The Hunt for Harmony

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It's time for the sylvans' Vernal Banquet, where Rabbit-eared people from far and wide gather to celebrate. The main event is an egg hunt, and whoever collects the most eggs is granted one wish.

As the prince, Sarisse, and Luca vie for the prize, Luca spots some familiar faces... It's his childhood friends, also competing in the egg hunt! Who will collect the most eggs and win the competition AND a wish?

Event Runs[edit source]

Event Overview[edit source]

Rerun Changelog

April 2020
  • The Dragoñata event facility can now be leveled up to a maximum of level 35.
  • A new difficulty level, Nightmare, has been added to the challenge battle.

Gallery[edit source]

Current Event Run Information[edit source]

  • This event is not currently running.