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Welcome to Dragalia Lost!

The following is a Beginner's Guide to help new players get started with Dragalia Lost.


Welcome to Dragalia Lost! Dragalia Lost is a beat 'em up role-playing gacha game created by Nintendo and Cygames. In it, you control a prince named Euden and his allies, moving and attacking enemies from a bird's-eye view with skills and powerful Dragons.

The Menus[]

Dragalia Lost has a number of different progression mechanics in place. Before explaining the progression in this game, it's important to know how to access the different aspects of the game. The menus around the edges of the screen will be explained briefly. For more details, refer to the Basics page.


The Home Screen

First up is the Home menu. In this menu, you'll be able to start quests, as well as access the shop, in-game announcements and endeavor sub-menus.

  • Tapping one of the big Event banner images will take you to the latest limited-time events.
  • You can tap and hold on the Home button to take you to the last visited page in the Quests menu.
    • For example, if you were previously in a story chapter's quest menu before you switched out of the Quests menu, you'll be taken there.
    • For another example, if you were playing in a facility event, you'll be taken to its menu instead.
  • The Notices menu is opened by tapping the icon with a speech bubble and exclamation mark. This is where you can view announcements made by the developers.
  • Tapping the "pinned list" icon opens the Endeavors menu. Here, you can collect rewards for completed endeavors.
  • The Shop is opened by tapping the wooden sign. Here you can buy items using Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies, Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite, or Icon Diamantium.png Diamantium. You can also purchase Diamantium using real-world money.
  • Your Alliances chat is opened by tapping the two crossed swords over a shield icon. You can check in daily for a reward of Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies, Icon Resource Mana.png Mana, and 100601.png Honey.


The Quests Screen

This menu has a list of all active event quests, including Campaign Quests and Event Quests, and where you go to start quests.

  • The Join Co-op button on the main menu here will allow you to join other peoples' lobbies, either through selecting a public lobby or entering a room ID.
  • The Treasure Trade button gives you quick access to the Shop's Treasure Trade section, where you can trade quest rewards for useful items.


The Upgrade Screen

This menu is dedicated to upgrading your units, as the name suggests. There are options for adventurers, dragons, weapons and wyrmprints.

  • The Adventurers button will take you to the page where you can level up your adventurers, allocate HP and strength augments, or promote them to a higher rarity if applicable.
  • Mana Circles are another kind of upgrade available for adventurers. Here, you'll be able to unlock mana circle nodes for adventurers, which will boost their performance by adding additional base stats and unlocking new abilities, as well as powering up these abilities.
    • Unlocking certain mana circle nodes also unlock new chapters in their adventurers stories, detailed later.
  • Weapons/Crafting will open up the page where you can craft and improve your weapons.
  • Wyrmprints allows you to improve your wyrmprints.
  • Lastly, Dragons will open the page where you can level up and unbind dragons.


The Teams Screen

On this page, you can assemble your party. You can have up to 54 different parties, divided into 9 groups of 6.

  • Edit Teams allows you to change your party. Here, you can select up to 4 adventurers to assemble your party. You can also equip them with a weapon, a dragon, and set up their shared skills by tapping the boxes beneath their 3D models. Alternatively, tapping on any of the 3D models when not in the Edit Teams screen will take you this screen as well.
  • Tapping Switch View will change the page to the page showing wyrmprints equipped on their weapons. An adventurer may equip up to five wyrmprints (three 5 Icon Rarity 5.png wyrmprints and two 4 Icon Rarity 4.png or lower rarity wyrmprints).
  • Tapping the Optimize button will open the optimization menu. Here you can let the game form a party for you based on the parameters you select. However, be aware that manually-constructed teams tend to be better.
  • Collection allows you to view all of your collected adventurers, dragons, weapons and wyrmprints. You'll also be able to part ways with dragons on this screen.

It is important to note that:

  • An adventurer, and all of their variants, cannot be used twice in one party.
    • For example, you cannot have 100001 01 r04.png The Prince occupying two party slots; if this is attempted, the adventurer simply swaps positions with the spot.
    • For another example, you cannot have 100010 04 r05.png Gala Mym and 100010 07 r05.png Halloween Mym in the same party, even though they are separate adventurers, as they're technically both Myms; if this is attempted, you'll be prompted to switch out the existing adventurer instead.
  • The exact same dragon cannot be used twice in one party, but they can be active or equipped simultaneously in different parties. If you have multiple copies of a dragon, though, you can use them in the same party.
    • For example, if you only have 1 copy of 210002 01.png Brunhilda, then you can't equip her on 2 adventurers in Team A. However, you can equip her once on Team A, and once again on Team B.
    • If you have 2 copies of Brunhilda, then you can equip her on 2 adventurers in Team A.
  • Wyrmprints and weapons are subject to a limit within the same team, determined by status of their Copies upgrades.
  • The exact same wyrmprint kind also cannot be used in multiple wyrmprint slots of a single adventurer.
    • For example, you cannot equip an adventurer with more than one copy of 400110 01.png Resounding Rendition, even if you had more than one copy of it.


