Till Death...

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Till Death...


110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: I dreamed about the prince last night! We were holding hands, and he said he LOVED me, and...EEE! Anyway, I'm in a great mood now.

The prince is my soul mate!

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: Ohmigosh, I know EXACTLY what you mean. I dream about Luccy every. Single. Night. So I wake up happy every single day! Tee hee!

I love Luccy sooooooooooo much!

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: I'm sure he dreams about me too—he's just too shy to say anything.

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: He probably mumbles in his sleep, like "Chelsea, my love, don't ever leave me..." or "Of course you can smell my feet..."

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Oh, I'm sure the prince dreams about me too. I can practically hear him now! "Philia, you're my truest of true loves..."

Chelsea & Philia: Tee hee... Tee hee hee! TEEEEEE HEE HEE HEE HEEEEEE!

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: All right! I'm gonna keep my ear pressed to Luccy's door every night from now on. No winks, just eavesdropping!

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Girl, that would be murder on your complexion. Lucky for you, there's a better way.

Unerring Fortune Teller

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: Let me make sure I understand your request. What you wish to know is—

Chelsea & Philia: Every word that Luccy and the prince say in their sleep!

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: Forgive me, but such feats are beyond the reach of even my auguries.

Chelsea & Philia: Awwww...

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: Should you seek a glimpse into the future, however, I would be most happy to oblige.

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: Ooo, yes please! Tell me about me and Luccy's wedding day!

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Good idea! Then you can plan ahead for bad weather or party crashers or whatever.

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: Apparently you consider the marriage itself a foregone conclusion... But perhaps that means I'll be able to see something.

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: Now, orbuculum, show me the future... Hm?! No... No, it cannot be!

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: Too cute, right? Is Luccy in a tux? How does his butt look?

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: I see only you, Chelsea. Stalked by the shadow of death.

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Uhh... Come again?

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: Especially today, you must stay far away from Luca. If you do not, you will no doubt meet your doom.

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: Oh, I believe it! I swear, when I'm next to him my heart beats so fast I feel like I'm gonna keel over right then and there. Tee hee!

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Uh... Chelsea? This sounds pretty serious. Maybe just play it safe for today, yeah? Luca's off training in the mountains, anyway, so—

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: Oh, right! I better hustle up there and bring him some lunch.

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Are you TRYING to die?!

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: Chelsea, you will be placing yourself in grave danger if you seek Luca out now.

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: You're right... Seeing Luccy all sweaty and swole is BOUND to get me in trouble! Oh jeez, I'm drooling...

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Chelsea, we're talking about LITERAL DEATH here. Let's you and me just hang out here today.

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: Oh, Philia. How can you say you love the prince if you're afraid of a little death?

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: I...

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: It would seem our appeals have gone unheard—but we must not allow death to claim her.

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: You're right.

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: There's nothing more sacred than love. It's what makes life worth living, so we can't let some stinky shadow muck things up! Let's go, Verica!

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: O-okay, but I'm not sure we're on the same page...

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: A lunch box full of love! Hmm, or maybe a love box full of lunch...?

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: Following her like this feels rather underhanded.

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Yeah, well, suck it up! We need to make sure she lives to see Luca again, even if it means getting our sneak on.

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: I suppose. ...Hm? What's that sound?

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Ack! Those rocks are rolling straight for Chelsea!

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: Luccy's gonna be so happy to see me! I made all his favorites, and I'm gonna feed him each bite myself.

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: What manner of sorcery...? She's walking through the barrage as if it weren't there!

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: Hey! Watch it, you dumb rocks! This basket is full of goodies for my honey bun!

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: She seems more concerned about the basket than her own body. This must be the power of love... Wait! Oh no!

120007 01 base portrait.pngFiend: GRRRRAAAWWWRRGGHH!

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: She may have danced through those rocks with ease, but that fiend looks ready for a meal of its own!

120007 01 base portrait.pngFiend: Grarg?!

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: Hush! I'm checking on Luccy's lunch right now. You just sit there and wait, got it?

Fiends: ...Grrrrgh...

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Whoa, the fiends backed off! Guess there really is no stopping a lovestruck maiden on her—huh?!

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: The forest is ablaze! Even Chelsea must realize it would be folly to—

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: Aw, this mutton's gone cold. Guess I better warm it up real quick...

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: She's using the forest fire to reheat the food! Even now, she thinks only of Luca... Her flames of passion are burning hot!

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: We're about to be burning hot ourselves!

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: Almost there, Luccy!

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Looks like she's gonna make it. Guess she didn't need us after all, huh?

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: Indeed. If anything, she has emerged in better shape than us.

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Yeah. If I were the shadow of death or whatever, I'd probably throw the towel in at this point.

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: I do hope that you're right, but... I'd better look into my orbuculum to make sure.

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: Luccy! There you are!

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Aw, man... Hey, Chelsea. What are you doing here?

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: What do you think, silly? I brought you lunch!

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: BWAAAAAAARRRRRGH!

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Holy crap... Chelsea?! Come on, stay with me!

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Did she just get struck by lightning?!

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: Oh my... Philia, look at Chelsea through my orbuculum!

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Wh-what the heck is that black shadow?

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: It's death, here to claim her soul.

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: What?! There's gotta be a way we can stop it, right?!

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: Alas, we mortals are powerless against the will of death.

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: But then... Chelsea's gonna...?

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: Hey... Who do you think you are?

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: What makes you think you can come between me and my Luccy, huh? Did YOU make him lunch? Did YOU bring it up here? Yeah, didn't think so!

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: So you better step off, or I'm gonna get stabby. You hear me? STABBY!

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: She... She just chased off death itself.

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: Luccy! How are you, baby?

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: How am I?! How are YOU?!

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: Oh, I'm great. I never feel more alive than when I'm with you! Tee hee!

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: R-right...

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: No mortal can best the power of death, and yet...

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Don't you see, Verica? Death might be strong, but love is stronger! *sniff* It's so beautiful...

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: Love, you say? Hmm... Powerful emotions HAVE been known to alter destiny.

110269 01 r04.pngVerica: So long as Chelsea harbors such fierce love, I suspect she'll be able to endure any number of fate's cruel twists.

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: Here comes the mutton train, Luccy! Open wiiiiide!