Aqueous Prison while using a helper skill, the following Aqueous Prison attack could be avoided.
    • When adventurers shapeshifting or using helper skills would be targeted by Homing Bubble, the Homing Bubble would not move correctly.
  • [May 24, 2019 6:30 UTC] An issue where sometimes the screen freezes when starting Dragalia Lost on certain iOS devices with an operating system that has been upgraded to version 12.3. This issue can be resolved by updating the game to version 1.8.0.
  • [May 24, 2019 11:40 UTC] Under certain circumstances, damage from Poison, Burn, Paralysis, and Bleed inflicted by guests in co-op games systematically turns to critical damage.