The Castle Screen

Here, you'll be able to access your Castle Grounds and view adventurer, dragon and castle stories. At first glance, the castle grounds may seem to not be too important, but to keep your progression up, it is important to continuously upgrade your castle grounds.

  • Castle Grounds will take you to the castle grounds screen. Here, you can manage your buildings and restore stamina with 100605.png Honey Tea.
  • Dragon's Roost takes you to a page where you can bond with your dragons via giving them gifts.
  • Adventurer Stories, Dragon Stories and Castle Stories will take you to the respective stories page where you'll be able to learn more about your adventurers and dragons. These stories will reward you with wyrmite once you've read them for the first time.


The Summoning Screen

This is the page where you can spend either Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite, Icon Diamantium.png Diamantium, 10101.png Summon Vouchers, 10102.png Tenfold Summon Vouchers, or free summons to summon characters. For more information, refer to the Summoning page.

Goodie Box (Wrapped present icon in the top right)[]

This is where you go to claim various goodies, including:

  • daily alliance check-in reward
  • daily and weekly event quest bonus chests Daily Icon.png
  • Developer's Gifts
  • quest completion endeavor Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite
  • first clear rewards
  • excess weapon and dragon drops.

More (Green book icon in the top right)[]

This menu contains various miscellaneous features, such as your player profile, friend list, helper settings, game settings, account management, and the two Dragalia Lost comics, Dragalia Life and Adventurer's Guide.


There are two main components to the combat system: the mechanics and the controls.

Combat Mechanics[]

Elemental Advantage[]


Elemental advantage refers to the damage multipliers that apply when one element is fighting another element and is an important consideration in team building.

By default, this multiplier is +50% when you are attacking with advantage, and -50% when attacking with a disadvantage. Because this basically means a character with an elemental advantage does triple (3x) the damage of a a character with an elemental disadvantage, it's very important to work towards having at least 1 properly built adventurer per element. The Light and Shadow elements always work in advantage of the player (A Light adventurer will always take 50% less damage from, and deal 50% more damage to Shadow enemies).

For a full table of multipliers, see the Elements page.


The player and enemies can apply a number of different afflictions. Some of them are inflicted primarily by enemies of a specific element, while others can be applied by all of them. Aside from having their own effect, being afflicted also means that you cannot transform into your dragon or activate dragondrive. Certain abilities can cleanse afflictions, and certain characters have a chance of not being affected by the affliction. Damage-over-Time (DoT) afflictions deal periodic damage. Crowd-control (CC) afflictions obstruct movement. Visit the Conditions Page for more information.

Affliction Description Main Types of Enemies that Inflict Main Types of Adventurers that Inflict
Affliction poison large icon.png Poison (DoT) Deals periodic damage. Icon Element Shadow.png Shadow, Icon Element Wind.png Wind Icon Element Shadow.png Shadow, Icon Element Wind.png Wind
Affliction burn large icon.png Burn (DoT) Deals periodic damage. Icon Element Flame.png Flame Icon Element Flame.png Flame
Affliction paralysis large icon.png Paralysis (DoT) Deals periodic damage.

Target may be staggered every "tick".

Icon Element Light.png Light Icon Element Light.png Light
Affliction frostbite large icon.png Frostbite (DoT) Deals periodic damage. None Icon Element Water.png Water
Affliction shadowblight large icon.png Shadowblight (DoT) Deals periodic damage. None Icon Element Shadow.png Shadow
Affliction scorchrend large icon.png Scorchrend (DoT) Deals periodic damage. None Icon Element Flame.png Flame
Affliction stormlash large icon.png Stormlash (DoT) Deals periodic damage. None Icon Element Wind.png Wind
Affliction flashburn large icon.png Flashburn (DoT) Deals periodic damage. None Icon Element Light.png Light
Affliction freeze large icon.png Freeze (CC) Target can't move or attack.

Can attack frozen teammates to free them.

Icon Element Water.png Water Icon Element Water.png Water
Affliction stun large icon.png Stun (CC) Target can't move or attack. Icon Element Wind.png Wind, Icon Element Flame.png Flame Icon Element Wind.png Wind, Icon Element Light.png Light
Affliction sleep large icon.png Sleep (CC) Target can't move or attack. Icon Element Wind.png Wind Icon Element Shadow.png Shadow, Icon Element Wind.png Wind
Affliction bog large icon.png Bog (CC) Halves target's movement speed and roll distance

Also increases received damage by 50%.

Icon Element Water.png Water Icon Element Water.png Water
Affliction curse large icon.png Curse All skills become unusable and skill point gain is halted. Icon Element Shadow.png Shadow None
Affliction blindness large icon.png Blindness Target's attacks mostly miss, but skill point gain is normal. Icon Element Light.png Light Icon Element Shadow.png Shadow


Most bosses will have an initially empty (some exceptions exist) yellow bar called the Mode Bar beneath their HP bar. If a boss has a mode bar, it has 3 states it can be in: Normal, Overdrive and Break.

