Version Changelog/Ver 1.3.0 Chapter 7: Trek to the Aquapolis

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Ver 1.3.0 Chapter 7: Trek to the Aquapolis (Dec 14, 2018)[edit source]

  • Added High Brunhilda to Advanced Dragon Trials
  • Added Chapter 7 of the main story, Trek to the Aquapolis (December 27 2018 06:00 UTC)
  • Year-end bonus
  • Resetting the Social Reward for playing co-op
  • Adventurers will now use their skills when playing with Auto enabled
  • Added a feature to the Shop to enable purchasing as a batch
  • Adjusted shapeshifting such that using a skill while transformed no longer decreases shapeshift time
  • Additional features/improvements
  • Bug fixes
More Info: Update Notification

Adjustments to Lance normal attacks

  • Made it harder for combo attacks to be interrupted and easier to land consecutive hits.
  • Adjusted the hitbox and range for force strikes to make them easier to land.

Adjustments to Bow normal attacks

  • Adjusted the speed and range of arrows to make it easier to land combo attacks.
  • Adjusted the speed of force strikes.
  • Made it so that arrows are fired when using dash attacks.