Version Changelog/Ver 1.17.0 Chapter 12 Interlude & Void Battles

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Ver 1.17.0 Chapter 12 Interlude & Void Battles (March 23, 2020)[edit source]

New Content

Chapter 12 Interlude

Banner Top Campaign Chapter 12 Interlude Coming Soon.png

A few days prior to the clash between the prince's forces and the alliance led by Chelle and Leonidas, Phares makes his way to a cell in the bowels of the royal palace. With the truth in hand, he seeks to release an individual termed "the darkest secret of the royal family."

Icon Element Water.png Cerulean Ghost Strike

Banner Cerulean Ghost Strike.png

  • Required Might: 9,000
  • A challenging foe protected by Icon EnemyAbility 0008.png Ranged Resistance! Watch out for the Affliction bog large icon.png bog affliction!

Icon Element Flame.png Catoblepas Fotia Strike

Banner Catoblepas Fotia Strike.png

  • Required Might: 11,000
  • Adventurers turned to stone by its Icon EnemyAbility 0011.png Petrify ability will be unable to move and will take damage at fixed intervals. Players will also need to watch out for the Affliction burn large icon.png burn affliction!



Summon Showcase

Dragon Special (Mar 2020)

Banner Summon Showcase Dragon Special (Mar 2020).png

Start Date: March 23, 2020 06:00:00 AM UTC

End Date: March 27, 2020 05:59:59 AM UTC