  • Normal: Bosses start the battle in this state. Dealing damage will fill their mode bar until it is full. Once filled, the boss enters overdrive state.


  • Overdrive: A light blue effect will appear around the boss. The boss gains a damage and defense buff, and will usually use new, stronger attacks while in overdrive state. Dealing damage to the boss will deplete the mode bar until it is empty, at which point it will enter break state. Force strikes as well as all attacks with Gauge Accelerator bonuses deal bonus damage towards the mode gauge bar, making them ideal for depleting the mode bar more quickly and forcing an earlier transition to break state.


  • Break: The boss gets a dark blue hue, remains still, and has significantly reduced defense, greatly increasing damage taken. After a set amount of time specific to that boss, it returns to normal mode and the cycle repeats.


See: Skills

Skills are active abilities that can be used by adventurers and dragons during combat once they are charged. How fast they charge is based on Skill Points (SP). This is a hidden mechanic, meaning it can't be seen during combat. Each skill needs a set amount of SP required for the skill to become available. Hitting enemies with attacks will gain SP. The amount gained is not based on damage output, but rather on the hits that land. Each weapon has a combo, ranging between 5 and 7 moves. Later hits in the combo gain more SP. Force strikes, dash attacks, and certain skills or their resulting buff effects also give SP.

When a skill is activated, an animation will play, causing the adventurer to become temporarily immune to attacks with red action markers. This is referred to by the player base as "iframes", short for invincibility frames. Note that attacks with purple action markers will still damage the adventurer and even cause it to exit the skill animation if it physically connects. Knowing how to time iframes is key for higher level gameplay mechanics.

When clearing quests in solo mode, you have the option to bring a helper into battle. This allows you to use the helper's skill during combat.

  • If the helper is not a friend's adventurer, you can use their skill once.
  • If the helper is a friend's adventurer, you can use their skill three times, with each successive use subject to a cooldown before it's available again.

Dragon Shapeshifting[]


In a similar fashion to skills, dragons require their Dragon Gauge, located just above the adventurer's portrait and to the side of the dragon's portrait, to be filled up before the adventurer can shapeshift. To fill the bar, you have to damage the boss or collect dragon gauge obtained from defeating enemies or breaking dragon obelisks. Once the Dragon Gauge is charged to at least 1 full bar, you can transform, receiving iframes during the transformation. While shapeshifted, you'll get access to their skill once per transform (certain dragons allow two uses with further attacks in dragon form). While in dragon form, damage you take will not reduce your HP, but instead will reduce the time you stay in dragon mode. Giving gifts to dragons at the Dragon's Roost will extend the duration of shapeshifting. Once you transform back into the adventurer, you can't transform for a short period of time.

The Dragon Gauge can be filled up to hold a maximum of two transformations, indicated by two full vertical bars. Note that the transformation is a fixed duration; even if the Dragon Gauge is overcharged to two full bars, it does not extend a shapeshift to twice the usual duration, and the act of shapeshifting will always consume one bar's worth of Dragon gauge.

Attack Indicators and Iframes[]

Certain enemies like bosses will "telegraph" certain attacks. These attacks are identified by colored areas that are either red, yellow, or purple. Once the colored areas are completely filled, the attack will commence. Red/yellow attacks can be avoided through iframes, while purple attacks will hit regardless if they physically connect.

Iframes, short for invincibility frames, is the term to describe the invincible state a character is in while using a skill, dodge rolling (in both adventurer and dragon form), or when shapeshifting into a dragon or activating dragondrive. During the use of a skill, dodge roll, or transformation, enemy attacks will not harm the user. The exception to this is during purple attacks which have the potential to disrupt or cancel the skill, roll, or transformation currently being used, if they physically connect. Your own skill iframes (but not dodge roll or transformation iframes) also temporarily apply to any of your AI characters currently participating in the quest for a much shorter duration, lasting 1 second from the initial use of a skill.




Dragalia Lost doesn't use conventional joystick controls. Instead, it uses a free joystick with the pivot centered on where you touched the screen. You can then control your character as if it were a regular joystick.

However, if you change directions quickly whilst your finger is far away from the pivot point, the game will move the pivot to where your finger currently is. You can toggle the option to automatically reposition the pivot when quickly changing direction in 180 or 90 degree turns on or off separately.



Tapping the screen once will let your character perform a regular attack. When the character is done attacking, tapping again will perform another attack. This will combo off of the previous attack. Each weapon class has unique combo sequences. Usually, regular attacks will be buffered.

To use a skill or transform, press the corresponding button on the bottom of the screen. Dragon transformation can be done by tapping the dragon portrait above your character portrait.



To dodge, you can quickly swipe in a direction to make your character roll to that direction. Dodge rolling also gives iframes that are similar to skill iframes.

