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This page provides an overview on daily and limited time event quests.

Special Events[]

There are limited events in Dragalia Lost which feature exclusive event-only rewards as well as rare materials such as Twinkling Sand.

  • Raid Events - Events where players fight a colossal enemy that can only be challenged while playing Co-op, with up to four players and a total of sixteen adventurers.
  • Facility Events - Events where players can acquire certain Facilities that can only be obtained and upgraded through these events.
  • Story Events - Events where players can experience various unique stories that can only be unlocked through materials gained from this event. Materials are gained from campaign and event quests.
  • Defensive Events - Events where players defend a gate from waves of enemy forces. Victory is obtained through surviving through a set period of time or by defeating the boss.
  • Onslaught Events - Events where players have access to Dragon Battles, during which they fight off waves of enemies while permanently in dragon form.
  • Coliseum Events - Events where players can fight in 1 vs 1 solo-only duels against powerful opponents.
  • Collab Events - Events collaborating with another video game property, usually from a company other than Cygames. Often builds upon one of the event types listed above.
  • Simple Events - Events that are small-scale, with few playable quests or viewable story segments.

Upcoming Events[]

No upcoming event has been announced.

Current Events[]

There are currently no ongoing events.

The Alberian Battle Royale[]

Banner The Alberian Battle Royale.png

Unlock: Completing the tutorial
Primary Rewards: Player EXP and battle points that can be redeemed at the treasure trade.

In the Alberian Battle Royale up to 16 players are scattered across a single map and must fight to be the last one standing.

Event Compendium[]

Banner Event Compendium.png

Unlock: Chapter 2/2-1
Primary Rewards: Event-Exclusive Facilities & Wyrmprints

Limited-time Events that have been run several times will sometimes be added to the Event Compendium, where they can be played at any time.

Events Archive[]

Recurring Events[]

Recurring Events are repeatable missions that serve as the main source of basic materials. Recurring Event quest offer an additional Daily reward for a limited number of completions. The limit is shared by all quests within a single category (Elemental Ruins has a pool of two daily bonuses that are shared by all 5 elemental ruins), but the rewards themselves are determined by the specific quest completed.

Icon Quest Choice 01.png Avenue to Power

Banner Avenue to Power.png

Unlock: Chapter 2/2-1
Primary Reward: 101001003.png Gold Crystal, Icon Resource Mana.png Mana

Icon Quest Choice 02.png Avenue to Fortune

Banner Avenue to Fortune.png

Unlock: Chapter 2/2-1
Primary Reward: Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies

Icon Quest Choice 03.png Elemental Ruins

Banner Elemental Ruins.png

Unlock: Chapter 2/2-1
Primary Reward: Elemental Orbs
Event Exchange Shop: Standard Exchange

As of update 1.20.0, all difficulties of Elemental Ruins will always be available.
104001011.png Flamehowl Ruins

Banner Flamehowl Ruins.png

Primary Reward: 104001011.png 104001012.png 104001013.png

104001021.png Waterscour Ruins

Banner Waterscour Ruins.png

Primary Reward: 104001021.png 104001022.png 104001023.png

104001031.png Windmaul Ruins

Banner Windmaul Ruins.png

Primary Reward: 104001031.png 104001032.png 104001033.png

104001041.png Lightsunder Ruins

Banner Lightsunder Ruins.png

Primary Reward: 104001041.png 104001042.png 104001043.png

104001051.png Shadowsteep Ruins

Banner Shadowsteep Ruins.png

Primary Reward: 104001051.png 104001052.png 104001053.png

Challenge Events[]

Icon Quest Choice 04.png Dragon Trials

Banner Dragon Trials.png

Unlock: Chapter 3/4-4
Primary Reward: Dragon Scales/Wyrm Spheres
Event Exchange Shop: Dragon Trials Exchange

201002031.png Midgardsormr's Trial

Banner Midgardsormr's Trial.png

Unlock: Chapter 3/4-4
Primary Reward: 104002031.png 104002032.png 201002031.png

201002021.png Mercury's Trial

Banner Mercury's Trial.png

Unlock: Chapter 3/4-4
Primary Reward: 104002021.png 104002022.png 201002021.png

201002011.png Brunhilda's Trial

Banner Brunhilda's Trial.png

Unlock: Chapter 3/4-4
Primary Reward: 104002011.png 104002012.png 201002011.png

201002041.png Jupiter's Trial

Banner Jupiter's Trial.png

Unlock: Chapter 4/5-4
Primary Reward: 104002041.png 104002042.png 201002041.png

201002051.png Zodiark's Trial

Banner Zodiark's Trial.png

Unlock: Chapter 5/4-4
Primary Reward: 104002051.png 104002052.png 201002051.png

Icon Quest Choice 05.png The Imperial Onslaught

Banner Imperial Onslaught.png

Unlock: Chapter 6/4-4
Primary Reward: Dyrenell Coins, Insignias, Tablets
Event Exchange Shop: Imperial Onslaught Exchange

Weapon Tablets drop from specific Onslaughts as follows:
Sword Blade Dagger Axe Lance Bow Wand Staff Manacaster
Icon Element Flame.png Battle at Mount Adolla
Icon Element Water.png Battle at Myriage Lake
Icon Element Wind.png Battle in Rovetelle Forest
Icon Element Light.png Battle in the Dornith Mountains
Icon Element Shadow.png Battle at the Wartarch Ruins
201010011.png Battle at Mount Adolla

