The Height of the Tides

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The Height of the Tides


[[File:210003 01.png|60px|link=Mercury]]Mercury: You have become even stronger than the day we first met, Euden.

[[File:210003 01.png|60px|link=Mercury]]Mercury: Your desire to protect your home and those you care for has given you strength. I can see that clearly.

[[File:210003 01.png|60px|link=Mercury]]Mercury: You are now fit to use the power that swirls deep within me...but can you withstand its pressure?

[[File:210003 01.png|60px|link=Mercury]]Mercury: If you are to control the purest water, you must have a heart that is clean. Now let me test if this is so!

[[File:210003 01.png|60px|link=Mercury]]Mercury: Withstand the vast power of the sea and make it your own! Use it as a weapon to protect all that you love!

[[File:210040 01.png|60px|link=High Mercury]]High Mercury: Haaaaaaaah!