The Midnight Escape

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The Midnight Escape


110002 01 r03.pngAoi: It's time for all good little boys and girls to be in bed! Ninja art...Shadow Stitch!

110025 01 r03.pngNicolas: Looks like Aoi is on night watch tonight. Her techniques may prove troublesome...

110016 01 r03.pngJurota: One sends a shinobi to fight a shinobi. Leave this to me.

110363 01 r05.pngEugene: But then what will become of you?

110016 01 r03.pngJurota: There is no greater honor than to fight for one's brethren. Now go while I do this. Ninja art...Shadow Stitch Reversal!

110038 01 r03.pngHope: We'll never forget you, Jurota!

The tale begins earlier that morning...

110038 01 r03.pngHope: Okay, my turn! I rolled 12 in total, so I'm gonna attack with my shock trooper!

Wannabe Knight Apprentice Priest

110363 01 r05.pngEugene: Sorry, pal, but I got a shield knight and a heavy cavalry lying in ambush there.

Dour Young Dreamer

110025 01 r03.pngNicolas: Eugene's counteroffensive wipes out Hope's forces entirely. That's game.

Magic Academy Ace

110016 01 r03.pngJurota: This tale of tabletop war ends here. Skillfully done, Eugene.

Pokerfaced Ninja

100003 01 r04.pngRanzal: Sounds like you guys're havin' fun. *yaaawn*

110038 01 r03.pngHope: And you sound wiped. Hanging out until the wee hours again, Ranzal?

100003 01 r04.pngRanzal: Yeah, wild night on the town—for purely work reasons, I'll have ya know.

100003 01 r04.pngRanzal: Mercs and adventurers gotta cut loose to stay limber, which means the city's full'a them types once the sun beats feet.

100003 01 r04.pngRanzal: And since those guys and gals got the intel we need to fight this war, my wild ways're purely for networkin' and reconnaissance.

110025 01 r03.pngNicolas: Getting in good with the nightlife and gathering intelligence? You've piqued my interest!

110038 01 r03.pngHope: Yeah! Sounds like just the sort of thing a warrior should be doing!

110038 01 r03.pngHope: Take us with you next time, Ranzal!

100003 01 r04.pngRanzal: Sorry, champ. No can do. Yer a little young to be runnin' amok with the likes'a Ranzal.

110363 01 r05.pngEugene: He just treated us like a bunch of kids! That was low...

110016 01 r03.pngJurota: But as we also fight under the Halidom's banner, I believe his demeanor unfounded.

110038 01 r03.pngHope: Right? We're TOTALLY warriors! So I vote that tonight we... *whisper*

110363 01 r05.pngEugene: I can't believe Operation: Sneak Out Of The Castle Alone And Party With Ranzal just started and Jurota's ALREADY down.

110025 01 r03.pngNicolas: Should we call it off?

110038 01 r03.pngHope: No way! We can't waste his sacrifice. We've gotta push through the tears and keep moving forward!

Unknown.png???: Meeeeat...

110363 01 r05.pngEugene: That's right! We're gonna avenge Jurota and the meat by going... Wait, meat?

Unknown.png???: MEEEEAT...

110025 01 r03.pngNicolas: Uhhh, is that Yue?

110056 01 r04.pngYue: MY...MEEEEEEEEEEEAT!

110038 01 r03.pngHope: Gah! We're under attaaaack! Wait, is she sleepwalking?

110056 01 r04.pngYue: Grrrrrrrr... RRARAAAWR!

110363 01 r05.pngEugene: Mayday! Mayday! She's gonna eat meeee!

110038 01 r03.pngHope: There's gotta be a way to calm her down!

110025 01 r03.pngNicolas: It's a gamble, but... You two, stand back! Arcane barrier, unfold!

110056 01 r04.pngYue: Blurgh?!

110363 01 r05.pngEugene: You stopped her in her tracks... Where'd you pick up THAT trick?

110025 01 r03.pngNicolas: A magic studies textbook, though this is my first time putting it to actual use. I'm pleased it worked out.

110038 01 r03.pngHope: Nice one, Nicolas. Okay, let's get going!

110025 01 r03.pngNicolas: Would that I could. But I'm afraid I have to remain here to maintain the spell until she calms down. Alas, fellows, my path ends here.

110056 01 r04.pngYue: Mmmeeeeeeeat... MMMEEEEEEEAT!

110363 01 r05.pngEugene: No! We can't lose you, too!

110025 01 r03.pngNicolas: Please don't look so sad. Using knowledge I found in one of my books to actually help my friends is a complete win for me.

110038 01 r03.pngHope: Nicolas...

