Seeking Saint Starfall

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Seeking Saint Starfall


Saint Starfall is a merchant of
miracles, believed to make his
rounds on Dragonyule Eve. Good
little children wait eagerly for the
presents he might soon bring...

110010 01 r05.pngMikoto: All right. I am now fully prepared to make my wish to Saint Starfall.

Seeker of a Beloved Feline

110010 01 r05.pngMikoto: Now comes that dreaded time of waiting. Come the morrow, I shall meet the Saint himself and see Mineuchi returned to my side.

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: He's meeting with Saint Starfall?

Has Known the Truth Since Age 5

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: One of the kids must've told him about the whole deal—but why'd he believe it?

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: The guy's an adult, for cryin' out loud... But I guess he DOES kinda live in his own little world.

110010 01 r05.pngMikoto: Soon, Mineuchi. Our reunion is nigh. Just one more night...

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: I better let the guy know what's up before he gets his heart broken.

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: Dragonyule's just an excuse for merchants and the like to make themselves a little extra—

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: Ow! Hey, who did that?! Who wants it?!

110022 01 r05.pngXander: Still your tongue, fool!

Realist Who Prizes Purity

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: Xander? What's the deal? I was just about to go tell Mikoto that Saint Starfall's not real.

110022 01 r05.pngXander: Oh, I am well aware. But what right do you have to dash another man's dreams, hm? Answer me, knave!

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: Um, I guess none? But you can't tell me he's better off believing in lies at his age!

110022 01 r05.pngXander: That is for him alone to decide. He seems to find salvation in Saint Starfall.

110010 01 r05.pngMikoto: Did I hear mention of Saint Starfall?

110022 01 r05.pngXander: Ack! Where did you come from?!

110010 01 r05.pngMikoto: Just over there. Now tell me: Do you know Saint Starfall?

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: I mean, who DOESN'T know him, am I right?

110010 01 r05.pngMikoto: I see. Then please, tell me where he is.

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: Er... Well, he's not really ANYWHERE...

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: OW!

110022 01 r05.pngXander: *ahem* Legend claims that Saint Starfall lives high atop Mount Kolba.

110010 01 r05.pngMikoto: Kolba... The frozen mountain of death. It is said those who visit never return.

110022 01 r05.pngXander: Indeed. Which means that even knowing the saint's location, it is impossible to meet him. I think it best you simply wait patiently for your pres—

110010 01 r05.pngMikoto: Very well. I shall leave now to summit the mountain. ...Wait for me, Mineuchi!

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: What the—was he even listening?!

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: Nice going, fancypants. At this rate he's definitely gonna find out the truth!

110022 01 r05.pngXander: Not if we leave at once. We shall beat him to the summit and set a trap to block his path. Come, vassal!

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: Ugh. Fine, but I'm billing you for this!

Frozen Mountain of Death
Mount Kolba

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: *pant* That oughta do it for the trap. Hey, don't think I didn't notice you left all the hard stuff to me!

110022 01 r05.pngXander: Silence! He has arrived.

110010 01 r05.pngMikoto: Prepare yourself, Saint Starfall. I have come to see my dearest wish granted!

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: Cripes, you see his eyes? The guy's not kidding around...

110022 01 r05.pngXander: Which is precisely why we mustn't allow him to reach the summit. Activate the trap!

110010 01 r05.pngMikoto: Hmph! I see this mountain has earned its reputation. But it is no match for my Ravenous Fire!

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: Nooooo! I spent AGES on that!

110022 01 r05.pngXander: Fear not, for I prepared a trap of my own!

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: What was the point in MY trap then?!

110022 01 r05.pngXander: It pays to be prepared, vassal. Now, behold!

Unleashed Fiends: Graaaaagh!

110010 01 r05.pngMikoto: Hm?!

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: Wait a sec—weren't Kleimann and Sinoa messing with a magic circle like that?

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: And it summons FIENDS?! Just what are you trying to do here?!

110022 01 r05.pngXander: Your king does not play when facing down a trial! Especially when a vassal's dreams are involved.

110010 01 r05.pngMikoto: Rrragh! None will stop me from seeing my dream made manifest!

110022 01 r05.pngXander: ...Marvelous. The purity of his desire has become the blade by which he forges ahead!

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: Stop gawking and move! He's gonna reach the summit at this rate!

110022 01 r05.pngXander: Yes, and we can't have that. Leave the rest to me!

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: Wh-what the heck? He changed his outfit in a flash, and now he's drawing his weapon—what's the plan here?!

110022 01 r05.pngXander: Mikoto! You have done well to make it this far.

110010 01 r05.pngMikoto: Xander? What are you doing here?

110022 02 r04.pngDragonyule Xander: I am Saint Starfall's chosen agent! And as such, I cannot allow you to venture past this point.

110010 01 r05.pngMikoto: I see... Then you are my final trial.

110010 01 r05.pngMikoto: I shall cut you down, and open a path to my dream! Ravenous Fire!

110010 01 r05.pngMikoto: Hrrraaagh!

110022 02 r04.pngDragonyule Xander: Haaaaah!

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: Jeez, talk about a slugfest! The fury of it's even melting the dang snow.

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: Hold on... What's that sound? ...Oh, hell.

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: AVALAAAAANCHE! Xander, Mikoto, GET DOWN!

110010 01 r05.pngMikoto: Irfan...?

110022 02 r04.pngDragonyule Xander: Just shut up and hit the deck!

Together: Uwaaaagh!

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: Wha?!

110010 01 r05.pngMikoto: You were having quite the nightmare.

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: Huh? Wait, was it all a dream then...?

110022 01 r05.pngXander: Oh, it was no dream.

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: So we DID get swallowed by an avalanche!

110022 02 r04.pngDragonyule Xander: Indeed we did, though I can't fathom how we survived—or even how we returned here.

110010 01 r05.pngMikoto: Do you not recall Saint Starfall?

110022 02 r04.pngDragonyule Xander: What?

110010 01 r05.pngMikoto: We were ferried back to the Halidom on Saint Starfall's sleigh.

110037 01 r03.pngIrfan: That... That can't be true...

110010 01 r05.pngMikoto: It is no lie. He gave me this flower as proof.

110010 01 r05.pngMikoto: It's the same kind Mineuchi adores. I may not have been blessed by reunion, but I was at least given the precious gift of memory.

110010 01 r05.pngMikoto: I will keep it close to my heart as my search continues. Farewell.

...Is Saint Starfall in fact real?

No, certainly not. Unless...

How's this: we'll call it a Dragonyule
miracle, inspired by a wish made

Yes, that's precisely what occurred.
Ha HA!