Diadem of Light

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Chapter 6 / 4-4
Icon Episode Title Summon.pngDiadem of Light
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Surrounded without hope of escape, the prince is saved when the local villagers rise up to aid him. Having shown the final trait of the people's faith, he declares the founding of New Alberia.


ValyxValyx: HAAAAAH!

Everyone: Waaaaaugh!

ValyxValyx: *pant* Impressive... You forced my hand. Pulled the dragon out from within me...

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: His power is...overwhelming...

ValyxValyx: I commend you for the fight you've shown, but look about you.

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: What?! When did—

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: We're completely surrounded...

ValyxValyx: You are spent. The dragon's blood runs dry within you, and all the world's valor cannot move a body exhausted to its limit. Meanwhile, I have with me a hundred knights elite. What will you do now?

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: Brother...

ValyxValyx: I was that, once. And I admit I was wrong to have thought so little of you back then. You are truly brave—even if a traitor. But if you lack the final qualification, you will die here as a common criminal. Forward, men!

Imperial Soldier: Raaaagh!

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: (Forgive me, Notte... Everyone is in your hands now.) (Forgive me, my friends... I really hoped to craft our new home together.)

Imperial Soldier 1: Your feeble rebellion ends here, traitor!

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: Rgh—

Imperial Soldier 1: Augh! Arrows!

Imperial Soldier 2: And hatchets! And...rakes?!

Imperial Soldier 3: General Valyx! We're surrounded by an army of peasants, sir! They're hundreds deep! We can fight our way free, but not without taking massive casualties!

ValyxValyx: What?!

Villager: Oi! You'll not lay one dirty finger on our Euden, ya scum!

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: Why are...

100007 01 base portrait.pngNotte: Euden! Are you okay?!

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: Notte?! I told you to lead the civilians AWAY from danger!

100007 01 base portrait.pngNotte: Hey, YOU try stopping these people! As soon as I told 'em the evacuation plan, they all grabbed their garden tools and came running to you!

Imperial Soldier 3: More are coming by the moment! Sir, we must retreat!

ValyxValyx: The dragon's blood and the strength to wield it...and now the final piece. The faith of the people.

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: Everyone, spread out! ...Elly! Ranzal! If there's any strength left in you, dig deep and find it! Protect the people! I won't return to the castle without every last one of them!

ValyxValyx: (The traitor prince, purged from the line of succession...) (Yet I see clear upon your head the crown of light that marks those chosen to lead by the people themselves!) Victory is yours, my brother. This day, you have gained your crown. I await the next chance we get to cross blades, as one who shares the blood of dragons.

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: ...Thank you, Valyx.

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: Hmm? The wind returns to the forest. The Windway stands open once more. With this, we can erect a dracolith. It's almost as if this gale howls to announce the rise of a new king. As if that day has come anew...

100003 01 r04.pngRanzal: Time to declare ourselves a new kingdom, Euden! Got a name picked out yet? I'm thinkin' Ranzalville has a nice ring to it.

100007 01 base portrait.pngNotte: Alberia is gone, so maybe we call ourselves the Mistholt Kingdom?

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: It's true that Dyrenell put an end to the Kingdom of Alberia... But they can't stamp out the ideals on which it was founded. Our choice for a new name is clear... Hear me, my fellow countrymen! Our land is small—a narrow thread of light born into a heavy darkness. Even so, this light will not be extinguished. Not as long as the fire of hope burns within us! Alberius the Founder left us these wise words: "A kingdom does not make a people. A people make a kingdom." We stand here today a people united! And so, I now claim this as the first day in the history of New Alberia!

People 1: Long live the king of New Alberia!

People 2: We're with you, Your Majesty! Vio rhyse Alberia!

And so was the small kingdom of New Alberia born under the reign of King Euden. The glint of his crown would in time become a light that sundered Dyrenell's darkness.

100019 01 base portrait.pngHarle: A report, Your Imperial Highness. We've received word from a remote patrol. Apparently, the traitor prince has declared sovereignty as ruler of a new kingdom.

Empress ZethiaEmpress Zethia: Quite the bold move, my dear brother. ...And?

100019 01 base portrait.pngHarle: Worry not, Your Highness. Measures have already been taken to infuse our own people within their numbers. What's more, I expect his royal siblings will mount their own responses with the forces they control. The great wheel has begun to turn. If he does not take care, he'll soon be crushed beneath it. Heh heh heh...