Banner Battle at Mount Adolla.png

Primary Reward: 201010011.png 201010012.png

201010021.png Battle at Myriage Lake

Banner Battle at Myriage Lake.png

Primary Reward: 201010021.png 201010022.png

201010031.png Battle in Rovetelle Forest

Banner Battle in Rovetelle Forest.png

Primary Reward: 201010031.png 201010032.png

201010041.png Battle in the Dornith Mountains

Banner Battle in the Dornith Mountains.png

Primary Reward: 201010041.png 201010042.png

201010051.png Battle at the Wartarch Ruins

Banner Battle at the Wartarch Ruins.png

Primary Reward: 201010051.png 201010052.png

202004005.png Advanced Dragon Trials

Banner Advanced Dragon Trials.png

Unlock: Complete Master Difficulty Dragon Trial
Primary Reward: Wyrm Greatspheres, High Dragon Weapon Materials
Event Exchange Shop: Advanced Dragon Trials Exchange

Standard/Expert Difficulties are always available, while Master Difficulty rotates on the following schedule:
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Icon Element Wind.png High Midgardsormr's Trial: Master
Icon Element Water.png High Mercury's Trial: Master
Icon Element Flame.png High Brunhilda's Trial: Master
Icon Element Light.png High Jupiter's Trial: Master
Icon Element Shadow.png High Zodiark's Trial: Master
201002032.png High Midgardsormr's Trial

Banner High Midgardsormr's Trial.png

Unlock: Complete Midgardsormr's Trial: Master
Prologue: The Height of the Tempest
Primary Reward: 104002032.png 201002031.png (Prelude Only) 201002032.png (Unavailable in Prelude) 202008031.png (Expert/Master only) 202004005.png (Expert/Master only) 202009031.png (Master only)

201002022.png High Mercury's Trial

Banner High Mercury's Trial.png

Unlock: Complete Mercury's Trial: Master
Prologue: The Height of the Tides
Primary Reward: 104002022.png 201002021.png (Prelude Only) 201002022.png (Unavailable in Prelude) 202008021.png (Expert/Master only) 202004005.png (Expert/Master only) 202009021.png (Master only)

201002012.png High Brunhilda's Trial

Banner High Brunhilda's Trial.png

Unlock: Complete Brunhilda's Trial: Master
Prologue: The Height of the Flames
Primary Reward: 104002012.png 201002011.png (Prelude Only) 201002012.png (Unavailable in Prelude) 202008011.png (Expert/Master only) 202004005.png (Expert/Master only) 202009011.png (Master only)

201002042.png High Jupiter's Trial

Banner High Jupiter's Trial.png

Unlock: Complete Jupiter's Trial: Master
Prologue: The Height of the Storms
Primary Reward: 104002042.png 201002041.png (Prelude Only) 201002042.png (Unavailable in Prelude) 202008041.png (Expert/Master only) 202004005.png (Expert/Master only) 202009041.png (Master only)

201002052.png High Zodiark's Trial

Banner High Zodiark's Trial.png

Unlock: Complete Zodiark's Trial: Master
Prologue: The Height of the Shadows
Primary Reward: 104002052.png 201002051.png (Prelude Only) 201002052.png (Unavailable in Prelude) 202008051.png (Expert/Master only) 202004005.png (Expert/Master only) 202009051.png (Master only)

Icon Rarity 6.png The Agito Uprising

Banner The Agito Uprising.png

Unlock: Chapter 10 / 6-3
Primary Reward: Agito Weapon crafting materials
Event Exchange Shop: The Agito Uprising Exchange

201017031.png Volk's Wrath

Banner Volk's Wrath.png

Boss Ability: Icon EnemyAbility 0017.png Plague, Icon EnemyAbility 0018.png Life Drain

Primary Reward (Standard): 201017031.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201017031.png 201017032.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201017032.png 201017033.png

Primary Reward (Legend): 201017034.png

201017021.png Ciella's Wrath

Banner Ciella's Wrath.png

Boss Ability: Icon EnemyAbility 0021.png Veil, Icon EnemyAbility 0022.png Vulnerability

Primary Reward (Standard): 201017021.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201017021.png 201017022.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201017022.png 201017023.png

201017011.png Ayaha & Otoha's Wrath

Banner Ayaha & Otoha's Wrath.png

Boss Ability: Icon EnemyAbility 0023.png Union, Icon EnemyAbility 0024.png Warabe Asobi, Icon EnemyAbility 0025.png Tosenbo, Icon EnemyAbility 0026.png Toryanse

Primary Reward (Standard): 201017011.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201017011.png 201017012.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201017012.png 201017013.png

201017041.png Kai Yan's Wrath

Banner Kai Yan's Wrath.png

Boss Ability: Icon EnemyAbility 0019.png Battleground, Icon EnemyAbility 0020.png Adamantine Shield

Primary Reward (Standard): 201017041.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201017041.png 201017042.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201017042.png 201017043.png

201017051.pngTartarus's Wrath

Banner Tartarus's Wrath.png

Boss Ability: Icon EnemyAbility 0030.png Hell's Brand, Icon EnemyAbility 0032.png Fury of the Fallen, Icon EnemyAbility 0031.png Vengeful Spirit, Icon EnemyAbility 0033.png Steel-Forged Body

Primary Reward (Standard): 201017051.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201017051.png 201017052.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201017052.png 201017053.png

Image Archive[]

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