Force Strikes[]

Force Strike

Pressing and holding down your finger without moving will make your characters charge up their force strike. After a brief period of charging, your character can unleash the charge. The range and area of effect of the strike depends on the weapon. Moving the finger after the force strike has begun charging will permit you to aim directional force strikes, in a reversed direction (similar to a slingshot).

Enemy Shields

Force strikes can instantly break the shields on guarded enemies, and they deplete mode gauge faster than regular attacks.


In the top right of the screen, a minimap is displayed. Tapping the minimap will enlarge it and make it appear in the middle of the screen. Tapping the minimap circle again will minimize the map to its first state.

You can pinch the screen to zoom out.


Tutorial and Starting Adventurers[]

While the game is downloading, you'll be shown some character previews and can mark which one you like. This choice is not binding, at least not right now - but you will actually be able to choose a 5 Icon Rarity 5.png adventurer later.

During the tutorial, you will be gifted the following 3 Icon Rarity 3.png adventurers. The majority of them are not particularly strong, but should be able to fill out your roster for the time being.

  • Some of these adventurers have an option to become stronger once you reach the endgame. We'll talk about that later.

Choose Your Starter![]

After this, you will be prompted to perform a tenfold summon, and then you will be asked to choose a starting 5 Icon Rarity 5.png adventurer. The choices can be divided into the following categories.

It is generally recommended that you pick someone from the first two brackets in the next section. All of these units have access to an extended endgame skill tree called the Mana Spiral, which can change their performance considerably once it's invested. With this in mind, we will rank these units according to their usage early on (out-of-the-box) and at endgame (after their spiral has been invested).

  • 110011 01 r05.png Ezelith and 110010 01 r05.png Mikoto are solid options - both have ample access to critical hits, with Ezelith also having strong burst damage during Break, while Mikoto has a boosted attack rate.
  • 110022 01 r05.png Xander has very solid performance before his mana spiral is unlocked, and becomes exceptionally strong once his mana spiral is fully unlocked. He also provides a useful shared skill and chain co-ability, to assist the DPS of other units.
  • 110021 01 r05.png Xainfried is initially unimpressive, but has solid performance after his mana spiral is unlocked. He performs best in quests where dragon gauge gain is abundant, such as raids.
  • 110042 01 r05.png Julietta is very tanky, though initially her damage is lacking. After investing in her mana spiral, her skills become much more hard-hitting, and her high defense paired with knockback immunity makes her hard to defeat.
    • Side note: unlike other games, being a tank in Dragalia Lost does not mean you're soaking hits for the team. Instead, Julietta's high defenses only help herself to stay alive.
  • 110267 01 r05.png Hawk is somewhat dead weight until his mana spiral is nearly fully-unlocked. After that point, he has quite-high burst damage output with the correct setup.
  • 110053 01 r05.png Nefaria is similar to Hawk in being underwhelming before her mana spiral is nearly fully-unlocked, but her endgame performance is relatively average, DPS-wise. However, she brings dispel access, which can become useful in Kai Yan's Wrath.
  • 110043 01 r05.png Hildegarde can significantly help with clearing content safely early on, though there is a lack of demand for a healing-focused Light staff adventurer for nearly all relevant end-game content
    • Generally speaking, before endgame you won't really need additional healers past what 100004 01 r04.png Cleo offers, and it's likely you'll have pulled a different, more-suitable or specialized healer by the time you are ready for endgame; hence, Hildegarde isn't a strong recommendation.
    • There are two possible niches for Hildegarde:
      • Tartarus' Wrath: Master if additional safety is desired and willing to trade DPS, as Hildegarde can heal significantly more frequently than any other viable healing option, as well as providing targeted healing for individual damaged adventurers.
      • In quests where curse cleanse is required to enable the use of strong off-element adventurers (usually AI adventurers in curse-inflicting content).
  • It is not recommended to pick 110032 01 r05.png Maribelle due to her relatively-middling performance throughout the game.

Bad early on, fantastic at endgame

Good early on, great at endgame

OK early on, good at endgame

Bad early on, OK at endgame

Great early on, but very niche for endgame

Middling overall performance

Regarding Rerolling[]

Unlike what you might expect, it's not really necessary to have a good starting roll in Dragalia Lost.

  • Free Currency is abundant - estimates as of November 2020 show about 150 summons' worth of free currency per month.
  • 5 Icon Rarity 5.png aren't everything! - several adventurers of 3 Icon Rarity 3.png or 4 Icon Rarity 4.png rarity are viable, and in some cases better, than units that start at 5 Icon Rarity 5.png. Even if your pulls lack many 5 Icon Rarity 5.png, you likely have some hidden gems in your roster. Some examples include 100001 01 r04.png The Prince, 110018 01 r04.png Karina, 110038 02 r04.png Templar Hope, 110335 01 r04.png Patia, and 110003 02 r03.png Sharpshooter Joe.
  • The Rerolling process is slow - for rerolling, you'll need to redownload the 3-or-so gigabytes of the game over again each time. It's totally understandable if you get tired of it and just want to finally start playing the game.

