Ulterior Motives

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Ulterior Motives


110043 01 r05.pngHildegarde: Must you spend all of your time gadding about? You should live with austerity in line with the goddess's teachings!

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Doesn't she EVER lighten up? Hey, I know! Once Dragonyule finally comes around...

On the day of Dragonyule...

Waike, Dragonyule Xander, & Orion : Welcome, Hildegarde!

110043 01 r05.pngHildegarde: What is that meaning of this? Why have I been summoned here?

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: No one "summoned" you—it's a party! We all wanted to thank you for everything you've done for us.

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: You have saved us all on more than one occasion with your healing magic.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: We just wanted a chance to show you how grateful we are.

110043 01 r05.pngHildegarde: I appreciate the sentiment—but as one who practices moderation in all things, I cannot possibly accept.

110052 01 r04.pngOrion: Be that as it may, I still cannot help but want to see you happy.

110022 02 r04.pngDragonyule Xander: Even your king has come to this festival— so enjoy it before I have you clapped in irons and taken away!

110043 01 r05.pngHildegarde: I do not mean to reject your kindness, yet I must follow the teachings of the goddess above all else.

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: But Dragonyule is the goddess's birthday! Surely she wants everyone to have fun on her special day, right?

110043 01 r05.pngHildegarde: That is...a fair point. Very well. I shall join you—but only briefly!

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: That's more like it! Now c'mon— the guest of honor sits over here.

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: Would you like something to drink?

110043 01 r05.pngHildegarde: Certainly. Thank you.

110052 01 r04.pngOrion: Oh, the bottom of your glass is wet. Let me wipe it with my handkerchief.

110043 01 r05.pngHildegarde: My thanks.

110022 02 r04.pngDragonyule Xander: Ha HA! Behold, your king brings the finest food in all the land!

110043 01 r05.pngHildegarde: Hmm. You know, that Saint Starfall outfit rather suits you.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Let me liven things up with a song! ♪♪♪

110043 01 r05.pngHildegarde: What a fine voice you have.

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: (So far, so good. If she can manage to have fun today, that should soften her up a bit!)

110052 01 r04.pngOrion: If I may say, Hildegarde, you seem quieter than usual today.

110043 01 r05.pngHildegarde: Hmm. Well, it IS my first time at a party, so I do feel somewhat uncomfortable. Perhaps that is the reason.

110052 01 r04.pngOrion: Then allow me to teach you how to best enjoy such an occasion. Escorting fine ladies is my role in life, after all.

110022 02 r04.pngDragonyule Xander: Preposterous! If anyone is to instruct her in such matters, it should be the most important person here—and that is clearly me! As such, I will take the responsibility of entertaining our guest.

110052 01 r04.pngOrion: Bah! I know how to take care of flowers better than anyone. An amateur like you should keep quiet and let me speak.

110022 02 r04.pngDragonyule Xander: I have never known anyone NOT to appreciate the escort of royalty. Now begone, churl!

Orion & Xander: Grrr...

110043 01 r05.pngHildegarde: I fear I must decline both invitations.

Xander & Orion: What?!

110043 01 r05.pngHildegarde: Oh, for heaven's sake. Why must you both always be like this?

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: (Uh oh—here comes the lecture. I've gotta stop this!)

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: So, Hildegarde! Here's something I bet you didn't know—I can do magic tricks!

110043 01 r05.pngHildegarde: Oh? Interesting.

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: Now watch as I steal something of yours without taking a single step! Three...two...one...aaaand PRESTO!

110043 01 r05.pngHildegarde: You stole nothing.

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: Ah, but there you would be wrong. For in those seconds, I stole your gaze!

Everyone: ......

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: Oof. Tough crowd.

110043 01 r05.pngHildegarde: I think I shall be going now. Where should I put my dishes?

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: (Damn it! Nothing's gonna change if she's allowed to leave now!)

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: But... Please, don't go yet. You're always trying to help us by putting everyone else before yourself... But you can only keep doing that for so long before you become exhausted!

110043 01 r05.pngHildegarde: Hmm. Do you truly believe such?

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: I do, yeah. And I also REALLY want you to stay here and have more fun!

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Yeah, the kid's right! Isn't he, everyone?!

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: Bowstrings are the same as people— they need to be loosened once in a while or they'll snap from the pressure.

110022 02 r04.pngDragonyule Xander: The finest work comes from those who also enjoy recreation.

110052 01 r04.pngOrion: You deserve a reward for all the hard work you do. The goddess would never want you to deny yourself that.

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: So stay and have some more fun, okay? You can always start breaking rocks or whatever tomorrow.

110043 01 r05.pngHildegarde: Hmm...

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: See, you know we're making sense. Now come on in, boys! Let's up the fun!

110020 01 r04.pngLuther: DID SOMEONE SAY "DANCE"?! ...Er, no? No one actually said that? ...Well, I'm gonna dance ANYWAY!

110253 01 r04.pngOrsem: With me, everyone! Right turn! Left turn!

Waike & Lowen: Right turn! Left turn!

110043 01 r05.pngHildegarde: Um...

110022 02 r04.pngDragonyule Xander: Saint Starfall has a special gift for you: a dancing lesson!

110052 01 r04.pngOrion: I will teach you the art of dancing if you but take my hand.

110043 01 r05.pngHildegarde: No, I couldn't possibly...

110052 01 r04.pngOrion: There's no joy in simply sitting around on occasions like these. You need to have fun and unwind with the rest of us.

110043 01 r05.pngHildegarde: Oh, very well. In that case, I shall be counting on the two of you.

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Now THIS is what I call a celebration!

By the time it came to an end, everyone was convinced their plan to make Hildegarde lighten up had been a rousing success. However...

110043 01 r05.pngHildegarde: Stop slacking! Dragonyule is over! We must welcome in the new year with solemnity and introspection!

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: What?! You're even stricter than ever!

110043 01 r05.pngHildegarde: We enjoyed ourselves during Dragonyule, which means we must live with even MORE austerity to restore the balance! That goes for every facet of your life, so I expect you to look sharp!

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: This wasn't how it was supposed to gooo!