Version Changelog/Ver 1.8.0 The Mercurial Gauntlet

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Ver 1.8.0 The Mercurial Gauntlet (Jun 19, 2019)[edit source]

New Content


Banner Details The Mercurial Gauntlet.png

"Faf fee! (I'm Fafnir Roy III!)"

There is a mysterious dragon called Fafnir Roy III who rules over a great treasury and is searching for someone worthy of obtaining that fortune. A dazzling mountain of treasure awaits those who can appease Fafnir Roy III. Enter the Mercurial Gauntlet to claim the prize!



Fafnir Roy III (Enemy)


  • Sometimes rewards do not display on certain screens when you have reached the maximum Combined Level in The Mercurial Gauntlet.
  • Sometimes stamina and the information about consumable items required to embark on a quest do not display when you return to the event quest selection screen from The Mercurial Gauntlet quest selection screen and open a quest selection screen other than The Mercurial Gauntlet.

Fixed Issues