Dragalia Lost Wiki


21304 001.png

Wait, for me? Aw, you shouldn't have.

Rewards: Epithet Addis's Benefactor, 30003.png Valentine's Card x3


21304 002.png

Wait, what? For me?! Oh, thank you! You're the best employer ever!

Rewards: Epithet Melody's Master, 30003.png Valentine's Card x3


21304 003.png

Oh? Thanks!

Rewards: Epithet Renelle's Treasure Partner, 104001014.png Incandescence Orb x10


21304 004.png

I am humbled to receive such a generous gift from you, master.

Rewards: Epithet Jurota's Loyal Liege, 122001001.png Fortifying Gemstone x10


21304 005.png

For...for me? Oh, thank you! This is the best day ever!

Rewards: Epithet Philia's Fiancé, 104001034.png Tempest Orb x10


21304 006.png

For me? Well, it's nice to get treats every once in a while.

Rewards: Epithet Irfan's Patron, 122001001.png Fortifying Gemstone x10


21304 007.png

Whoa, seriously? For me? Aw, it even sparkles like a treasure chest!

Rewards: Epithet Vida's Knife, 104001054.png Abaddon Orb x10


21304 008.png

A gift for me? A symbol of our fiery-hot bond? Friend, you SCREAM justice!

Rewards: Epithet Karl's Ally in Justice, 117001001.png Amplifying Crystal x10


21304 009.png

Whoa, for me? Wow, thanks! I love it!

Rewards: Epithet Orsem's Skating Partner, 116001001.png Fortifying Crystal x10


21304 010.png

Huh? A thank-you for me? Wowsers, I'm so excited!

Rewards: Epithet Pia's Singing Instructor, 122001001.png Fortifying Gemstone x10


21304 011.png

This make Rawn happy. Can Rawn eat it now?

Rewards: Epithet Rawn's Fellow Animal Lover, 104001044.png Resplendence Orb x10


21304 012.png

You have my most humble gratitude for this gracious gift! ...Hmm? Too much? I see.

Rewards: Epithet Patia's Comrade-in-Arms, 116001001.png Fortifying Crystal x10


21304 013.png

This...is a form of love? Thank you—I'm most delighted to receive it.

Rewards: Epithet Naveed's Gemsmith, 30003.png Valentine's Card x3


21304 014.png

A present?! For ME?! Oh wow, I'm stupid happy!

Rewards: Epithet Laranoa's Very Good Boy, 123001001.png Amplifying Gemstone x10


21304 015.png

Wait, you're giving ME something? Oh, this is embarrassing...

Rewards: Epithet Louise's Older Brother, 104001034.png Tempest Orb x10


21304 016.png

Oh? For me? It's...it's not that I'm not happy, per se. It's just, I... Oh, just forget it!

Rewards: Epithet Julietta's Emotional Support, 122001001.png Fortifying Gemstone x10


21304 017.png

It is a fine thing to receive presents after one's life is over.

Rewards: Epithet Nefaria's Goodly Compeer, 30003.png Valentine's Card x3


21304 018.png

My thanks. I shall savor it.

Rewards: Epithet Mikoto's Fellow Catseeker, 117001001.png Amplifying Crystal x10


21304 019.png

Oh, thank you so much! My research didn't predict this outcome at all...

Rewards: Epithet Sinoa's Research Assistant, 123001001.png Amplifying Gemstone x10


21304 020.png

You come bearing an offering for your king? Aww, how very commendable.

Rewards: Epithet Xander's Favorite Vassal, 104001024.png Tsunami Orb x10


21304 021.png

For me? ...Well, aren't you sweet? Thanks!

Rewards: Epithet Karina's First Mate, 104001024.png Tsunami Orb x10

Lin You[]

21304 022.png

What a thoughtful gift—though I would have been happy if you'd merely sparred with me.

Rewards: Epithet Lin You's Sparring Partner, 123001001.png Amplifying Gemstone x10


21304 023.png

You wish to offer up a token of thanks? I would be honored.

Rewards: Epithet Musashi's Worthy Foe, 117001001.png Amplifying Crystal x10


21304 024.png

For me?! Aw, you didn't need to get me anything!

Rewards: Epithet Annelie's Ringmaster, 116001001.png Fortifying Crystal x10


21304 025.png

For me? Well, gifts are always welcome.

Rewards: Epithet Amane's Pure-Hearted Pal, 104001044.png Resplendence Orb x10


21304 026.png

Are you challenging me to solve the mystery of that gift?

Rewards: Epithet Heinwald's Sidekick, 104001054.png Abaddon Orb x10


21304 027.png

A present for me? Mwah ha ha! You really ARE peculiar! ...Gimme.

Rewards: Epithet Kleimann's Lab Lackey, 117001001.png Amplifying Crystal x10


21304 028.png

Wait. This is from you? Not Luca? ...Well, good enough! Tee hee!

Rewards: Epithet Chelsea's BFF, 104001014.png Incandescence Orb x10


21304 029.png

If ya got somethin' for me, just hand it over and get lost.

Rewards: Epithet Durant's Mad Mate, 123001001.png Amplifying Gemstone x10


21304 030.png

For me? Really? I'll treasure it always.

Rewards: Epithet Lathna's Protector, 116001001.png Fortifying Crystal x10