Dragon Dance

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Dragon Dance

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* This vestige is unlocked after this Wyrmprint is unbound twice.


The Lunar New Year's finally here, and we're gonna celebrate in style! First, lemme show you m'dance! Ooh hoo hoo! Look at this dragon go! Pretty impressive for an old fart, eh?

I show m'dance to the world every year, but this year I'm struttin' extra special 'cause it's the first time I've celebrated with all'a you. So I'm gonna cut rug like I'm a young dragon again! Ooh hoo!

Ooh hoo, lookit all them pyroblossoms! Just like flowers in the sky, so they are. Still, them fireworks are pretty and all, but they can't compare to m'dance!

Human lives are short, but you use 'em to do great things that even impress us dragons. That's why I made it m'job to watch over you as you pass down ideas from one generation to the next.

You humans are the ones what built this world up, and I'm gonna make sure that don't go to waste. ...Now let's stop thinkin' about that kinda thing and get back to dancin'! Ooh hoo hoo!

10 - 61
3 - 17
Base Min Might
Minimum HP + Minimum Str + Lv. 1 Ability Might63
Base Max Might
Does not include external buffs (e.g. Halidom, Dragons, etc.)

Max HP + Max Str + Total Max Lv. Ability Might
Icon Rarity Row 4.png
Cost to Buy
Icon Resource Eldwater.png x0
Duplicate ValueWhat will be received instead if a duplicate is obtained (through drops, event rewards, etc)
Icon Resource Eldwater.png x100
Japanese Name
Featured Characters
Obtained From
Release Date
January 31, 2019
Event Welfare


Wyrmprint ability(ies) upgrade once after being unbound twice and again when fully unbound.

Reduces susceptibility to bog by 40%. (Max 100%, Might: 50)


Reduces susceptibility to bog by 50%. (Max 100%, Might: 60)


Reduces susceptibility to bog by 75%. (Max 100%, Might: 80)