Overall, it isn't recommended to reroll. But all that being said, here's a tip if you decide you want to reroll anyway:

  • Dragons are more important than Adventurers - Adventurers of lower rarities can be built up to fill almost any need you might have. Dragons, however, are "what you see is what you get" - you cannot upgrade their rarity, and while their abilities can be upgraded to a degree, eventually 5 Icon Rarity 5.png dragons will win out. Additionally, dragons can be equipped on anyone within that element, so they can apply across many possible adventurers, extending their use cases considerably.

The 7 Days of Tenfolds[]

Daily Free Tenfolds for your first 7 days!

To help ease you into Dragalia Lost, you're given 1 daily free tenfold summon every day for your first 7 days since starting the game.

These tenfolds are marked by Red text that reads "Daily Free Tenfold!", and are not the same as 10102.png Tenfold Summon Vouchers or Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite in that you can't save them for later - you have to use it up each day, or you lose it for that day.

  • Also, these are locked to the most-recent banner, so if multiple banners are running, then you can't choose which one you want. But you'll probably pull something that can help you out anyway.

Make sure to pick up these bonuses in your first week!

Early Game[]

Advancing the Main Campaign[]

Once you completed the tutorial and, if you've rerolled, are satisfied with your characters, it's time to start progressing through the game. The majority of content is still locked when beating the tutorial, and is unlocked through beating certain story chapters:

Main Campaign chapter Unlocks
Chapter 1
  • Most of the options in the Upgrade page, with the exception of the Weapons/Crafting page.
  • The Castle Grounds and Dragon's Roost options
  • New Adventurers: 100002 01 r04.png Elisanne, 100003 01 r04.png Ranzal, 100004 01 r04.png Cleo
  • New Dragon: 210001 01.png Midgardsormr
Chapter 2: 2-1
  • Event and Co-op menus
  • New Adventurer: 100006 01 r04.png Luca
Chapter 2
  • Weapons/Crafting
  • New Dragon: 210003 01.png Mercury
Chapter 3
  • Dragon Trial quests (Icon Element Wind.png Wind, Icon Element Water.png Water, and Icon Element Flame.png Flame)
  • New Dragon: 210002 01.png Brunhilda
Chapter 4
  • Dragon Trial quest (Icon Element Light.png Light)
  • New Dragon: 210004 01.png Jupiter
Chapter 5
  • Dragon Trial quest (Icon Element Shadow.png Shadow)
  • Hard difficulty for the Main Campaign
  • New Dragon: 210005 01.png Zodiark
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
  • New Adventurer: 100032 01 r04.png Laxi
Chapter 14
Chapter 16

Several of the things from chapters 1-7 are essential in progressing through the game, so clearing the story to that extent should be your main priority. Later chapters can be revisited once you're stronger.

Your First Team[]

To do story, you'll have to set up a party, consisting of 4 adventurers. There are a lot of factors that can go into this, so we'll split this into 2 sections: we'll give you the basics now, and we'll give you more details a little later, after you've made some story progress.

It's advised to have multiple elements in your first party for clearing through the story, as there is an elemental advantage and disadvantage system that significantly affects your combat performance. Once you've settled on which members to use, you can equip them with whichever weapons, wyrmprints, and dragons you happen to have.

Below are six sample teams. These teams all include a healer, and either 3 DPS, or 2 DPS and one buffer, utilizing one of the 5 Icon Rarity 5.png picks you may have chosen or obtained; regardless, you will always have enough adventurers to fill a team with 4 adventurers of the same element.

  • Generally speaking, rainbow teams usually work fairly well in story quests, but if adventurers are reaching 0HP too easily, consider using a mono-element team to improve survivability.

Sample "rainbow" team

Sample Icon Element Wind.png Wind team

Sample Icon Element Shadow.png Shadow team

As you progress through the story, you'll find that the enemies get increasingly difficult. Should you fail a level, any stamina and/or getherwings used will be refunded. If you can't seem to progress past a certain level, you can try to upgrade your adventurers or look for help in co-op.

While progressing, don't forget to upgrade your Castle Grounds.

Upon clearing the final battle in Chapter 7, you'll have access to all the important farm quests. Your priorities at this point should be increasing the strength of your units and upgrading the facilities in your Castle Grounds.

The Story Skip Option[]

You may have noticed that the game offers you a choice to skip to the end of chapter 10. You don't have to decide immediately - the option will be there until you either take it or clear chapter 10 yourself.

