Costume Contest

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Costume Contest


110275 01 r05.pngAnnelie: Gather round, one and all, for our pulse-pounding, spooktastic Halloween Costume Contest!

110048 01 r03.pngVice: The contestant with the most Halloween-y costume'll be named the victor, and all the rest'll be sent straight to the dungeons.

110275 01 r05.pngAnnelie: Your judges today are of course myself, "Always Dressed for Halloween" Annelie, aaand...

110048 01 r03.pngVice: Me, "Can't Turn Down a Job" Vice. ...Hold on, who's the wise guy?!

110275 01 r05.pngAnnelie: Just stick to the script! *ahem* Here comes our first contestant!

110275 01 r05.pngAnnelie: He's the king of more than just costumes, and he's probably called you a vassal at some point—iiit's Xandeeer!

110022 02 r04.pngDragonyule Xander: Ha HA! Or, er, ho HO! I am Saint Starfall! Who would like a present from the king himself?

110048 01 r03.pngVice: Looks like this king missed the memo; I'm not seein' a lick of Halloween flavor. Smells like disqualification to me!

110022 02 r04.pngDragonyule Xander: Now see here, you rapsca—AAAAH!

110048 01 r03.pngVice: Sorry about that folks. I'm sure our NEXT contestant won't make the same mistake, right, Annelie?

110275 01 r05.pngAnnelie: Ab-so-lutely. And here she comes now! Put your hands together for the mom of the Halidom, a girl with one heckuva wand arm—Cleooo!

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: Is this all right? It feels a bit out of season.

110048 01 r03.pngVice: It's a knockout number, no doubt there— but I'm not getting much "Halloween."

100004 04 r05.pngSummer Cleo: Very well. How about this?

100004 02 r05.pngDragonyule Cleo: Or perhaps this?

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: Ah, I have this as well.

110048 01 r03.pngVice: Nothing Halloween-y about any of those either. But, er, how come you have so many outfits?

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: Oh, a certain princess has been sending them quite frequently of late.

110275 01 r05.pngAnnelie: How about that, folks? A mom who still gets an allowance! Ha ha!

110048 01 r03.pngVice: That explains it. But you're still missing the theme, so... Dungeon!

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: And after I brought all those costuuuuuuuumes!

110275 01 r05.pngAnnelie: Let's move on to contestant number three. He loves long walks in the moonlight, and he's got a knack for scaring kids. Give it up for...a suit of armor?

110275 01 r05.pngAnnelie: Hang on, I know who this is!

110048 01 r03.pngVice: Duh, it's Berserker. And he's just in his normal outfit! Does no one around here understand the word "costume"?!

Berserker?: Deep breaths. Come on, you can do this! Left foot, right foot, l-left foot...

110048 01 r03.pngVice: Hold on a tick... Is that little Ricardt in there?

Berserker?: You're okay. You're okay! Nothing can hurt you with this armor on. Not even these copious blood stains... EYAAAAAAGH! BLOOOOOOOD!

110048 01 r03.pngVice: Er... On to the next contestant, I guess.

110275 01 r05.pngAnnelie: Is it still a costume if you're just wearing someone else's clothes? Guess we'll never know!

110275 01 r05.pngAnnelie: Our next contestant is no stranger to subterfuge, and if you mess with her, she'll give you the horns. Here cooomes Aoi!

110002 01 r03.pngAoi: I call this little number "Sopping-wet Ninja!"

110048 01 r03.pngVice: I don't know what I'm looking at, but it's not a costume.

110002 01 r03.pngAoi: Sure it is! You just need to think outside the box. Here's another one: "Raging Ninja!"

110048 01 r03.pngVice: Aoi, we've fought together. I know your ninja arts when I see them. Now get OUT!

110002 01 r03.pngAoi: Waaaagh! Falling Ninjaaaaa!

110048 01 r03.pngVice: *sigh* If I don't see an actual Halloween costume soon, I'm just gonna walk.

110275 01 r05.pngAnnelie: Sounds like expectations are high for contestant number five! And this figure is completely shrouded in mystery... Even WE'RE in the dark!

110048 01 r03.pngVice: So, who are you?

Mysterious Person: I cannot say.

110048 01 r03.pngVice: Right. So what's your costume, then?

Mysterious Person: An enigmatic figure.

110048 01 r03.pngVice: ...Uh huh. Bye.

110048 01 r03.pngVice: I'm starting to question if costumes even exist.

110275 01 r05.pngAnnelie: Stay with me, we're almost done!

110275 01 r05.pngAnnelie: The next contestant is our last of the day, folks!

110048 01 r03.pngVice: Please have a costume, please have a costume...

110275 01 r05.pngAnnelie: Ooo, looks like your prayers have been answered, Vice! Mixing old-school Halloween vibes with a rustic aesthetic, here comes the Pumpking!

Pumpking: Graaaargh!

110048 01 r03.pngVice: I... It's...

110275 01 r05.pngAnnelie: Vice?

110048 01 r03.pngVice: IT'S AN ACTUAL HALLOWEEN COSTUME!

110048 01 r03.pngVice: THIS is what I've been waiting for!

110275 01 r05.pngAnnelie: I totally feel you. The pumpkin theme is executed to perfection, and the giant lollipop is a master stroke.

110048 01 r03.pngVice: This is the winner. Done.

110275 01 r05.pngAnnelie: Yep! And not just because they're the only one left, no sir!

110048 01 r03.pngVice: Give it up one more time for our winner, the true embodiment of Halloween—the Pumpking, everybody!

Pumpking: Graaagh!

110275 01 r05.pngAnnelie: Oh! They say they're going to work hard to live up to this honor, and not lose out to anyone, fiend or otherwise.

110048 01 r03.pngVice: A consummate professional. Respect.

110048 01 r03.pngVice: That brings our Halloween Costume Contest to a close, folks. I've been Vice, your "Assassin Stuck in the Kitchen."

110275 01 r05.pngAnnelie: Don't forget me! Annelie, "Master of Tricks AND Treats." See ya!

110048 01 r03.pngVice: Hey, by the way, who's actually in that costume?

Pumpking: Gragh?