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This page provides an overview about various mechanics and features in Dragalia Lost.

Player Level[]

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The Player Level is the level associated with one's account. When completing any quest, experience points are awarded toward the player level. Increasing player level has many benefits, including restoring stamina and getherwings, higher stamina limit, higher friend limit, and improved facilities. The amount of experience gained per quest can be boosted by the skill Player EXP. These effects do not stack; the highest value takes priority.



There are two types of resources: stamina and getherwings.

Stamina is used to play solo quests. The stamina spent on a quest will be consumed at the end of the quest if it is completed successfully (failing a quest does not consume stamina). The stamina bar increases with player level, and it refills at a rate of 1 point every 6 minutes up to its limit. However, gaining player levels, using recovery items such as 100602.png Quality Honey, and making purchases with Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite or Icon Diamantium.png Diamantium can exceed that limit up to a maximum of 999 stamina.

The Halidom also produces 100605.png Honey Tea, at the rate of 1 point every 30 minutes. This can be used to instantly refill the main stamina gauge. The stock of Honey Tea caps at 144, which can be reached after 72 hours, or 3 days, of honey tea production.

Getherwings are used to participate in co-op quests. Like stamina, the getherwings spent on a quest will be refunded if the quest fails. However, unlike stamina, getherwings do not increase with the player level, and they refill at a rate of one per hour up to 12 getherwings. Gaining player levels, using recovery items such as 100701.png Ethon Ashes, and making purchases with Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite or Icon Diamantium.png Diamantium can exceed that limit up to a maximum of 99 getherwings.


Wyrmite and Diamantium

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There are several types of in-game currency which used for a number of things, such as summoning, crafting, and other uses.

Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite, Icon Resource Mana.png Mana, Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies, and Icon Resource Eldwater.png Eldwater are earnable currencies, while Icon Diamantium.png Diamantium is a premium currency.

Mana and rupies can be earned within the game by completing quests. Wyrmite and eldwater can be earned from completing endeavors. Eldwater can also be gained by summoning duplicate characters, or selling 3 Icon Rarity 3.png or higher Wyrmprints and Dragons. Diamantium must be purchased through the store.


Main article: Summoning

Summoning is one of the key mechanics of Dragalia Lost. To obtain most new adventurers and dragons, players are required to summon through the Summoning menu using wyrmite, diamantium, summon vouchers, or free summons during a free summons event.

Inside the summon menu, players will be able to access special 'summon showcases' which features adventurers and dragons that will have a higher chance to be summoned than usual.

  • All non-event, non-limited adventurers and dragons that are 3 Icon Rarity 3.png, 4 Icon Rarity 4.png, and 5 Icon Rarity 5.png rarity can be obtained this way.
  • All previously released gala adventurers or dragons can also be obtained if it is a Gala Dragalia summon showcase.
    • However, only select gala characters are included in Gala Dragalia Remix summon showcases.
    • Not all returning gala characters in a summon showcase will have a rate up boost, being set at the standard odds.

Inside most summon showcases, there are 3 different options to choose from to start a summon: Daily Deal, Single Summon, and Tenfold Summon.


Adventurers are characters that players use to complete quests.

Adventurers are attributed a weapon type and element, which determine their attack style, and their damage and durability against other elements. Each specific adventurer has a static set of skills and abilities that cannot be changed. Players can equip adventurers with weapons, dragons, and wyrmprints, and shared skills to boost their stats and potentially grant special skills and abilities.

Adventurers level up by gaining experience through completing quests, and from crystal items such as 101001003.png Gold Crystals. Their max level is determined by rarity and the unbind level of mana spiral, if it exists, and all adventurers can be promoted to the highest rarity, though only a select few adventurers may have a mana spiral. Players can only have one copy of an adventurer, so duplicates gained through summoning are instantly converted to Icon Resource Eldwater.png Eldwater.


Main article: Team Building

Teams are groups of up to 4 adventurers that can be sent on quests.

In the Team section of the home screen, players can create up to 54 unique teams that can be used in quests.

Each adventurer can be equipped with a weapon, a dragon, up to five wyrmprints (three 5 Icon Rarity 5.png and two 4 Icon Rarity 4.png or lower rarity), and up to two shared skills through the menu UI.

Teams allow custom loadouts each adventurer, so a single adventurer can be used on multiple teams with different sets of equipment, but each piece of equipment can only be used once per team.

There is also a feature inside the team menu to optimize teambuilding, which will automatically create a full team of 4 adventurers with full loadouts.

Teams can be switched instantly by tapping on the elemental icons representing the leader's element for teams on the top.


See: Eldwater Distribution for a record of obtainable Eldwater from in-game.

Icon Resource Eldwater.png Eldwater is mainly used to promote lower rarity characters to higher rarity. It is also used for unlocking certain nodes in the Mana Circle and exchanging Wyrmprint from the Shop.

