The Height of the Flames

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21003 01.png
Icon Episode Title Summon.pngThe Height of the Flames


210002 01.pngBrunhilda: You've grown sooo strong, darling! Now you and I will be able to forge an even deeper connection.

210002 01.pngBrunhilda: Let's have a little fight, you and I—one with my full power unleashed.

210002 01.pngBrunhilda: If you can defeat me, you will gain even further mastery of my abilities.

210002 01.pngBrunhilda: Don't think of it as a lover's spat—this is a TEST of our love! A ceremony to forge an even stronger bond with one another!

210002 01.pngBrunhilda: So be sure you give it everything you've got, darling. Do it for love!

210039 01.pngHigh Brunhilda: RAAAAAAAAGH!