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Ver 1.10.1 A Crescendo of Courage (Aug 13, 2019)[edit source]

New Content

The Mercurial Gauntlet

Banner The Mercurial Gauntlet.png
The following quests were added to The Mercurial Gauntlet at August 15, 2019 6:00 UTC.


100006 03 r04.png Summer Luca

4 Icon Rarity 4.pngIcon Element Light.pngIcon Weapon Axe.png Summer Luca
HP: 724 Strength: 498

Skills Abilities
Icon Ability 1020003.png Defense +15% (Co-ability)


210094 01.png Pop-Star Siren

5 Icon Rarity 5.pngIcon Element Light.png Pop-Star Siren
HP: 371 Strength: 124

Skills Abilities


400340 01.png Surfing Siblings
5 Icon Rarity 5.png Surfing Siblings
Affinity: -
HP: 75   Strength: 27
Icon Ability 1020011.png Full HP = Critical Damage +22%Icon Ability 1110001.png Glam Shells +75%
400338 01.png Seaside Princess
5 Icon Rarity 5.png Seaside Princess
Affinity: -
HP: 88   Strength: 32
Icon Ability 1020011.png Critical Damage +20%Icon Ability 1120009.png Hype +150%
400339 01.png The Bustling Hut
4 Icon Rarity 4.png The Bustling Hut
Affinity: -
HP: 71   Strength: 25
Icon Ability 1020004.png (Light) Skill Haste +7%Icon Ability 1120009.png Hype +100%

Featured period: August 13, 2019 06:00:00 UTC to August 22, 2019 05:59:59 UTC


TW02 101301 IMG 01 01.png


A stage built to put on a dazzling summer performance that will capture everyone's hearts! Use it to boost the stats of dagger- and bow-wielding adventurers.
Obtained From

TW02 101302 IMG 01 01.png


A majestic palm tree. Plant a bunch and create your own tropical paradise!
Obtained From





Summon Showcases

A Crescendo of Courage (Summon Showcase)

A Crescendo of Courage (Summon Showcase) Summon Top Banner.png

  • Start Date: August 13, 2019 06:00:00 AM UTC
  • End Date: August 23, 2019 05:59:59 AM UTC


A Crescendo of Courage (August 2019)

Facility Event: A Crescendo of Courage/August 2019
Banner A Crescendo of Courage.png
August 13, 2019 06:00:00 AM UTC - August 22, 2019 05:59:59 AM UTC
The summer, the beach, and a stage make a beautiful backdrop for dream concert! It's on the Prince and friends to build a stage and gather spectators...but this task will prove to be challenging. Will Siren be able to share her song with the masses? The summer still has a lot in store for the Prince and friends!

Exclusive Event Rewards:

- Facility: Seabed Stage


New difficulty has been added!

  • A new Challenge Battle difficulty, Nightmare, has been added.
  • Nightmare difficulty Challenge Battle will be available starting at August 16, 2019 6:00 UTC.
  • Additionally, players must complete the Master difficulty Challenge Battle to attempt Nightmare difficulty.
    • Note: Even if the player completes the Master difficulty Challenge Battle, they will not be able to play the Nightmare battle until it is available.
  • Nightmare difficulty requires the same amount of stamina as the Expert and Master difficulties, and the player will receive the same amount of 2081001.png Hype.
  • Once per day when the player clears Nightmare difficulty, they can get a Grand Bounty.
    • Note: The Grand Bounty the player receives is randomly selected from a set of rewards.

Light-attuned Adventurer Upgrade

Banner Top Light-attuned Adventurer Upgrade Event.png

  • The Lightsunder Ruins (Beginner/Standard/Expert) event quest, where the player can obtain items for upgrading light-attuned adventurers, is open for the duration of this event. Additionally, drop rewards the player can obtain from Lightsunder Ruins are doubled!
  • Note: This does not apply to weapons and wyrmprints.
  • Event Duration: August 13, 2019 6:00:00 UTC to August 16, 2019 5:59:59 UTC

Jupiter's Trial Double Drops

Banner Top Jupiter's Trial Event Details.png

  • During this event, drop rewards the player can obtain from Jupiter's Trial are doubled!
  • Note: This does not apply to weapons and wyrmprints.
  • Event Duration: August 16, 2019 6:00:00 UTC to August 22, 2019 5:59:59 UTC


  • Under certain circumstances, attempting to view A Splash of Adventure's epilogue will result in a "This quest is not yet unlocked" error message being displayed, preventing users from viewing the epilogue. If this occurs, please try restarting the game as it may solve the issue.
  • [Addendum August 20, 2019 10:00 UTC] Items in the Astral Raids and Void Battles Treasure Trades that have reached their trade limit disappear rather than becoming grayed out.

Fixed Issues