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Basic Gameplay Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Zooming Out[edit | edit source]

You can zoom out while playing by doing the “pinch” motion. This will allow you to see much more of the battle, and is incredibly useful in raids, which take place over a huge area.

Raid Health Bars and Targeting[edit | edit source]

At the top of the screen is health bars for both the main boss, and several attackable sections of the boss, which have their own independent health bars. You may have heard people say that if you tap on one of the mini health bars, you will call it out, and your AI companions will attack that part instead of the boss in general. THIS IS NOT TRUE AT ALL.

Your AI companions will attack whatever enemy you have targeted – as will your own auto-attacks! You can tell what enemy you have targeted by the big ring with the 4 dashes on it that will be around the enemy. If you’re attacking a boss section, make sure that ring is under the section you intend to attack, rather than the whole boss itself! Moving or dodge rolling in the direction of an enemy will cause the target to switch to whatever enemy is in that direction – use this to fix the targeting if you’re targeting the boss by mistake.

The health bars are simply to call out what you’re attacking, and have little colored markers beneath them to show which players have them targeted. While useful, this does not affect your AI companions in any way.

Dodge-Rolling Through the Boss[edit | edit source]

While you can’t walk through the boss, you can in fact dodge-roll straight through the boss! While this won’t work for certain sections (His head, attackable legs, and tail), this is a great way to get to the parts of the boss you’re trying to attack, without wasting precious time running around in a giant circle.

iFrames and Skill AoE Colors[edit | edit source]

Boss skill attacks will put a colored area on the ground to mark the area these are about to hit. These come in three colors: Red, Yellow, and Purple. Red areas will damage you instantly as soon as they fill, whereas yellow areas will damage you over time or as the animation of the attack sweeps over the area you’re standing. Purple areas could behave like either red or yellow depending on the attack, but they have a special property – the damage from purple AoEs is unavoidable using iFrames.

iFrames or “Invincibility Frames” are a period of time where your character is invulnerable to damage while you use a skill. Whenever you are using a skill YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE PARTY OF AI CHARACTERS WILL BE IMMUNE TO DAMAGE. Because of this, you want to not use skills as soon as they’re charged, and wait until the boss is using an attack that would otherwise damage you, and use your skill then to avoid damage. This will allow you to spend more time attacking the boss by not wasting time running in and out, as well as keep your AI teammates alive, as they will never run out of AoEs.

AI Units, and Keeping Them Alive[edit | edit source]

Keeping your AI team alive for as much of the fight as possible is a very important part of succeeding in raids. Since your team will never move out of areas that will damage them, the only way you can keep them alive is by using iFrames with the correct timing so they are immune to damage when the attack connects. This takes a lot of practice, but fortunately the boss will use the same attacks in the same order every time – watch your AI’s health and the boss’s attacks, and use a skill every time he does an orange or red attack. It’s possible to prevent your entire party from ever taking damage, and having your party alive the entire raid should be your goal – be sure to practice this on Standard before moving up to Expert!

Unlocking Special Difficulty[edit | edit source]

When you host an Expert Raid, and successfully clear it, you have a chance of unlocking the “Special” or “EX” difficulty of the raid. This version costs 0 stamina to host, is harder than Expert, and will remain available until you host and clear it. Once you have done so, it will disappear and you’ll have to go back to hosting Experts to unlock it again. This difficulty awards a large number of gold medals, with even more awarded to the hosting player.

Phraeganoth Mechanics and Strategy[edit | edit source]

Basic Mechanics[edit | edit source]

The boss has 3 sections in addition to his main body: Tail, Right Leg, and Left Leg. Breaking the tail will alter how his tail spin attack works, and breaking the Right or Left Leg will simply stun the boss for a few seconds, but most importantly, award additional loot!

There is a 5 minute timer to kill the boss – if you fail to kill the boss in this time, you will lose. (3 minutes in EX)

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Tail Spin[edit | edit source]

A giant circle will fill up around the boss, and when it fills the boss will spin around, damaging all characters within the circle. If his tail is still alive, this circle will be purple, if not, it will be yellow, and the damage can be avoided with iFrames. The purple version is absolutely devastating, and will usually instantly kill all AI party members, leading to a wipe. As such, groups kill the tail ASAP to avoid ever seeing the purple version of the attack.

Flame Breath[edit | edit source]

The boss will turn his head towards his right leg, and then sweep across to his left leg with a fire breath, damaging anyone it touches. This attack is easily avoided by standing on the side of the legs away from his face.

Charge[edit | edit source]

The boss will charge up a long orange line, and when it fills, he will dash across in a straight line, damaging everyone in his path. He will follow this attack up with a flame spit, and then a 2nd charge in rapid succession – so be aware if you’re attempting to iFrame all of these attacks.

