Version Changelog/Ver 1.23.1 Version Update

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Ver 1.23.1 Version Update (September 10, 2020)[edit source]

Issues Addressed

  • Skill and attack sound effects do not play for certain adventurers and enemies.
  • Certain motions that play when a skill is used cannot be canceled by using another skill.
  • When playing the Icon Element Shadow.png Tartarus's Wrath quest solo on Standard or Expert difficulty, defeating a shadow inside a portal with an attack from a support skill will result in the controlled adventurer not being able to return to the main arena, making progress impossible.

The following ongoing issue was determined to be the intended behavior and therefore not an issue, so it has been removed from the list of updates on ongoing issues.

  • In Icon Element Flame.png Ayaha & Otoha's Wrath on Standard and Expert difficulties, allied AI adventurers who wield swords, daggers, blades, axes, or lances attack different enemies from the one the controlled adventurer is targeting.