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Dragalia Digest

Dragalia Digest is a livestreamed news update for Dragalia Lost.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Dragalia Digest is a presentation featuring a fully-voiced and fully-animated Notte, who goes through several announcements about Dragalia Lost for the coming weeks or months. It is similar to the monthly "This Month in Dragalia Lost" news posts, however Digest tends to feature a substantial amount of new content as opposed to just vaguely hinting at it.

Additionally, as of March 2020, every single Digest thus far has announced a new Collaboration event.

Dragalia Digest is simulcast in both English and Japanese on the official Youtube channels, however the Japanese videos are usually deleted a few months after airing.

List of Dragalia Digest broadcasts[edit | edit source]

Episode YouTube Date
1 Dragalia Lost - Dragalia Digest March 3, 2019
2 Dragalia Lost - First Anniversary Dragalia Digest September 26, 2019
3 Dragalia Lost - Dragalia Digest (Dec 2019) December 25, 2019
4 Dragalia Lost - 1.5-Year Anniversary Dragalia Digest March 25, 2020
5 Dragalia Lost - 2nd Anniversary Dragalia Digest September 25, 2020

Image Archive[edit | edit source]

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