110025 01 r03.pngNicolas: No more looking back. Go and enjoy the night's pleasures in my stead!

Hope & Eugene: Okay, we will. Thanks, Nicolas!

110056 01 r04.pngYue: MY MEEEEEEEAT!

110363 01 r05.pngEugene: We finally made it outside! Now we just have to get past the gates and we're—

110038 01 r03.pngHope: Shh! Someone's coming! Hide!

110255 01 r04.pngCelliera: Mmm, the breeze feels so nice... It's the perfect night for extra training.

110038 01 r03.pngHope: (Look! It's Celliera! If she spots us, she'll ruin the plan AND make us do push-ups until we hurl!)

110038 01 r03.pngHope: (One time, I saw her catch the prince trying to sneak out and she put him through a "lifestyle correction" course!)

110255 01 r04.pngCelliera: Right! There's 500 midnight wind sprints. Now for my ten thousand nightly squats. ...One! ...Two! ...Three! ...Four!

110363 01 r05.pngEugene: (Uh, do we have to wait until she's done? 'Cause ten thousand is a LOT.)

110038 01 r03.pngHope: (Knowing her, she'll move on to something else as soon as she finishes squatting...)

110038 01 r03.pngHope: (No other choice: I'll act as bait and draw her off while you make for the gate!)

110363 01 r05.pngEugene: (What?! But if she catches you...)

110038 01 r03.pngHope: (Don't worry! Tobias trained me well; my legs can handle it.)

110363 01 r05.pngEugene: (This plan is stupid. If you're gonna be bait, then I'M gonna be bait!)

110363 01 r05.pngEugene: (We split and run for the gate from different directions, yeah? If she gets one of us, the other one keeps going.)

110363 01 r05.pngEugene: (And you don't get a veto. If there's risk, we're gonna share it equally.)

110038 01 r03.pngHope: (One for all and all for one, eh? Copy that, partner!)

110363 01 r05.pngEugene: (On my mark. Three, two, one...RUN!)

110255 01 r04.pngCelliera: ...431! ...432! ...Huh? Footsteps! Sounds like...two pairs?

110255 01 r04.pngCelliera: They're moving separately. I'll start with the closer one!

110038 01 r03.pngHope: *gasp* *wheeze* Made the gates... But where's Eugene?

Celliera's Voice: Is that all you've got, soldier?! Swing those arms! Lift those knees!

Eugene's Voice: Ma'am, yes, ma'am! ONE, two, three, four! TWO, two, three, four!

110038 01 r03.pngHope: Oh no! Celliera got him...

110038 01 r03.pngHope: I won't let your sacrifices be in vain, everyone... I promise.

110038 01 r03.pngHope: I'll carry your memories with me as I head out to an unforgettable night on the tow—

100003 01 r04.pngRanzal: Not happenin'.

110038 01 r03.pngHope: Ranzal?! What are you doing here?!

100003 01 r04.pngRanzal: Figured ya squirts would try somethin' like this, so I decided to lay a trap for ya.

100003 01 r04.pngRanzal: City's a dangerous place at night for the same reasons what make it fun, so ya gotta keep yer head on a swivel.

100003 01 r04.pngRanzal: And if yer gettin' busted by the likes'a me, ya ain't ready for the city. Now c'mon, kid. Let's get ya back to bed.

110038 01 r03.pngHope: Noooo!

The next morning...

110363 01 r05.pngEugene: She kept me training until dawn, and I'm literally dying. *yaaawn*

110025 01 r03.pngNicolas: Yes, and I had to keep that barrier up all night as well. *yaaawn*

110016 01 r03.pngJurota: Aoi and I were evenly matched, and our battle stretched on to daybreak. *yaaawn*

110038 01 r03.pngHope: I'm so sorry, you guys! You all put your bodies on the line, and I couldn't...

110016 01 r03.pngJurota: You faced an opponent beyond your skill, nothing more. There is no apology needed.

110025 01 r03.pngNicolas: He's right. And so is Ranzal, frankly— we'd have made a pack of easy marks for street toughs or shady merchants.

110363 01 r05.pngEugene: Plus it was fun, even if we lost; sneaking out at night is peak youth!

110038 01 r03.pngHope: Aw, you guys!

100003 01 r04.pngRanzal: Hats off to the solidarity, boys! Still, I can't have ya sneakin' off again.

Together: Ranzal!

100003 01 r04.pngRanzal: So I'll make ya a promise: You four get a little more experience under yer belts, and this old man'll take ya out on the town personally.

110038 01 r03.pngHope: You mean it?!

100003 01 r04.pngRanzal: You bet. It's a promise between warriors!

Together: YAAAAAAY!