Faerie-Tale Twins

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Icon Episode Title Summon.pngFaerie-Tale Twins


Combat Android: ......

100032 01 r04.pngLaxi: Cessation of all functions confirmed. ▷Again...?◁

100032 01 r04.pngLaxi: This is the fifth reconnaissance android that has been destroyed while on patrol. I surmise there is an assailant.

100032 01 r04.pngLaxi: ▷Seems that way. But why is it only going after combat androids?◁ Unknown. At present, I lack the data to make more than wild speculation.

Unknown.png???: Hey there.

100032 01 r04.pngLaxi: A child! Where did you come from? ▷Weird. I didn't notice her either.◁

Unknown.png???: Wanna play?

100032 01 r04.pngLaxi: ▷Uh, it's actually pretty dangerous here, so you should maybe hurry home?◁

White-Haired Girl: Nooo. We wanna play more. Isn't that right, Aya?

Black-Haired Girl: That's right, Oto—we haven't played enough at all. It's time for tag.

White-Haired Girl: I wanna play with puppets.

Black-Haired Girl: Okay, then we'll be "it" and play with that one there. Does that sound good?

White-Haired Girl: A lovely idea, Aya. We'll chase the puppet, and if we catch it, I'll pop its head off!

Black-Haired Girl: Kya ha ha! And when you do, I'll give it a huge kick!

White-Haired Girl: It would be wonderful to find all the heads we've taken so far and line them up.

100032 01 r04.pngLaxi: ▷No way... This can't be!◁ There is a high probability these two children are responsible for disabling the other androids.

Black-Haired Girl: Ding ding ding! Alas, you figured it out too late, you unsightly wretch.

100032 01 r04.pngLaxi: ▷Why would a pair of kids like you even DO something like that?!◁

Black-Haired Girl: Kya ha ha! Did you hear that, Oto? He wants to know WHY?!

White-Haired Girl: Eh heh heh... This android certainly does say some stupid things, Aya.

Black-Haired Girl: It's so STUPID to ask about reasons! But I suppose that is to be expected from an unsightly little puppet.

White-Haired Girl: Yes, stupid puppets just follow the orders of whoever made them.

100032 01 r04.pngLaxi: Do you know me?

Black-Haired Girl: Kya ha ha! Oh, we know you, Laxi.

White-Haired Girl: Eh heh heh. And we know you, Mascula.

Black-Haired Girl: You are an unsightly android with two hearts in one body. HE told us this.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyaha: I am Ayaha.

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtoha: And I am Otoha.

Ayaha & Otoha: Two bodies. One heart.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyaha: We're the polar opposite of you! Kyaaaa ha ha ha ha!

100032 01 r04.pngLaxi: ▷Why did you attack our friends? What is your goal?◁

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtoha: *sigh* So stupid. That's a puppet for you.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyaha: I don't have a "goal." "Goals" are for unsightly people who don't know what freedom is.

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtoha: We met HIM, and now we are free. That is why we no longer need goals.

100032 01 r04.pngLaxi: ▷So you just attacked our friends for no reason?!◁

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtoha: Looking at them annoyed us. Does that count as a reason?

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyaha: Yeah, we just got real mad at you things always misunderstanding what freedom is!

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtoha: You're all the same: Just a bunch of little puppets jumping whenever that Maestro person tells you to jump.

100032 01 r04.pngLaxi: Incorrect. Maestro gave us a heart and the ability to choose our own actions based on free judgment and will.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyaha: Kya ha ha! You can't be free if you depend on a heart someone else gave you!

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtoha: Yes, that heart controls all you do. Poor wittle puppets.

100032 01 r04.pngLaxi: I deny that. I... I won't... You are enemies. Commencing termination. ▷Laxi, wait!◁

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtoha: Oh my! The puppet looks to act. Has someone cut your strings?

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyaha: Kya ha ha! So unsightly!

100001 08 r05.pngGala Prince: Are you okay, Laxi?!

100032 01 r04.pngLaxi: Euden!

100001 08 r05.pngGala Prince: I heard someone was targeting androids, but it can't be these kids, can it?

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtoha: So this is the new Maestro? Eh heh heh.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyaha: Kya ha ha! This is SO funny! One puppet controlling another? It makes me LAUGH!

100001 08 r05.pngGala Prince: Wait... The way you're talking...

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtoha: None of you know real freedom. From the moment you were born, you've had your stupid dreams and ideals and goals tying you up in knots.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyaha: You're constrained and don't even know it!

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtoha: Your freedom is but a mummer's show. OUR freedom is the true one!

100001 08 r05.pngGala Prince: What are you talking about?!

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtoha: Freedom bound up in ideals and goals is a mistake. You say you're free, and yet you let your dreams lead you about by the nose.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyaha: Which means OUR freedom is right. All others are but restrictive imitations.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyaha: How unsightly it is to labor under the delusion that the manipulations of your heart amount to freedom... Now permit us to show you the real thing!

100032 01 r04.pngLaxi: ▷Even if you deny someone else's freedom, it doesn't affirm your own.◁

100032 01 r04.pngLaxi: The notion of a "correct" freedom is base egotism and immature thinking. You are simply biased when it comes to the subject of freedom.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyaha: And YOU are just some THING, so don't talk to us about freedom! ...Enough of this. Let's just show them the truth of the world, Oto!

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtoha: Good idea, Aya! We'll smash her body, gouge out her stupid false "heart," and use it to go BOWLING!

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtoha: Only then will you reject the boring ideals and stupid goals some loser planted inside you and see what true freedom it.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyaha: Living with someone pulling your strings is awful, so let us give you a front-row seat to a new way of existence!

Ayaha & Otoha: Feral Shroud! Expand!

100001 08 r05.pngGala Prince: I know that barrier... These kids are...

Ayaha & Otoha: We are wings. Paired, free, soaring over all. We...are Agito!

Ayaha & Otoha: Kyaaaa ha ha ha! Eh heh heh heh! C'mon! Let's PLAY!