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Heart of Gauld


One day, not long before Dragonyule...

Dear Saint Starfall,
I would like an Arianna, please.

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: Well this is a pickle. Angie's given me a letter for Saint Starfall, which is all well and good, but...

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: What in Ilia's name is an Arianna?!

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: Here I thought I could just gussy myself up as Saint Starfall and give Angie a gift.

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: But if I can't suss out whatever this Arianna thing is, Angie might find out that Saint Starfall's as real as soft bedrock!

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: Even so, I can't well ask her directly.

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: If I let slip that I'M the one out present- hunting for her, why, it'd crush her dreams!

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: No recourse left now but for me to go around asking folks who might have a clue.

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: (Angie's a rokkan girl, so I figured I'd ask one of her peers. Lazry oughta know.)

110355 01 r05.pngLazry: And...done. You try making a Yuletree ornament too, Gauld.

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: (Bah. Here I thought I could just do a quick Q and A. How'd I end up hunkering down to help Lazry and co. with their work?)

110263 01 r05.pngRamona: What is it, Gauld? You stopped working.

110264 01 r05.pngRena: Keep that fire burning inside! We've got a lot to make, after all!

110265 01 r04.pngRenee: The castle is too big! I call shenanigans! How many decorations is it gonna take?!

110337 01 r05.pngCassandra: So, in the end, they didn't know what this all-important Arianna was?

120136 01 base portrait.pngDouleur: Ha ha ha! What a massive waste of time and effort!

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: My shoulders are stiff as a board after hunching over to do all that fiddly work. Not every rokkan's a crafter, I'll say that.

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: Ahhh. Nothing like tea for a tired body.

110337 01 r05.pngCassandra: Your grandfatherly love is an inspiration. Alas, I cannot assist in your endeavor. I know not what an "Arianna" is, you see.

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: Shame. I'd heard you were quite the scholar, but I s'pose I expected too much.

110337 01 r05.pngCassandra: My knowledge is rooted primarily in the realm of things magical. Surely there must be someone more qualified to help. A merchant, perhaps?

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: Hey, you might be on to something there! Actually, we've got just the gal here at the castle!

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: I'll go bend her ear a bit. Sorry to bother ya, Cassandra.

110337 01 r05.pngCassandra: Goodness. Such a fierce-looking man, yet so desperate to give from the heart.

110337 01 r05.pngCassandra: Heh. Inspiration strikes. Perhaps I should select a nice gift for the young lad in turn.

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: Arianna? As it turns out, I HAVE heard whisperings that something by that name has picked up popularity around the castle.

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: Really?! So what the heck is it?! Spill!

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: Not so fast. I can't just give away trade secrets for FREE, y'know. What do you say to buying this new product I've got?

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: It's a kind of fruit cake called stollen that's eaten in a foreign land on Dragonyule. Bet your little granddaughter'd love it!

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: Yeah, yeah, twist my arm, why don'tcha? Fine. I'll buy one.

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: Oho ho! Much obliged, good sir. Actually, while you're at it, buy THIS, too.

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: Oh, c'mon! You're gonna bleed me dry!

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: All this searching and I've only found out one thing: Arianna is really popular with the children in the castle.

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: I oughta confirm with one such kid. Aha! Perfect, there's Maribelle.

110032 01 r05.pngMaribelle: Oh, it's Angie's grandpa. You need something?

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: Sorry to spring this on ya, but I was wondering if you knew about this Arianna thing that's all the rage.

110032 01 r05.pngMaribelle: Oh, that. Yeah, sure do.

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: Finally, someone who'll tell me! What in Ilia's name is an Arianna?!

110032 01 r05.pngMaribelle: It's a suuuper interesting book!

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: Arianna is the name of a BOOK?

110032 01 r05.pngMaribelle: Yeah! I love it! And my friend— I mean, Angie loves it too!

110032 01 r05.pngMaribelle: She read my copy of Arianna and told me it totally touched her heart. Sweet, huh?

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: Oho, so you and Angie are friends?

110032 01 r05.pngMaribelle: Mhm. I saw her and she looked kinda lonely, so I struck up a conversation.

110032 01 r05.pngMaribelle: At first, she was kinda shy, but once she figured out I was nice, we really hit it off.

110032 01 r05.pngMaribelle: And now we're good friends! We talk about all kinds of stuff together.

110032 01 r05.pngMaribelle: Like the other day, when Angie told me what she wants to be when she grows up!

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: You got her to spill something like that?!

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: (Even I've never heard her talk about her dreams before...)

110032 01 r05.pngMaribelle: Angie wants to be an author.

110032 01 r05.pngMaribelle: See, Arianna is about a girl of the same name who goes around stopping fights and making everyone get along.

110032 01 r05.pngMaribelle: And after Angie read the book, this is what she said:

Angie: I feel like if everyone read heartwarming books like Arianna, the world would be a better, more peaceful place.

Angie: That's why I want to write wonderful stories that will spread warmth, joy, and kindness all across the world.

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: Oh, Angie... What a sweet dream. I'd expect no less from my girl.

110032 01 r05.pngMaribelle: That's why she wants her own copy of Arianna, so she can read it over and over.

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: I see.

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: (She's got a dream that came from talkin' to her friends. Looks like my granddaughter grew up right under my nose.)

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: (I'm glad, but...it also makes me feel kinda lonely.)

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: (Without me even bein' aware of it, my Angie's world has been getting bigger and bigger. Brings a tear to my eye.)

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: (But it's my duty as her grandfather to help her spread her wings and fly.)

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: Thanks for everything, Maribelle. You be good to my Angie, you hear?

110032 01 r05.pngMaribelle: You bet I will!

And before long, the day of Dragonyule arrived...

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: Angie, a present's here from Saint Starfall.

Angie: Wooow! He really came!

Angie: And he really got me a copy of Arianna! Thank you so much, Saint Starfall!

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: Ain't that something? And to top it off, we've got a little treat called stollen, too. C'mon, let's celebrate the holiday together.

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: (Had a heck of a time findin' the book, but it was pretty cheap, all things considered.)

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: (This is about all I can do to help support your dreams, baby girl.)

Angie: Um, Grandpa? I, um, wanted to talk to you about something.

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: Anything, love. What is it?

Angie: When I grow up... I want to write wonderful stories like this one, and fill everyone with warm and happy feelings.

Angie: But it's not easy to be an author, is it?

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: Angie...

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: (Now that I've heard it from her, I finally get it. Angie's dream is still taking shape.)

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: (And as part of her family, my role in helping her achieve it is clear!)

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: What makes you say that, kiddo? You can do it! I know you can!

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: You're the nicest girl that ever did live. I'm a hundred percent certain you'll write the best stories this world's ever seen!

Angie: Aw, thank you, Grandpa! Y'know what? Maybe I CAN do it!

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: That's the spirit, love! I'll be rootin' for you every step of the way.

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: Whatever happens, Grandpa Gauld will always be watchin' over ya!

Angie: That makes me so happy. You saying that is the best gift of all, Grandpa!

Angie: Dragonyule is the best day ever!

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: Gotta agree with you there, kiddo. Sure am glad we came to this castle.

110356 01 r04.pngGauld: Now, the day's only just begun. Let's you and me have some fun, Angie.