For skipping, you will get:

  • Player Level 60
  • 999 Stamina and 99 Wings
  • All of the first clear rewards and endeavor rewards from the quests you skipped
  • Your facilities will be automatically built to the following levels:
    • The Halidom: Lv. 6
    • Smithy: Lv. 6
    • Rupie Mine (4 total): Lv. 15
    • Dragontree: Lv. 15
    • Altar of each element (2 each): Lv. 10
    • Dojo of each weapon (2 each): Lv. 10

If you choose to progress the story manually, you will instead receive the following after clearing chapter 10:

  • 69990 Player EXP (the amount needed to go from player level 1 to 60)
  • 350 Hustle Hammers
  • Enough materials to match the facility levels listed above

Note that you gain a refill of stamina and wings for every level, which means the skip option causes you to lose some of those level-up bonus stamina/wings, as you overcap. Levels 1 to 60 manually would give you 3,024 stamina and 708 wings, but you only get to keep 999 stamina and 99 wings of it when you skip.

It's mostly a trade-off of faster progression (skip) or more-efficient progression (don't skip). Pick whichever option works better for you.

The Royal Regimen[]

The Royal Regimen

The Royal Regimen is a set of tutorial-like endeavors that guide you through progression all the way to endgame. It also gives tons of upgrade materials to level up your team as well as rare rewards such as 10301.png 5★ Summon Voucher (Adventurer) and 10302.png 5★ Summon Voucher (Dragon) to help expand your roster of units. Be sure to check in on it whenever you can.

Note that these 5 Icon Rarity 5.png tickets give random Adventurers and Dragons (that is, you can't choose like you could before), and that they grab from specific pools that have not been updated in a long time. So newer Adventurers and Dragons won't be appearing. That being said, it's still recommended that you spend all of these to help expand your roster.

Halidom Progression[]

The Castle Grounds

The buildings in your halidom aren't just for show - they can increase your adventurers' stats and, in the case of the Smithy, allow you to craft better weapons.

Here are some basics to consider:

  • Facility Level - this is the sum of the levels of all facilities you own (not counting decorations), and can be seen in the top-left of the screen in the Castle Grounds. This level is used in the requirements for upgrading the TW02 100101 IMG 01.png Halidom itself (the blue-roofed castle), which will give you more room to work with and unlock more levels for the TW02 101401 IMG 01 01.png Smithy.
  • Icon Smithwyrm.png Smithwyrms - these are the small dragons with hammers that actually upgrade your facilities. Due to this, the amount of buildings you can upgrade at once is limited by not just your materials, but the amount of Smithwyrms that aren't already busy. You'll start off with just 2, but have the option to purchase a 3rd, 4th, and 5th with your Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite by tapping the + button in the upper-left of your Castle Grounds. While you would normally use this currency for summoning, it is recommended that you buy all 3 additional smithwyrms to aid your progression. It's a good investment (you only have to pay it once ever), and is equal to only about 11.25 summons' worth of currency:
Icon Smithwyrm.png Smithwyrm # Cost
3 Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite x250
4 Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite x400
5 (max) Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite x700
Total Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite x1,350
  • Hustle Hammer.png Hustle Hammers - one of these special hammers allow you to finish a building immediately instead of waiting for it. This is valuable, and the game showers you with them early on, however it is advised that you save your hammers for later to get the most value out of them. Build times can get very long - sometimes multiple days for one building, so a good rule of thumb is to not use hammers until the build times start going over 48 hours (2 days).
  • 1/2 Build Time bonus - For your first 30 days, all of your buildings will take only half the time to finish construction. This is another reason to save your Hustle Hammer.png Hustle Hammers - it's much better to use them after this bonus has worn off!

The priority order for upgrading Facilities in your Halidom should be:

  1. Upgrading your TW02 101401 IMG 01 01.png Smithy to unlock more weapons for crafting. Since this requires upgrading your castle, which requires a certain facility level, you should prioritize the fastest and cheapest facilities to upgrade during this time to raise your facility level as quickly as possible. The smithy maxes at level 9, which requires a level 7 TW02 100101 IMG 01.png Halidom.
  2. Upgrading Adventurer Facilities. These will increase the strength of your adventurers. Altars (acquired via increasing your player level) and Slime Statues (acquired through Treasure Trade for Void Battles) are slightly more important than Dojos (acquired by clearing Chapter 6) as increasing the strength of an entire mono-element team has more impact than increasing the strength of a single weapon type. Altars and Slimes are also significantly cheaper to build, so they're a good target for increasing your facility level quickly.
  3. Upgrading Dragon Facilities. This will also increase your strength, but has a much smaller impact than the Adventurer Facilities.
    • Although upgrading the Dracoliths will eventually result in massive increases in dragon damage dealt, the amount of resources required to obtain the maximum boost is extremely high, and you usually get better value investing time, stamina, and getherwings elsewhere.
  4. Everything else. The production facilities generate some passive income, but that is a very small amount compared to what you get from actively farming.

Team Building In-depth[]

You've unlocked a bunch of features from story, so now it's time to discuss more details about team building.

