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Slacker Superstition


New Year's Day, in the sun-warmed
courtyard of the Halidom...

Lazy Mouse Clan Leader

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: Zzz... *snork*

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: Is that...Mitsuhide? Whatever are you doing here?

Ieyasu's Faithful Attendant

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: ...Mmm? Oh, hey, Sazanka. I'm just enjoying a little nap. Can't you tell?

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: I could feel a big assignment coming on, so I said I'd come check on our struggling neighbors and high-tailed it. You?

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: I come on Master Ieyasu's orders. The Halidom has been most kind to us, and I was instructed to offer our greetings.

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: Yeah, that sounds about right. Still, you'd think they could at least give us New Year's off, ya know?

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: Perhaps you've embraced the holiday spirit of rest a bit TOO fully, Mitsuhide.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: You are a Wyrmclan leader, equal in status to Master Ieyasu. I humbly implore you to set a virtuous example for others to follow.

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: Ugh, seriously? Look, if you really want an example to follow, I... Actually, wait. I just had the perfect idea.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: Oh?

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: Just run along and take care of Ieyasu's errands. I'll set that example you want, don't you worry.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: I find this all oddly worrying, but very well. If you will excuse me.

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: Now, time for a little Hinomoto-Alberia cultural exchange!

110058 01 r03.pngJakob: ......

Mute Maintenance Wiz

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: Heya, bub. Are you really spending New Year's Day repairing your gear?

110058 01 r03.pngJakob: ......

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: I assume washing is involved in that?

110058 01 r03.pngJakob: Yes.

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: Well, don't do it! See, there's an ancient Hinomotoan set of practices we follow to ensure good luck. A bit of superstition, I guess you'd call it.

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: And one of them is that you NEVER wash things or do laundry on New Year's Day. Otherwise, you wash all the good fortune away right along with the dirt!

110058 01 r03.pngJakob: Truly?! But then...

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: If you don't want a super unlucky year, leave the maintenance and scrubbing for tomorrow and just kick back instead!

110058 01 r03.pngJakob: Leave scrubbing...? Wait! Cleo's in danger! Hang on, Cleo! I'm coming!

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Maybe I'll whip up a tasty treat for Louise to celebrate the day!

Big Sister's Little Chef

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: Step away from the cutting board, friend! There's a set of ancient Hinomotoan traditions I need to fill you in on...

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: ...Wait, WHAT? If you cook with a knife on New Year's, you sever all of your bonds with your loved ones?!

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: Yep. That's EXACTLY what happens. So if you want to stay on good terms with dear ol' Sis, belay those dinner plans and just sleep the day away instead!

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: I've gotta go warn Louise! Louiiiiiise!

110049 01 r03.pngEdward: Hmm, this curtain has a nasty hole in it. I'd best mend it now, before it worsens.

Needle-Wielding Super Butler

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: Leave that curtain be, tux boy! See, in Hinomoto, we have a certain set of superstitions...

110049 01 r03.pngEdward: ...And this day of sewing abstinence is to prevent the spread of impurity?

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: Yup. If you sew on New Year's, you can wind up passing dangerous impurity on to your master. Better to just punt today, no?

110049 01 r03.pngEdward: Hmm. Perhaps I had best check up on his condition, just to be certain.

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: Now they're getting it! Best thing to do on New Year's is a whole lot of nothing— and now that I've spread some culture...

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: Zzzzzz...

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: Oh, dear. The year is only freshly begun, yet all of you appear quite upset. Has something happened?

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Actually...

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: ...And then when I went and told Louise, she got really worried about me. I wanted to make her HAPPY today, not upset!

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: And you two?

110058 01 r03.pngJakob: Cleo...

110049 01 r03.pngEdward: His Highness did not seem perturbed by it, but as one tasked with assisting him from the shadows, being hamstrung is painful.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: She's tricked all of you into playing along? Honestly, this is just as I feared...

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: Mitsuhide. Wake up, Mitsuhide.

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: Man, we keep running into each other today, Sazanka. Can the nagging wait? I'm worn out from spreading our culture.

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: Ooo, wait. Were you going shopping?

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: Yes. The food stores are getting low, so I was leaving to buy new ingredients.

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: Perfect. While you're out, be a hon-bun and pick up some sweets, yeah? Running around the castle has me famished.

110058 01 r03.pngJakob: ...Shopping?!

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: Uh...yes?

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: But you taught us that cooking, cleaning and sewing were all unlucky according to ancient Hinomotoan tradition!

110049 01 r03.pngEdward: Why would those things be forbidden, yet shopping is somehow permitted?

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: Oh, uh... Yeah, see, shopping's... Hmm. How do I put this?

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: Hinomotoan superstition DOES say that spending money on New Year's means you won't manage to save any that year.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: I KNEW it!

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: However, there is no need to forgo shopping entirely, if one considers the true spirit of those traditions.

110049 01 r03.pngEdward: And just what might that be?

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: Their origins lie in a desire for those who work hard all the year round to take a day of rest at its beginning.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: But if you allow their prescriptions to stay you from what you truly wish to do, that quite defeats the point.

110058 01 r03.pngJakob: True.

110049 01 r03.pngEdward: Superstition or no, if I do not get in a bare minimum of cooking, cleaning, and sewing today, I will be a wreck.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: So if not doing stuff would actually STOP us from resting, we don't have to follow Mitsuhide's rules?

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: Correct. Those superstitions are meant only to admonish those who are over- working themselves with such chores.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: But wait. Those superstitions were all meant to help people who work every day and never take a break, right?

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: So why would someone who spends every day lazing around care about them?

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: That is indeed the question. And I hate to interrupt your break for escape, Mitsuhide, but might we have a word?

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: Escape? Who's escaping? And don't make me out to be the bad guy here! I'm just trying to relax on New Year's like I'm meant to be doing.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: I wonder.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: They've long said in Hinomoto that the year's business begins on its first day— and is it not the duty of a Wyrmclan leader to be proactive in all things?

110058 01 r03.pngJakob: My gear is dirty.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: You don't mind cooking that meal I was going to make for Louise, do you?

110049 01 r03.pngEdward: And MY to-do list is quite formidable, though you can begin by sewing up the hole in those curtains.

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: Whoa, whoa, whoa. It's NEW YEAR'S. Let's all just take it easy, guys! ...Guys?

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: My apologies, Mitsuhide. Oh, and my thanks for taking care of the shopping.

110345 01 r05.pngMitsuhide: Nooooo! My New Yeaaaaar's!

Please enjoy your lazy New Year's responsibly.