That Special Day: Part One

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That Special Day: Part One


One afternoon, three maidens clad in beautiful wedding dresses were speaking in the Halidom.

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: Wearing a wedding dress such as this is ever so exciting!

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: I agree. It makes me that much more eager to be a bride one day myself.

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: While I have no immediate wedding plans, I often find myself wondering what kind of ceremony I WOULD hold.

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: So what kind of weddings are the two of you thinking about?

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: I want to get married to my beloved in front of a huge audience in the Church's grandest cathedral.

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: We'll gaze lovingly into each other's eyes under a rain of rose petals as the audience shouts huzzah after huzzah... Aaaaah...

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: I'd prefer something more intimate—perhaps just my immediate family in a small village church.

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: And the reception would have the finest pumpkin dishes in the land! ...And you, Aoi?

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: I want a Hinomoto-style ninja wedding where everyone is waiting around and then...BAM! I appear in a cloud of smoke at the front of the aisle.

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: Then my honey and I would cut up a giant steamed bun for everybody to share.

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: Weddings are sacred occasions, Aoi, not some kind of party trick.

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: Are you mocking the ways of Hinomoto?

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: Of course not. But as the wedding would be in THIS country, perhaps you should accede to the ways of the Ilian Church.

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: Wrong! Hinomoto's way is better!

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: Blasphemy! The way of the Ilian Church is superior to all things!

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: All right, let's all calm down.

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: You think your Church is so great, missy? Prove it! We'll each hold our dream wedding and see which is the best!

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: What?!

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: You heard me! Food, minstrels—the whole shebang!

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: Then we'll have the guests vote on which of the three weddings was best!

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: Wait, I'M part of this now?!

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: But how can the three of us possibly hold actual ceremonies?

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: Look, there are a ton of folks in this castle, right? We'll just grab chefs and hubbies and whatnot from amongst the riffraff.

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: It's gonna be a piece of cake.

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: I feel rather uncomfortable asking others to put themselves out in order for us to satisfy an admittedly petty squabble.

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: In that case, my wedding wins! I'm the best, I'm the best, la la laaaa...

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: Grrrr!

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: Very well! I accept your challenge!

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: Yesss! Now just make sure you do this thing whole-hog and not, um, half-hog.

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: And to that end, we'd better start rounding up some victi—er, I mean, volunteers!

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: I already know who I'm going to get to do my catering!

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: Oh no! She is MY caterer!

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: What have I gotten myself into?

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: Weddings are supposed to be about affirming your love to someone, not some kind of...competition!

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: Still, the chance to create an ideal ceremony DOES sound like fun, so I'll have to give it my best.

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: Hmm... Who I should ask for help?

The battle lines have been drawn, and the competition to see who can arrange the finest wedding is about to begin.
Who will be chosen to aid in this endeavor? Find out in the next chapter!