  • General Composition - Generally, teams consist of 3 DPS + 1 healer, or you can forego a healer and do 4 DPS.
    • Healers are usually adventurers that have a Staff, such as 100004 01 r04.png Cleo. Don't run more than 1 healer, though - nothing really demands that much healing.
    • Up to 1 Buffer such as 100002 01 r04.png Elisanne can be slotted in too. Buffers have little personal damage, but they can improve the team's DPS considerably with their buffs. You can usually identify buffers by adventurers whose first skill is a strength buff rather than an attack.
  • Dragons - Match up dragon elements for a big stat boost! Each Dragon has an "aura", a passive that will grant bonus stats to their adventurer. This is usually locked to matching-element only, so 100001 01 r04.png The Prince would want a Flame dragon like 210002 01.png Brunhilda, for example.
    • DPS adventurers prefer a Icon Buff 1020002.png Strength Up or Icon Buff 1020006.png Skill Damage Up aura. This maximizes the potential damage boost they can get out of it.
    • Healers prefer Icon Buff 1020001.png HP Up. This plays into the Healing Formula to make their heals stronger. (Strength technically contributes too, but HP is more than 2x as impactful).
    • Buffers prefer Icon Buff 2010001.png Skill Haste Up if they can get it, to allow them to cast buffs faster. However, note that skill haste is only on 5 Icon Rarity 5.png dragons. Buffers do their job well enough regardless of dragon though, so you should focus on gearing your DPS with good dragons first - give the buffer whatever is left over.
  • Weapons - Most of the time you just want to equip whichever weapon gives you the most strength (NOT might) on a particular adventurer. Matching a weapon's element with the adventurer's element also multiplies the weapon's stats by x1.5, so you should try to match element when you can. There are some specific weapons that we want later, but we'll discuss those in a bit. For now, using 3 Icon Rarity 3.png or 4 Icon Rarity 4.png weapons should be fine.
  • Wyrmprints - The higher your weapon's rarity, the more wymrprints it can equip. 2 Icon Rarity 2.png and 3 Icon Rarity 3.png weapons can equip 2 wyrmprints, 4 Icon Rarity 4.png weapons can equip 3 wyrmprints, 5 Icon Rarity 5.png non-elemental weapons can equip 4 wyrmprints, and 5 Icon Rarity 5.png elemental and 6 Icon Rarity 6.png weapons can equip up to 5 wyrmprints. The gist is the following, though we also highly recommend you check out the Wyrmprints Guide for more info.
    • DPS usually wants in priority from best to worst:
      • Icon Buff 1020006.png Skill Damage Up, to increase the power of their skills.
      • an affliction punisher for the corresponding affliction(poison punisher, burn punisher, etc).
      • Icon Buff 1020002.png Strength Up, to improve their overall damage output.
      • Icon Buff 1020005.png Critical Rate Up, to increase the chance that they will land a critical hit.
      • Icon Buff 1020026.png Critical Damage Modifier Up, to increase the damage that they do if they land a critical hit.
      • Debuffers may also want Icon Ability 1010051.png Debuff Time Up, so debuffs will last longer.
    • Healers tend to want:
    • Buffers are similar to healers in terms of what they want:
  • Shared Skills - This feature allows your lead adventurer to borrow skills from other adventurers in your collection. Adventurers you've recruited from the story will have their skills available for free, while everyone else will require you to use Tomes and get the original unit to level 80 with 50 mana circle nodes unlocked. See the Shared Skills article for more information.
    • Tomes are only available in small amounts from events or by spending money, and 50 mana circle nodes is a hefty investment - for these reasons, you should NOT try to unlock additional shared skills until you've reached the endgame.
    • 100003 01 r04.png Ranzal and 100002 01 r04.png Elisanne's skills (or possibly even 100004 01 r04.png Cleo's skill) are actually pretty good, so you should use those for the time being.
  • Co-op Backline Building

You're likely diving into co-op as you progress into midgame and beyond, so here is some information regarding that.

When you go into co-op, only your lead adventurer goes in, but the three in the "back" aren't just doing nothing - their co-abilities still apply to the lead adventurer. This means that you can set up 3 adventurers with good co-abilities to boost up your leader in co-op. Doing this is called setting up your "backline".

Here are some basics about co-abilities:

