Version Changelog/Ver 1.20.0 Volk's Wrath: Master

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Ver 1.20.0 Volk's Wrath: Master (May 26, 2020)[edit source]

New Content

Icon Element Wind.png Volk's Wrath

Banner Top Volk's Wrath Master.png

The Agito are fangs.
The Agito are an awakening.
The Agito are an uprising.

When a masked being referred to as an Agito appears, violent winds of plague blow across the land, and a hungry wolf bares his fangs. That wolf has a name, and that name is Volk.

  • A new Master difficulty was added to Icon Element Wind.png Volk's Wrath in The Agito Uprising (high-difficulty quests where the player will face powerful foes from a new organization) at May 26, 2020 6:00 UTC.
  • Clear it to earn materials required to craft tier-two 6 Icon Rarity 6.png weapons!
New Agito Series Weapons
  • A second tier was added to the powerful flame-attuned 6 Icon Rarity 6.png Agito weapons at May 26, 2020 6:00 UTC. Enhancing the weapons to tier II adds an ability that has different effects depending on the weapon skill. What's more, the tier I weapon's level of unbinding is carried over when enhanced to tier II.
  • The maximum level for the TW02 102301 IMG 01 01.png Flame Tree facility was increased to level 25.
Changes to Weekly Bonuses
Changes to Quest Display Order



Other Changes

Voice Actors

  • The English (EN) voice actors for the following adventurers have had their name changed in-game:
    • 110001 01 r03.png Alain: Brian Joseph Benedict → Brian Doe
    • 110017 01 r03.png Ricardt: Brian Joseph Benedict → Brian Doe


  • The name of Buff Skill Time has been changed to Icon Ability 1010006.png Buff Time. In addition, the description has been changed as follows.
    • Before: Increases duration of buff skills by X%. Benefits your whole team.
    • After: Increases duration of all buffs except buff zones by X%. Benefits your whole team.