Once in a Lifetime (Castle Story)

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Disambig.png This article is about the Castle Story Once in a Lifetime. For the Wyrmprint, see Once in a Lifetime.


Once in a Lifetime


110310 01 r04.pngAddis: Sun's down, but this town's still plenty lively.

Ieyasu's Subordinate Addis

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: It certainly is—I can ever hear what sounds to be a band playing.

Ieyasu's Subordinate Sazanka

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: So this is an Alberian festial, eh? We shouldn't wait so long before coming here again next time.

Wyrmclan Leader Ieyasu

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: Ah, but this brings me back. I remember when I used to go to festivals with Botan.

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: She would challenge me in the ring toss, carving challenges, and all manner of other games. She was quite serious about it, too.

110310 01 r04.pngAddis: So she's always been like that, has she?

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: Heh, I remember that well.

110325 01 r05.pngYaten: Huh. Weird.

Hinomotoan Festival Planner Yaten

110325 01 r05.pngYaten: Didn't expect to run into any fellow countrymen out here.

110326 01 r05.pngNatalie: I take it you're from Hinomoto? I mean, judgin' by the duds.

Yaten's Partner Natalie

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: Yes, and I would assume the same of you.

110325 01 r05.pngYaten: Yep. I'm from Hinomoto, all right.

110326 01 r05.pngNatalie: This is the first time I've ever met somebody from Hinomoto besides Yaten!

110310 01 r04.pngAddis: Just don't get too cozy with Master Ieyasu.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: If you are from Hinomoto, you must be familiar with the Twelve Wyrmclans?

110326 01 r05.pngNatalie: Er... Yaten? Fill me in.

110325 01 r05.pngYaten: They're basically the big-shots in Hinomoto. Never thought I'd actually meet one of 'em in the flesh.

110325 01 r05.pngYaten: It'd be rude of us not to extend every courtesy to such a noble person. Right, Natalie?

110326 01 r05.pngNatalie: Hell yeah, it'd be rude! C'mon guys—I'll give you the ten-cent tour.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: ...So this is some manner of cured meat wrapped in bread? It is quite delicious.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: I can taste salt, but there is also a hint of fresh herb in the filling.

110325 01 r05.pngYaten: Year, they use some kind of local herb to really punch up the flavor.

110325 01 r05.pngYaten: Although they keep it pretty secret, so who knows what it actually is.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: A shame—although I certainly understand why they would want to do so.

110326 01 r05.pngNatalie: ...Look at you hittin' every target—the person running the stall seems ready to faint dead away!

110310 01 r04.pngAddis: That was pretty damn fun for a kiddie toy.

110310 01 r04.pngAddis: Nice to use a bow every once in a while.

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: I was not aware of the depth of your skills with a bow, Addis.

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: In the future, perhaps you might compete with me in some target shooting?

110310 01 r04.pngAddis: Don't think I'm a match for you, Master, but if that's whatcha want, I'm game.

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: I look forward to it. ...Ah, but on another subject, these candied apples are divine.

110326 01 r05.pngNatalie: It's a good thing folks in this town also enjoy candy apples.

110326 01 r05.pngNatalie: If not, we would'a removed 'em from the food cart lineup.

110325 01 r05.pngYaten: Festivals belong to the place they're held. If the locals don't enjoy an activity, there's no point in having it.

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: Your level of passion when it comes to festival planning is quite impressive.

110325 01 r05.pngYaten: I'm honored to hear it.

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: Ah, how nice to spend some enjoyable time in an unexpected place.

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: How long has it been since I last attended a town festival...?

110325 01 r05.pngYaten: You certainly seem to have your share of troubles. I suppose ruling and governing really take it out of a guy.

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: I cannot deny the truth of what you say. However, it is a path I chose myself.

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: And given that, I bear it gladly.

110325 01 r05.pngYaten: Your people must be happy to have a leader like you.

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: I pray it is so.

110325 01 r05.pngYaten: But you know, even if you are the head of a Wyrmclam, you're still just a human being.

110325 01 r05.pngYaten: And this isn't Hinomoto; social status doesn't matter when you're at one of my festivals.

110325 01 r05.pngYaten: So maybe—just this once—you can forget your position, title, and all of the baggage that goes with it.

110325 01 r05.pngYaten: Just enjoy the festival as plain ol 'Ieyasu.

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: Plain old Ieyasu...

110325 01 r05.pngYaten: If it's been a long time since you've been to a festival, try to approach it with the joy of a kid. Just for a night.

110325 01 r05.pngYaten: Every festival is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, after all—and you can't enjoy today's festival any day EXCEPT today.

110326 01 r05.pngNatalie: So get out there and enjoy the hell out of it already!

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: Heh. Perhaps I could stand to learn a thing or two from Botan in this regard.

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: Might we return to that archery cart we visited earlier?

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: Of course. Er, but why, if you don't mind me asking?

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: If this is truly once-in-a-lifetime, I cannot wait for the future to challenge Addis. I must do so tonight!

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: Will you accept my challenge, Addis?

110310 01 r04.pngAddis: Just don't expect me to go easy on ya.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: I shall serve as the judge.

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: Heh. I feel as though I understand a bit better now why Botan always seeks to challenge me in various events.

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: It really is quite exciting to cut loose and let one's whims take them where they will!

110325 01 r05.pngYaten: Well, we've got plenty of festival left for you to let loose and enjoy yourself!

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: Very well. For tonight only, I shall return to the mindset I had as a young man. Let us enjoy this event to the fullest!

110310 01 r04.pngAddis:& 110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: Yes, Master Ieyasu!

The End