Mercury (Enemy)

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Disambig.png This article is about the enemy Mercury. For the Brainwashed enemy, see Brainwashed Mercury (Enemy). For the playable Dragon, see Mercury.

Mercury (Rare)


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Overdrive/Break Stats

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Affliction Resists

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Similar to basic attack modifiers, enemies also have skill modifiers unique to each enemy's skill animation.

Skill Damage Multiplier Affliction Affliction Rate Affliction Duration Affliction Damage Follower Avoid Rate Follower Avoid Action
Hydrocannon 250% Bog 80% 12 Received damage x150% 70% 3
Aqua Spiral 180% Bog 80% 12 Received damage x150% 70% 4
Aqua Spiral 180% - - - - 70% 3

3D Model


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