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Icon Episode Title Summon.pngDragalia's Revival


210038 01.pngHigh Midgardsormr: It would seem Euden has bested all the trials.

210041 01.pngHigh Jupiter: Though in truth, I would have been concerned had he not been able to conquer a modest challenge such as that.

210042 01.pngHigh Zodiark: Indeed. For we assigned these trials in preparation for the coming calamity.

210040 01.pngHigh Mercury: Yes. I sense an evil mana surging...

210040 01.pngHigh Mercury: I know not whether this is the Other's fell work, but it will unquestionably become an obstacle in our path.

210039 01.pngHigh Brunhilda: We've nothing to worry about with my darling on the case!

210039 01.pngHigh Brunhilda: You've all fought with him. You've felt the bonds we share—and his trust in us.

210042 01.pngHigh Zodiark: The bond between dragon and mortal... The lost dragalia's revival!

210041 01.pngHigh Jupiter: We should not leap to that conclusion so hastily.

210041 01.pngHigh Jupiter: Regardless, I will continue to lend my aid to the prince as needed.

210040 01.pngHigh Mercury: If he believes in us, it is our duty to return that belief in kind.

210039 01.pngHigh Brunhilda: Exactly! With our true power released, the combination of me and my darling will be unstoppable! ...Oh, and the rest of you will be helpful, I suppose.

210042 01.pngHigh Zodiark: Never again will I shame myself by being unable to protect my liege.

210038 01.pngHigh Midgardsormr: We all believe in the prince, and thus will fight at his side until the day is won— no matter who our enemy may be.

210038 01.pngHigh Midgardsormr: (Yes...no matter what fate may lie in wait for us...)

210038 01.pngHigh Midgardsormr: (...the bonds we have formed will never be sundered!)