Boys' Camp

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Boys' Camp


110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Up through the rabbit hole and 'round the big tree. Down through the rabbit hole, and goes he?

110012 01 r03.pngRex: And there ya have it, lad! Tyin' a proper bowline knot is easy as followin' a rhyme.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Rrrr! My knot is a big old mess. I'll never get my stupid tent up!

Wings of Purity: Lowen

110303 01 r04.pngElias: Here, let me help you with that, Lowen. You just need to put this through here, aaand... Voila! All done.

Gifted Vocalist: Elias

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Whoa, you've already got this down? You're amazing, Elias!

110303 01 r04.pngElias: Oh, it's not so big a deal. I just followed the rhyme.

110303 01 r04.pngElias: (I can't believe I'm actually camping. It's not exactly my idea of a good time, but I may as well make the most of it.)

110303 01 r04.pngElias: (I'll follow along and do what I can to help. Lowen's a nice enough kid, after all.)

110303 01 r04.pngElias: Oh, and if you need more help, just let me know. I'm happy to play the role of the wise older brother.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Thanks, Elias!

110056 01 r04.pngYue: Nya ha ha! The tents are looking good!

110045 01 r03.pngErik: If you've finished putting up your tents, I'll teach you how to make a fire.

110303 01 r04.pngElias: That would be great. Let's go, Lowen!

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Right behind you, Elias!

110045 01 r03.pngErik: Okay, first you spin your stick around like a drill until you start to see smoke.

110303 01 r04.pngElias: ...Ow! Oof, I skinned my hand good. How's it going for you, Lowen?

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: I skinned my hand, too—and I don't have even a puff of smoke to show for it.

110045 01 r03.pngErik: Lighting fires is a test of perseverance. Only those with the tenacity to see it through will earn the flame.

110303 01 r04.pngElias: All right, Lowen, let's keep at—

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: YESSSS! I DID IT!

110045 01 r03.pngErik: Already? That's impressive for a first try.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: I just borrowed the power of wind so I could spin the stick faster!

110303 01 r04.pngElias: That's good thinking, Lowen.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: You really think so? Heh... Thanks.

110303 01 r04.pngElias: (Well, I guess he beat me fair and square. But this task was right up Lowen's alley. I'll show him next time!)

110045 01 r03.pngErik: I'll watch the fire here, boys. Why don't you go help Rex?

110303 01 r04.pngElias: We'd be happy to. Come along, Lowen.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Wait for meee!

110012 01 r03.pngRex: Hmm. Last time we came here, we got water from a spring, but she seems to have up'n vanished on us. Must'a run dry.

110303 01 r04.pngElias: I guess we'll have to search for a new water source.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: But what if we can't find one?! We'll get SO thirsty, and we won't be able to cook anything either.

110303 01 r04.pngElias: Now now, such thoughts will get you nowhere. You must have faith.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Y-you're right, Elias. This is no time to mope!

110303 01 r04.pngElias: (Despite what I just said, finding water on a mountain isn't going to be easy.)

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Oh, a breeze! Does that mean...? Here, come this way!

110012 01 r03.pngRex: Well, I'll be skinned—ya went'n found a little rivulet runnin' through these here rocks! Nice goin', Lowen.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: I felt a little moisture in the wind blowing from this direction, so I thought it might lead us to water.

110303 01 r04.pngElias: Once again, you've come through when it matters most, Lowen. Well done.

110303 01 r04.pngElias: (Rrrrr! this is NOT looking good for me!)

110303 01 r04.pngElias: (I'm older than Lowen! I need to prove to him that I'M the capable one!)

110056 01 r04.pngYue: Let's get to foraging, boys! Otherwise, we're going to bed hungry, and I do NOT want that.

110303 01 r04.pngElias: Why don't we see which of us can gather the most food, Lowen?

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: That sounds like fun!

110056 01 r04.pngYue: And I can be the judge. Ready? Set? GOOOO!

110056 01 r04.pngYue: Nya ha ha! All right, let's see who our winner is and then get to eating!

110303 01 r04.pngElias: I picked nuts and berries, and also found some edible vegetables.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Ooo, that's a LOT! I should have known you'd be great at this, Elias.

110303 01 r04.pngElias: Looks like I've hit my stride.

110056 01 r04.pngYue: As much as I hate to wipe smug looks off people's faces, you DO realize all this stuff is poisonous, yeah?

110303 01 r04.pngElias: P-poisonous?!

110056 01 r04.pngYue: Right then! Let's see if Lowen found anything that won't make us keel over.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: I just have a mushroom.

110303 01 r04.pngElias: (Why did I have to make a competition out of this? If only we'd gone together...)

110056 01 r04.pngYue: Lowen, that's a rainbow truffle! It's the delicacy of delicacies!

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Really? Huh. I just found it because Garuda taught me how once.

110056 01 r04.pngYue: My granny used to say that these truffles are so rich, you can make a hundred bowls of soup from a single one!

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Yay! No one's going hungry tonight.

110303 01 r04.pngElias: ...Yes. What a relief.

110056 01 r04.pngYue: The truffle soup is almost ready—and good thing, because I am STARVING.

110012 01 r03.pngRex: Tomorrow, I'll lead ya lads up the mountain and... Hmm? Where'd Elias go?

110045 01 r03.pngErik: He was here just a minute ago. Maybe he went for a moonlight stroll?

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: I'll go find him.

110303 01 r04.pngElias: *sigh* Could I have BEEN more pathetic?

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Elias! Hey, there you are! Dinner's almost ready.

110303 01 r04.pngElias: I'm not hungry.

110303 01 r04.pngElias: Besides, it's not like I had any part of it. I didn't make the fire, or find the water, OR pick some kind of magic truffle.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Yeah, but I wouldn't have been able to do ANY of that stuff without you.

110303 01 r04.pngElias: What do you mean?

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Ever since we got here, you've been looking after me.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: That's why I was working so hard—I wanted to impress you!

110303 01 r04.pngElias: (Is that how Lowen sees me? As some kind of...mentor?)

110303 01 r04.pngElias: (But all I cared about was trying to show off how skilled I was.)

110303 01 r04.pngElias: ...You know what, Lowen? I think I WILL have some soup. After all, I'm going to need a lot of energy for tomorrow.

110303 01 r04.pngElias: You did great work today, and it makes me want to try even harder.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: That's great, Elias.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Oh hey, look at the stars! There's soooo many!

110303 01 r04.pngElias: Maybe we can find a shooting star.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: If we DO see a shooting star, what are you gonna wish for?

110303 01 r04.pngElias: Hmm. Well, there's a lot of things that would make sense, but I think...

110303 01 r04.pngElias: Well, I suppose I'd wish to become someone worthy of respect.

The End