The Agito Uprising

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Banner The Agito Uprising.png

Unlock: Chapter 10 / 6-3
Primary Reward: Agito Weapon crafting materials
Event Exchange Shop: The Agito Uprising Exchange

  • Unlike bosses up to this point, which have been predominantly dragons, these bosses take on an almost human form.
  • This group has banded together in opposition against the prince for some reason.
  • New bosses that are more difficult than the High Dragons are in development.

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Quest Preview[edit | edit source]

Image Archive[edit | edit source]

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Events[edit | edit source]

201017031.png Volk's Wrath

Banner Volk's Wrath.png

Boss Ability: Icon EnemyAbility 0017.png Plague, Icon EnemyAbility 0018.png Life Drain

Primary Reward (Standard): 201017031.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201017031.png 201017032.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201017032.png 201017033.png

Primary Reward (Legend): 201017034.png

201017021.png Ciella's Wrath

Banner Ciella's Wrath.png

Boss Ability: Icon EnemyAbility 0021.png Veil, Icon EnemyAbility 0022.png Vulnerability

Primary Reward (Standard): 201017021.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201017021.png 201017022.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201017022.png 201017023.png

201017011.png Ayaha & Otoha's Wrath

Banner Ayaha & Otoha's Wrath.png

Boss Ability: Icon EnemyAbility 0023.png Union, Icon EnemyAbility 0024.png Warabe Asobi, Icon EnemyAbility 0025.png Tosenbo, Icon EnemyAbility 0026.png Toryanse

Primary Reward (Standard): 201017011.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201017011.png 201017012.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201017012.png 201017013.png

201017041.png Kai Yan's Wrath

Banner Kai Yan's Wrath.png

Boss Ability: Icon EnemyAbility 0019.png Battleground, Icon EnemyAbility 0020.png Adamantine Shield

Primary Reward (Standard): 201017041.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201017041.png 201017042.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201017042.png 201017043.png

201017051.pngTartarus's Wrath

Banner Tartarus's Wrath.png

Boss Ability: Icon EnemyAbility 0030.png Hell's Brand, Icon EnemyAbility 0032.png Fury of the Fallen, Icon EnemyAbility 0031.png Vengeful Spirit, Icon EnemyAbility 0033.png Steel-Forged Body

Primary Reward (Standard): 201017051.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201017051.png 201017052.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201017052.png 201017053.png