Fire Spit[edit | edit source]

The boss will make a small line coming straight out of his mouth, and shoot a fireball out in that direction. He will follow this up with two more fireballs, angled to his left, and then to his right. Since he does this after a charge, he will generally be shooting these fireballs out as you’re running back towards him – take advantages of the huge safe spots and the delays in this attack to not get hit as you’re running up to him

Fire Spit x1[edit | edit source]

Same as Fire Spit, except the boss will only fire one fireball.

Volcanic Eruption[edit | edit source]

He will use this attack immediately after becoming overcharged. This attack will spawn 4 attackable volcanoes around the platform. These volcanoes will each charge up a HUGE purple AoE circle, covering the entire platform in purple, that will do lethal damage when they expire. Killing these volcanoes before the cast finishes will prevent it from going off – groups will generally kill 2 of the volcanoes to give themselves a safe area, and let the other 2 go off.

Strategy:[edit | edit source]

Beginner/Intermediate/Expert[edit | edit source]

Everyone should start off the fight by killing the tail as soon as humanly possible. Tapping the Tail HP bar to call out that you're attacking it can help inform newer players that they should as well. After the tail is dead, switch to attacking the legs – don’t feel you need to attack one and then the other, feel free to attack whichever is closest. When he does his tail spin attack, don’t run out – just use the iframes from a skill to be immune to damage while he’s doing the attack.

When he overcharges and uses volcanic eruption, kill two of the volcanos before switching back to the boss. It’s generally best to start by attacking whichever volcano is on top of the boss – try and position yourself so you’re hitting both the volcano AND the boss with each attack for extra damage! The boss will do a charge attack during this time – the second volcano you kill should be the one in the direction that he charges. Once both volcanos are dead, switch back to the boss, making sure to stay well in the safe zone – both for your and your AI companions sake.

Simply continue to do this – after you break the boss, he will start doing his Charge and Fire Spit attacks – iFrame the charges, and simply try to avoid the fire spits as you run back.

Repeat until the boss is dead.

Special:[edit | edit source]

Special Difficulty is a bit different from the other ones – you only have 3 minutes, and the boss has a different attack pattern. The general strategy is: Kill the tail, once the tail is dead, kill 2 volcanoes, then start attacking the main body. You will usually NOT have enough time to focus the legs. Focus the body instead and deal collateral damage to the legs if possible.

However, the boss’s attack pattern is very different. Just after the start of the fight, he will do his charge and fire spit combo. Because it is so early, you have to be very careful to have a skill charged up so you can iFrame his first charge attack, and you have to dodge the fire spits on the way back. Since the boss is moving around so much at the start, you’ll have to dodge roll through the boss a LOT to reach the tail.

After that, the fight gets much easier – he continues to use his charge/flame spit combo quite often, but because the second set of volcanoes comes out at the 30s mark, it can be ignored as you just DPS the boss in a mad dash.

Note that while, on other difficulties, killing both legs is expected, with the difficult dps requirements of special, not all groups have the damage to pull it off. In order to meet the timer to kill both legs, at the “60 seconds remaining” mark you should have 1 leg dead and the other at < 1/3 of its hp. If this is not the case, stop damaging the legs IMMEDIATELY, and switch to just burning the boss’s main body, as it’s not too late at this point to salvage a no-legs kill.

Team Building, Requirements, and LFG[edit | edit source]

Most people don’t really understand what does and does not make a good group for this boss. This leads to them not really understanding what went wrong when they fail, and asking for ever increasing Might numbers with each successive failure, until they just brute-force it. In this section I’m going to go over what the important team-building considerations are, and what I consider to be the minimum requirements for each difficulty.

Equip matching Dragon type[edit | edit source]

You should equip dragons on all of your units that match their element (ideally water), regardless of what might your dragons are at, as doing so boosts their stats quite significantly.

Maybe don't bring healers (Except Phoenix)[edit | edit source]

All damage, on all difficulties, is avoidable. Furthermore, healing in raids is reduced by 75%. You should not need healers, and bringing one will lower your overall damage. The only real exception to this is the Dragon “Phoenix”. This dragon’s skill has a regen heal that is so strong it can heal the entire raid to full, even with the 75% raid healing penalty. If you have this dragon, you should equip it on a non-lead unit (to preserve the matching dragon type bonus on your main attacker), and switch to that unit when you want to transform into a dragon. While the healing should not be necessary for players, it’s very useful for everyone’s AI companions, whose hp can be chipped down over time by small hard-to-avoid attacks.

A healer as your non-lead and only non-water character certainly won't hurt you, but don't inflate its might expecting it to make a significant difference in raids.

