Fortune from Afar

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The new year is almost upon the Halidom! A group of people bringing blessings for the new year in samurai attire arrive from Hinomoto, a land to the east. But when a naginata-wielding young woman who was following that group shows up, the Halidom is thrown into an uproar! Will they all be able to safely ring in the new year?

Event Runs[edit source]

Event Overview[edit source]

Rerun Changelog

December 2019

Refreshed rewards

  • The kagami mochi in the boss battle may now drop succulent dragonfruit, consecrated water, and other upgrade items.
  • The raid boss's gift basket may now drop items that confer augments.
  • The raid battle will also sometimes drop shadow-attuned weapons.

Blazon summoning

  • You will now be able to get wyrmite via blazon summoning.

Gallery[edit source]

Current Event Run Information[edit source]

  • This event is not currently running.