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Co-op Play

Co-op is a multiplayer game mode in Dragalia Lost where players can create rooms and invite up to three other players to play alongside. Co-op is unlocked after clearing the Main Campaign Ch. 2/2-1: The Sylvan Archer.

Creating a Room[]

Players may create a co-op room by choosing to create a co-op room within a quest's co-op options.

  • Choosing Create a Room will create a standard conditional room, allowing the player to set room conditions for other players to join.
  • Choosing Create a Private or Local Room will create either a private or local room.
    • A private room will have a Room ID, which can then be shared with others to join the room. Private rooms may also be opened to public with a toggle.
    • A local room will be accessible to other players that are physically nearby, determined using the location feature of your device.
  • Choosing Create an Alliance Room will create an alliance room, accessible to all players that are within your currently joined alliance.
    • Like private rooms, alliance rooms may be joined via a code, and also be opened to public with a toggle.

Finding a Room[]

From the Quests main menu, players can select the Join Co-op button to go into co-op, select the quest, and join the available co-op rooms.

Players may also join a co-op room from within a quest's co-op options, with either Quick Play or Find a Room.

  • Quick Play will let the player join the first available co-op room whose the player's leader or entire team meets the conditions of.
  • Find a Room will display all the available rooms for the selected quest in a list, with bright rooms being rooms where the leader or team meets the conditions of.

Co-op Social Rewards[]

Upon successful completion of a co-op quest, if that co-op quest was played with another player for the first time, then a reward of 50 Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite will be obtained. This reward can be received for the first 50 people met for a total of 2,500 Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite.

Co-op social rewards may be reset periodically.

Co-op Play Restrictions[]

A player can be barred from participating in co-op for 60 minutes if:

  • 10 or more quests are played within a 15-minute time period
  • Giving up a quest too frequently as a host during co-op gameplay
  • Dropping connection too frequently as a host during co-op gameplay
  • They are caught 3 times being inactive during co-op by the system and do not dismiss the penalty message

Co-op Play Room Conditions[]

As of version 1.6.1, players are now able to create room conditions. Players can allow or restrict certain elements, weapon types, and might from joining. The maximum might a player can set is their team leader's might, plus 500, rounded down to the nearest hundred.

  • For example: If your team leader might is 4931, the maximum might that can be set is 5400.