"Paladyn Defender" WyrmPrint[edit | edit source]

One of the rewards for this event is a 4* wyrmprint: “Paladyn Defender”. This wyrmprint comes with a very important skill: “Phraeganoth’s Bane”. This skill increases damage dealt by the equipped unit, to Phraegonoth only, by a whopping 20%. This is an absolutely massive boost, and should be equipped by your lead unit at all times. If you max unbind this wyrmprint, the skill increases to a 25% bonus – since the benefit of equipping extra copies on your AI units is quite minimal, I’d recommend using your first 4 spares to unbind.

Requirements:[edit | edit source]

Your team should be comprised of a “Lead” Unit, which should be water, and 3 other non-healer units. Your lead unit will deal the majority of damage that your party deals, and should be a much higher might than your other party members.

Below are the Mts you should aim for, both for your Lead unit, and your Overall Party might, in order to clear each difficulty. These numbers assume: - You have the wyrmprint equipped on your lead unit - None of your units are Wind - You have at least 2 water units in your party

Note that having more water units lowers the overall might your party needs – an 8k party of all water units will be much stronger than a 9.5k party with only a lead water unit, for instance.

Standard:[edit | edit source]
  • Lead Unit: 1.5k Mt
  • Party Mt (2 Water): 4k Mt
Expert:[edit | edit source]
  • Lead Unit: 2k Mt
  • Party Mt (2 Water): 7k Mt
  • Party Mt (3 Water): 6.5k Mt
  • Party Mt (4 Water): 6k Mt
Special (No Legs):[edit | edit source]
  • Lead Unit: 2.7k Mt
  • Party Mt (3 Water): 9k Mt
  • Party Mt (4 Water): 8.5k Mt
Special (Both Legs):[edit | edit source]
  • Lead Unit: 2.9k Mt
  • Party Mt (3 Water): 9.5k Mt
  • Party Mt (4 Water): 9k Mt

Finding Groups[edit | edit source]

Just making an open party and letting randoms join can be a recipe for disaster – you can’t stop player from joining, and often get players with way too low might, don’t know what they’re doing, or don’t have enough water units. I strongly recommend using the Dragalia Lost Discord to find and form groups – there’s dedicated channels for each difficulty of the raid, and doing this allows you to set might/team requirements for groups, and hold people to that.

If you’re hosting a raid, make sure to hit the magnifying glass to see players full teams, and make sure they’re bringing a team that won’t drag you down. Be on the lookout for players with only one water unit - trying to inflate their overall might by hiding their highest might units/wyrms/dragons behind their lead. Don’t hesitate to leave and re-host if you get these people – they’re often going to lead you to a fail, and carrying them to a win just encourages them to keep doing this.

Rewards:[edit | edit source]

Unique Rewards[edit | edit source]

The two unique rewards are the 5* dragon Pele, and the 4* Wyrmprint Paladyn Defender. You can get a total of 5 copies of Pele (4 from Blazon Summons, and 1 from Silver Emblem Rewards). This means you can get a fully unbound 5* Pele! And don’t scoff at the wyrmprints – you can farm an unlimited number (in theory, anyways), and you can sell them for 100 Eldwater each. Personally, I’m not going to sell any unless I get 4 fully unbound copies, but it’s worth mentioning that it’s an option.

Reward Methods[edit | edit source]

There’s two main reward mechanics: Blazon Summon and Emblem Rewards.

The Blazon Summon is like a mini-gacha – but instead of using wyrmstone, you use “Blazons”, which you can acquire from the Raid or Boss mission. You can spend these to summon random items from a pool. Notably, this pool depletes as you pull from it (you can see what’s left by hitting “Contents”), so you are guaranteed to EVENTUALLY get both the dragon and the wyrmprint. Your first 4 times you can “Reset” the Blazon summon after you’ve summoned Pele, restoring it to it’s original contents, so you don’t have to empty the whole thing before you get a chance of getting the dragon again. I would wait until you get both the dragon AND the wyrmprint before resetting, however.

Emblems come from doing Bosses or Raid Bosses as well. You get the Bronze ones from doing the Boss, and silver and Gold from doing the Raid bosses. As you reach certain numbers of emblems earned, you earn rewards, which can be checked and redeemed in the “Emblems” menu. Gold Emblems can only be earned from Expert and Special. They’re earned at a VERY slow rate from Expert, but Special grants ~50 at a time to the host, and ~20 to joiners.

Note that it’s possible to get a single copy of every unique rewards without even stepping foot into a raid, just by farming the boss mission, and you can get the maximum number of unique rewards without doing a raid higher than Standard. Don’t stress out too much about doing the super-hard content – it simply rewards materials for 5* weapon crafting that will most likely be available from all events in the future.