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When Summoned
Onward, strike with my lightning.
When Shapeshifted Into or Collection Portrait
Battle invigorates me.
Using A Skill or Collection Portrait
Witness the wrath of the Fulminator.
When Entering Dragon's Roost
I won't frown upon the occasional conversation. Now...entertain me!
I am Thor, the Fulminator. Have you heard my name before?
If there is a battle to be fought, you may call upon me anytime.
After Receiving a Gift
I have taken a shine to you. ...Here. A reward.
Embrace your hunger. Show no restraint.
After Bond Level Increase
You show promise—perhaps you might be worthy after all.
I find you entertaining—perhaps you do have something to offer.
Idle After Bond Level 1
Call upon me if a fight beckons: I will reduce the battlefield to a scorched waste in but an instant.
There is nary a foe that can withstand my mighty hammer. Perhaps a test on the battlefield?
What is unique about yourself? What makes you, "you?"
Idle After Bond Level 10
What do you desire of my lightning? War? Peace? ...Or the end of all?
Mortals are weak—but therefore do they band together. I am impressed by that wisdom.
Valyx understands more than any other what it takes to be a king— and the duties of the royal family.
Idle After Bond Level 20
Force controls force, and victors alone are remembered by history. So be strong, young one.
Strength is made of firm and unwavering will.
I have it all now, but that has left me unfulfilled, for I have lost my thirst...
When Unbound
Now shall even mightier thunder roar.
When Fully Unbound
My unceasing thunder will echo across the eras.

Dragon Story Episodes
One Thing Alone

The man leads his troops to the dragon.
The people under his command are few,
and the way is harsh. Countless times has
he been told this errand is a reckless one.

Yet he cannot afford to give up—he must
do this thing for the future of his kingdom.
It is all that he has left.

When the man was yet young,
all named him ordinary.

His eldest sibling excelled in all things.
The second eldest held great knowledge.
The third was shrewd and cunning in
social matters of all stripes.

But the fourth child was a prince most
ordinary when set against his elder siblings,
and he realized at an early point that
he would never inherit the throne.

Still, he did not lose spirit. Blunt and honest,
he searched for a way he might yet help his
people. And what he found...was battle.

He threw himself into combat, accumulating
victories in countless engagements and so
contributing to his kingdom's development.
But this was not enough for him, and he sought
to protect his people in a different way.

After a time, he came upon the idea of forging
a pact with a mighty dragon who lurked in the
kingdom. Not only would this excise the threat,
it would give him even greater strength with
which he might protect his charges.

A pact with a dragon is no mean thing, yet his
subordinates believed this blunt and steadfast
prince would surely see it done—that is,
until they heard the dragon's name.

The dragon the prince had chosen was Thor,
the Fulminator. His name and reputation were
known to all, and soon even his most veteran
soldiers declared his mission a reckless
endeavor and deserted him en masse.

As they left him, one of his men stopped to
ask if he was not casting aside his life.
After a pause, the prince responded thus:
"When one acts in service of their kingdom,
there can be no such thing as a life wasted."

This prince seen as ordinary by all around him
yet possessed one thing in no less abundance
than any of his siblings: the spirit of a royal.

A regent must protect their kingdom and its
people. They require a sense of responsibility,
the drive to act, and an unshakable will.
Though he was mocked for being ordinary,
he had, in fact, grown more royal than any.

Only those who could see this one remaining
quality remained at his side, despite being
aware royal spirit alone could never
rival the might of the Fulminator.

Their flag flutters as they march, moving ever
further along the harsh path to the Fulminator.

The Fulminator was a grand being, and nothing
in existence could compare to his lightning.

If he wished, he could have anything
he desired. And yet he abstained
from wielding his power so, as there
was nothing in this world that
held interest to him.

This is the dragon the prince
stands before, seeking a pact.

He is accompanied by only a handful
of men in mean and ordinary armor.
"If you seek death, I shall oblige," says Thor
as he rains lighting down around them.

Some soldiers are blown away.
Some reduced to ash on the wind.
But the prince does not waver.

There is not a shade of resignation in
the eyes that fix upon the Fulminator.
"And how," murmurs the dragon, "can a
creature so ordinary have such a gaze?"

"The notion of an ordinary human like you
forging a pact with me is absurdity," says
the dragon, his voice rich with indignation.

"I am royalty," responds the prince.
"Thus for my kingdom and her people
will I see this mission fulfilled."

He does not shrink. He does not quaver.
He does not fall. Instead, the one thing
he has—his royal pride—shines out
brighter than any bolt of lightning.

No matter what is taken from him or how much
slander he suffers, he will continue on the path
of a royal for his people and his kingdom.

Though ordinary, the man is not possessed
of nothing, and the Fulminator ruminates
on this as he watches him stand unmoving
amidst his bolts of crackling energy.

The Fulminator contemplates himself.
Though he wields the power to make all things
as he wishes, he actually HAS nothing at all.
He then thinks on his passion, and on the
longing he has lost without realizing it.

A man who had one thing alone stands before
a being who has all and yet nothing—and their
ways of life resonate with each other.

Thus did thunder roar across the world,
and all who read this know well the
result of the prince's bid for a pact.