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Ver 1.11.0 Version Update (Aug 27, 2019)[edit source]

Update Details

Improvements for Various Displays During Quests

  • With the increase in the types of skills and abilities in the game, an icon showing the effects of skills and abilities will display for a short period of time during quests.
  • The player can hide these displays by tapping the icon, or by disabling them in Options.
  • Icons for buffs, debuffs, and afflictions now indicate their values and durations.
  • Skill icons have been changed to make it easier to tell whether the skill gauge is full.
  • Finally, in order to improve game performance, co-abilities no longer display at the start of quests.

Auto Feature Usable in Certain Co-op Quests

  • The player will now be able to use the Auto feature in certain co-op quests.
    • Note: The player will not be able to change the game speed.

Screen UI Adjustments in The Mercurial Gauntlet

  • Displays on several screens have been adjusted to make it easier to play The Mercurial Gauntlet.
  • The player will now receive a notification on the game's home page when they are able to claim the Victor's Trove on the 15th of each month.
  • On the results screen when the player is victorious, it will now automatically check whether the player wishes to fight on.
  • The quest selection screen will now show the player's progress to make it easier to see what the highest currently unlocked quest level is.
  • Additionally, the item count will now display in the item details when the player taps Next Reward in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • When the player clears the highest quest level currently unlocked, it will now display as "Complete" on the quest selection screen.
  • Finally, a celebratory illustration will now display when the player clears the highest quest level.
    • Note: If the player already completed the highest quest level before updating to version 1.11.0, the celebratory illustration will not display. It will display when new levels are added and the player clears the highest quest level after their addition.

Display Improvements for Rewards on the Results Screen

  • How the number of drop rewards obtained and the number of items held are displayed on the Item Details window when you clear a quest has been improved.

New Animation for Legendary Items

  • An animation has been added for when Legendary items, which are even rarer than Rare items, drop during quests.

Note: This will also be applied to certain items in a data update around 10:30 PM, Aug 28, 2019.

Adjustment to the Way 3D Models Are Viewed on the Details Screen

  • How 3D models for adventurers or dragons can be viewed on the details screen has been adjusted.

Changes to How Afflictions Work

  • The changes to how afflictions work were postponed from the previous update, and will now be implemented.
    • Note: These changes were applied in a data update around August 28, 2019 2:30 UTC.
  • The effects of certain afflictions adventurers apply to enemies have been adjusted.
    • Note: There will be no changes to the effects of afflictions adventurers receive from enemies.
  • With the exception of afflictions that prevent enemies from acting, it will be possible to stack multiple afflictions.
  • See the following chart for more information.
  • ○: Stacks
  • ×: Does not stack
Affliction Poison Burn Paralysis Blindness Bog Freeze Stun Sleep
Blindness ×
Bog ×
Freeze × × ×
Stun × × ×
Sleep × × ×
  • Additionally, for the poison, burn, paralysis, and blindness afflictions, the affliction chance for the second time onward when adventurers attempt to inflict the same affliction on the same enemy has been adjusted.
  • Enemies will now be more susceptible to becoming afflicted from the second time onward.

Reduced the Size of Data Downloads From the App Store

  • The size of data dowloads from the App Store when the Dragalia Lost app updates on iOS devices has been reduced.
  • As part of this, be aware that the player will be required to download a large amount of data the first time they open the app after updating to version 1.11.0
  • Future updates, however, will require smaller data downloads.
  • This makes it possible to reduce the amount of data downloaded in future updates.

Balance Adjustments

  • In Icon Element Shadow.png Zodiark's Trial, AI adventurers will now dodge Zodiark's Accursed Venom attack.
  • When 100004 10 r05.png Gala Cleo has used her Icon Skill 052.png Ancient Ray skill and the Altered Strike buff is in effect, it is now possible to cancel her force strikes after activating them by dodging or moving.

The following adjustment were applied in a data update around August 28, 2019 2:30 UTC.

  • The range at which AI adventurers use skills has been adjusted.