  • The Eldwater cost to promote characters is:
Rarity Cost
4 Icon Rarity 4.png 25,000Icon Resource Eldwater.png
3 Icon Rarity 3.png 2,500Icon Resource Eldwater.png

Eldwater can be obtained from:

Rarity Reward
5 Icon Rarity 5.png 8,500Icon Resource Eldwater.png
4 Icon Rarity 4.png 2,200Icon Resource Eldwater.png
3 Icon Rarity 3.png 150Icon Resource Eldwater.png
  • Selling Dragons (Unbinds are added to the unit's sale value, e.g. max-unbound Midgardsormr sells for 500 Eldwater):
Rarity Summoned Story/Events
5 Icon Rarity 5.png 8,500Icon Resource Eldwater.png 300Icon Resource Eldwater.png
4 Icon Rarity 4.png 2,200Icon Resource Eldwater.png 100Icon Resource Eldwater.png
3 Icon Rarity 3.png 150Icon Resource Eldwater.png -

Prior to Version 2.0, it was also possible to sell Wyrmprints for Eldwater:

Expand to view.
Rarity Drop/Bought* Story/Events
5 Icon Rarity 5.png 3,000Icon Resource Eldwater.png 300Icon Resource Eldwater.png
4 Icon Rarity 4.png 1,000Icon Resource Eldwater.png 100Icon Resource Eldwater.png
3 Icon Rarity 3.png 150Icon Resource Eldwater.png 10Icon Resource Eldwater.png

*Wyrmprints obtained through quest completion drop, the Wyrmprints section of the Shop, or summoned prior to Version Update 1.7.1.


Main article: Stats

There are various stats used by adventurers which can be granted and increased by equipped weapons, dragons, wyrmprints, skills, and abilities.

A large proportion of these stats cannot be seen on the adventurer's stat breakdowns in the game, but nonetheless will increase their damage and durability. Some abilities have an effect on an adventurer's or dragon's skills, upon shapeshifting, while shapeshifted, or upon exiting shapeshifting.

Basic stats which can be found on all adventurers and their equipped items are HP and strength. HP increases the amount of damage an adventurer has to receive before they fall in battle, and strength affects damage done by basic attacks and the majority of attack skills.



Main article: Weapons Guide

Weapons are wielded by adventurers to boost their stats, grant new abilities, and/or potentially provide a 0-cost weapon skill for the first shared skill in combat.

Each adventurer has a default 1 Icon Rarity 1.png weapon that provides no bonuses or skills.

  • 100001 01 r04.png The Prince also comes equipped with a 301002 01 29901.png Soldier's Brand at the start of the game, which is currently the only usable 2 Icon Rarity 2.png weapon in the game.
  • Once the Smithy facility is unlocked in the Halidom, 3 Icon Rarity 3.png, 4 Icon Rarity 4.png, 5 Icon Rarity 5.png, and 6 Icon Rarity 6.png weapons can be crafted through the Upgrade Menu.

Weapons can be upgraded and unbound to provide higher stats and possibly improve their skills. In addition, it is possible to refine some weapons to increase the maximum number of unbounds possible, as well as improving existing skills and abilities, if any. Void weapons also offer the option to unlock void abilities which will apply to all adventurers of the same element and weapon type. Lastly, Core Elemental weapons, Void, Chimeratech, High Dragon, and Agito weapons also provide an unlockable weapon bonus that benefits all adventurers of the same weapon type, irrespective of their element.

Most 5 Icon Rarity 5.png and higher weapons have an elemental type, the only exceptions being: the core non-elemental 5 Icon Rarity 5.png weapons, the Mega Man weapons, and the 301046 01 59901.png Lucky Hanetsuki Paddle. If they are used by an adventurer of the same element, the weapon will grant an extra 50% HP and strength worth of its base stats.


Wyrmprints are items that can be equipped by adventurers, providing HP, strength, and additional abilities. Adventurers may equip up to five non-identical wyrmprints, with up to three 5 Icon Rarity 5.png wyrmprints as well as up to two 4 Icon Rarity 4.png or lower rarity wyrmprints. Every wyrmprint provides one ability to the adventurer. Wyrmprints can be unbound to increase their maximum possible level by using Icon Resource Eldwater.png Eldwater, 114002001.png Golden Keys, or 114001001.png Silver Keys.

  • When a wyrmprint is unbound at least twice, the abilities provided by the wyrmprint will be upgraded to a higher tier, providing greater bonuses. Its art (vestige) will also be replaced.
  • When a wyrmprint is fully unbound (unbound 4 times), the abilities provided by the wyrmprint will be upgraded to a highest tier, providing the highest bonuses the wyrmprint can provide.

Because the HP and strength provided by wyrmprints are fairly low, and they gain very little per level, most of the value of the wyrmprints comes from the abilities they provide. Finding wyrmprints that provide skills that benefit the playstyle of adventurers is recommended.

Wyrmprint abilities are usually subject to a stacking abilities cap, which are listed alongside the ability's name, if applicable.


Dragons are creatures that can be equipped to adventurers, providing HP, strength, and additional abilities that can provide extra benefits to adventurers as long as they are of a matching elemental type under most circumstances.

Some dragons do not require the elements to be matched to benefit from their abilities.

  • For example, 100001 01 r04.png The Prince can gain up to 30% more HP and strength by equipping 210111 01.png Mini Mids due to his Icon Ability 1020006.png HP & Strength +30% ability, even though The Prince is a Flame-attuned adventurer and Mini Mids a Wind-attuned dragon, as the ability does not require a matching element to function.

In addition to these abilities, dragons will also grant an extra 50% of their HP and strength base stats to adventurers of matching elements.

During quests, adventurers can shapeshift into the equipped dragon for a brief period of time after filling up their Dragon Gauge. While in this shapeshifted form, in addition to activating any dragon-related abilities, the adventurer will gain a new basic attack and a usable skill which can have a variety of effects depending on the dragon. In their shapeshifted form, adventurers have no health bar, but instead have a yellow duration bar that decreases over time and while taking damage. When the duration bar runs out, the adventurer will return to their normal state and the Dragon Gauge will go on cooldown.


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