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About this tier list[edit | edit source]

After clearing all the endgame content, getting all your waifus and husbandos, building strong teams for each element and reaching the top of Mercurial Gauntlet, what else is there to do? Many players forget about one of the most crucial parts of this game, Stickers. This tier list aims to give those players guidance on which stickers are supreme and which ones are trash. After all, nobody wants to get laughed at in the room, before they even die to the opening blast, right?

Ranking[edit | edit source]

  • S is the supreme tier, everyone should have these stickers on their first page and use them frequently
  • A is almost there, they're really good but not quite S-Tier. They're recommended for filling the first page until you can fill them with S-Tier stickers
  • B is better than average, if you like them use them, they're perfectly fine for the second and third page
  • C is just average, they're okay, but not really worth paying special attention to. If you have empty spaces to fill or they feature a unit that you really like you can use them.
  • D is the directional tier.
  • E is bad, maybe even trash. Don't use them. There's absolutely no reason to and if you do people will instantly spam you with the meta-sticker for telling others to leave the room

Note that limited stickers are generally valued a little higher than standard ones, simply because they're rarer. Deprecated stickers won't be listed since there is no point in doing so, same goes for unreleased ones.

About directional stickers while very useful, they're only D tier. They got their own page, the fourth one, are easy to reach from the first and are usually only used to point at someone that you want to use the meta-sticker for "leave the lobby" on.

Tier List[edit | edit source]

Tier Stickers

Squishums "Squish" Luca "See ya!" Sarisse "'Sup!" Notte "Boom." Wily Begging for Forgiveness Maritimus "Hee hee!" Felyne The Cat's Meow Hunter Vanessa "Mmm, so tasty!" Puppy Luca "Hello there..."


Notte "Hee hee!" Elisanne "Look out!" Luca "Again!" Gold Fafnir "Fafu!" Ranzal "For real?!" Elisanne "What you said!" Sarisse & Mym "Bravo!" The Prince "G'night." Cleo "Time for a break." Curran "We've got a case!" Mega Man Game Over Hunter Sarisse "I'll tag along!" Valentine's Addis "Well well!" Valentine's Melody "Keep it up!" Luca "IT'S UP TO YOU!" Elisanne "Eh? Eh?"


The Prince "Hey!" The Prince "On me!" Ranzal "Nice!" Elisanne "No worries!" Slime "Wait!" The Prince "Here goes!" The Prince "Argh..." Cleo "Heh..." Notte "You got this!" Goblin "OMG!" Midgardsormr "Victory will be ours!" The Prince "Shapeshift now!" Heinwald "Intriging!" Lathna "You called?" Mega Man Energy Tank Dragonyule Xander "Splendid!" Dragonyule Malora "Well, aren't you sweet?" The Prince "Happy New Year!" Elisanne "Happy New Year!" Hunter Berserker "Happy Hunting!" Loki "Lovely!"


Notte "Good job!" Notte "Thanks!" Elisanne "Sorry!" The Prince "Okay!" Cleo "Now!" Cleo "Heal!" Luca "Yes!" Zethia & Slime "Help!" Luca "I got this!" Notte "Whew..." Luca "I need healing!" The Prince "Take defense!" Cleo "Offense, please!" Mym "Three cheers for ME!" Elisanne Let's fight together!" Alfonse "Leave it to me!" Veronica "Let's play..." Fjorm "Let's go!" Marth "Together!"


Left! Upper Left! Up! Upper Right! Right! Lower Right! Down! Lower Left!


Ranzal "On my way!" Euden "I'll lead the Charge!" Ranzal "I'm on defense!" The Prince "Want to join up?" Mega Man Mega Man is Here!