Ver 1.3.1 Treasure Trade Shop Expansion (Dec 27, 2018)

  • Made it so that the Energized effect is applied to continuous recovery skills and damage due to afflictions or debuffs.
  • If you select a Helper from a player who is not your friend and send a friend request after clearing the quest, then select Repeat and send a friend request once more, it becomes impossible to progress.
  • After clearing a quest, if you send a friend request to a player who has reached their friend limit, it becomes impossible to progress.
  • The Gauge Accelerator ability is more effective on enemies in the overdrive state than it ought to be.
  • Fixed other minor issues.

More Info: Update Notification

Rupie Mines Output Increase

The maximum capacity of rupies obtained from the TW02 100201 IMG 01 01.png Rupie Mine and the time it takes to obtain them was adjusted.

Treasure Trade Shop Expansion

The Treasure Trade Shop was expanded to cover Elemental Orbs, Weapon Craft Materials and Dragon Scales.

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