Other Changes

  • The Japanese voice for when 110030 01 r04.png Musashi uses his Icon Skill 009.png Belching Dragon skill has been changed.
  • The Recovery Complete pop-up after recovering insufficient stamina at the start of a quest has been removed.
  • The Retry pop-up after recovering insufficient stamina when challenging a quest again has been removed.
  • In Advanced Dragon Trials, the day of the week has been added to the reset text for the bonus count on the quest selection screen.
  • Skill Insets have been removed from the option menu during quests in order to improve game performance.
  • Responsiveness to screen taps for item icons and facilities in the castle grounds has been improved.
  • The UI on some screens has been adjusted.


  • Shadefungus Bow has been renamed to 306055 01 30501.png Shadefungus.
  • Duskfungus Bow has been renamed to 306055 01 40501.png Duskfungus (Skin).
  • 210052 01.png Prometheus Icon Skill 019.png Promethean Flame
    • Lv. 1: Deals 1 5 hits of 504% 100.8% flame damage to the target and nearby enemies.
    • Lv. 2: Deals 1 5 hits of 560% 112% flame damage to the target and nearby enemies.


Addendum August 29, 2019 3:00 UTC

  • The background is the same for all rooms displayed in the Room List when joining co-op.
  • When playing a quest with a helper that has a skill that activates Skill Shift, the skill gauge for the adventurer you are playing displays as full after using the helper skill and activating Skill Shift.
    • Note: This is merely a display issue. The player will not be able to actually use the skill. If this issue occurs, using regular attacks on enemies will revert the display to the correct state.
  • For abilities that use remaining HP as a condition, the effect details display when starting a quest when there are multiple abilities with the same amount of effect.
  • When attacking an enemy suffering from tier-three bleeding with an attack that applies the bleed affliction, sometimes the effect details display, or it appears as if the bleeding status is applied to the enemy, despite the fact that there is no greater effect.
  • The effect details do not display when an adventurer suffers a debuff because of an enemy's actions.
  • Sometimes effect details do not display when an ability is activated while shapeshifting.
  • The effect details do not display when a buff is activated due to a helper skill.
  • When two instances of the Icon Ability 1020003.png Primed Defense +X% skill activate at the same time, effect details only display for one Doublebuff ability.
  • The effect details do not display when the conditions for 110053 02 r04.png Dragonyule Nefaria's Unknown.png Flurry Freezer I skill are met.
  • Sometimes the effect details do not display when 110326 01 r05.png Natalie's Icon Skill 051.png Clean Slate skill is used under certain circumstances.
  • In co-op, sometimes allied adventurer's debuff effects do not display under certain circumstances.
  • When clearing a quest that is not part of The Mercurial Gauntlet after clearing a quest in The Mercurial Gauntlet, the number of rewards held and obtained do not display correctly in the Item Details screen for each item displayed in the drop rewards on the results screen.
    • Note: This issue is simply a display bug, and restarting the game may resolve this issue.

Addendum August 30, 2019 8:05 UTC

  • Using a support adventurer's skill during a quest will sometimes result in the skill gauges of the controlled adventurer appearing as full after the support adventurer's skill animation is over.
    • Note: This is merely a display issue. The skills cannot be used even though their gauges appear as full. Attacking an enemy with a regular attack will make the gauges display correctly again.

Issues Fixed

The following issues have been fixed in this version:

Updated August 27, 2019 9:00 UTC

  • Under certain circumstances, attempting to view A Splash of Adventure's epilogue will result in a ""This quest is not yet unlocked"" error message being displayed, preventing users from viewing the epilogue.
    • If this occurs, please try restarting the game as it may solve the issue.
  • The image of Ramona near the top of the screen is hidden on the View Quests screen after the event duration for the Flames of Reflection facility event has ended.

Updated August 28, 2019 2:30 UTC

  • Sometimes there was a delay when AI adventurers wielding daggers would act again after a series of consecutive attacks.
  • Sometimes the AI adventurer 110305 01 r05.png Lucretia would not use her Icon Skill 925.png Empowering Triplet skill.

Updated August 29, 2019 3:00 UTC