  • each adventurer has 2 co-abilities: their primary co-ability and their chain co-ability.
    • Primary co-abilities can work on anyone. However, they don't stack if you have multiple of the same one.
    • Chain co-abilities (CCA) are usually locked to an element matching the adventurer. The main 5 story adventurers (100001 01 r04.png The Prince, 100002 01 r04.png Elisanne, 100003 01 r04.png Ranzal, 100004 01 r04.png Cleo, and 100006 01 r04.png Luca) are exceptions, so their CCA works on anyone regardless of element. Also, unlike Primary co-abilities, Chain co-abilities actually can stack with each other, and they have no cap.
  • Primary co-abilities are usually tied to weapon type (though there are some unique co-abilities that go against this trend)
    • Icon Weapon Sword.png Swords have Icon Ability 1020005.png Dragon Haste
    • Icon Weapon Blade.png Blades have Icon Ability 1020002.png Strength
    • Icon Weapon Dagger.png Daggers have Icon Ability 1020010.png Critical Rate
    • Icon Weapon Axe.png Axes have Icon Ability 1020003.png Defense
    • Icon Weapon Lance.png Lances have Icon Ability 1020001.png HP
    • Icon Weapon Bow.png Bows have Icon Ability 1020004.png Skill Haste
    • Icon Weapon Wand.png Wands have Icon Ability 1010002.png Skill Damage
    • Icon Weapon Staff.png Staffs have Icon Ability 1020009.png Recovery Potency
    • Icon Weapon Manacaster.png Manacasters have Icon Ability 1020013.png Gauge Accelerator
  • Chain co-abilities can vary wildly by adventurer - but generally speaking, the primary co-abilities are usually more important to set up first before diving into chains.
  • Usually, most DPS adventurers want Icon Ability 1020002.png Strength, Icon Ability 1010002.png Skill Damage, and Icon Ability 1020004.png Skill Haste. In other words, a Icon Weapon Blade.png Blade, a Icon Weapon Wand.png Wand, and a Icon Weapon Bow.png Bow. Individual adventurer needs can change their preferred co-abilities, but this is a good default to use.
  • Healers generally want Icon Ability 1020001.png HP and Icon Ability 1020004.png Skill Haste (so a Icon Weapon Lance.png Lance and a Icon Weapon Bow.png Bow), with the third slot being flexible.
  • Buffers want Icon Ability 1020004.png Skill Haste (Icon Weapon Bow.png Bow) as well as Icon Ability 1010006.png Buff Time, though the latter is usually locked to Chain co-abilities. 110352 01 r05.png Tobias, however, can offer it as a Primary.


Might, Progression, and Misunderstanding[]

Now would be a good time to discuss Might, which is often a source of confusion for newer players. Might is a score that's calculated by adding up the stats and hidden ability values of your adventurers and all their equipped gear. Despite what it may seem, higher Might does NOT necessarily mean that something is "better". For instance, the wyrmprint 400167 01.png The Shining Overlord has high might and is good on sword units, but is basically useless on anyone else, making its high might misleading.

With that said, we unfortunately can't ignore might entirely, unreliable as it is. You may have noticed that some quests have a "required might" value that you need to reach to unlock them. This value only looks at your "max might", which is the highest might you have ever achieved on a single team. This does NOT mean that you need to use a team of that might to enter. Instead, you can make a separate "might-stacking team" that just equips high-might gear and never enters battle. As long as this team meets the requirements for the might-gates, the quests will be unlocked for you permanently. You can then bring in your actual teams that will do the fighting.

To increase your might, you can do a number of things. Since there are a lot of different things that increase your might, it can be easy to lose track of what you're supposed to farm in order to increase your score.

  1. Mana Circle. The Mana Circle is the best way to increase your might, as each node will increase your adventurer's might by a value ranging from 10 to ~100. You can view each adventurer's mana circle requirements by tapping the node you want to unlock.
  2. Crafting and Enhancing Weapons. Making new and better weapons for your Adventurers to wield is another big contributor to improving your might. Keep in mind that upgrading your Smithy unlocks better weapons to craft and enhance.
  3. Leveling Adventurers. You can level your adventurers by using them in quests or spending 101001003.png Gold Crystals on them. The Crystal method is much faster, and you can get a good supply of them from running Avenue to Power. Leveling an adventurer to 60/70/80 will take you 146/240/341 crystals, and each run of Master Avenue to Power gives you around 20 crystals.
  4. Leveling Facilities. While the boosts seem small at first, the stat bonuses from your facilities will really add up over time. Additionally, these are permanent upgrades that apply across several adventurers at the same time, making it an essential investment to make your collection stronger as a whole.
  5. Leveling Wyrmprints and Dragons. Although important, they give comparatively less might per level than leveling adventurers. Dragons can be leveled with dragonfruit from Avenue to Power, while wyrmprints require holy/blessed/consecrated water, which are usually obtained in a significant amount from events. It's also possible to farm consecrated water from The Agito Uprising (an endgame quest), but you might not have access to that yet.

As such, running quests that obtain the materials necessary for upgrading Mana Circles, Crafting/Enhancing, and upgrading facilities should be prioritized. Aim to get your characters at least a 4 Icon Rarity 4.png weapon.

Resource Management[]

General advice for spending resources at this point are:

Icon Wyrmite.png When to Summon Icon Diamantium.png[]

Summoning location

The best times to summon are :

  • Gala Dragalia banners - These have strong Gala-exclusive units, as well as a 6% starting rate for 5 Icon Rarity 5.png instead of the usual 4%. Even if you don't actually get the Gala units, you will likely get a lot of other 5 Icon Rarity 5.png units in the process. And even if you don't get 5 Icon Rarity 5.png units that you want, you get much more Icon Resource Eldwater.png Eldwater income than usual, too. It's a win-win all around.
  • Limited banners - These banners have units that don't get added to the permanent summoning pool after their banner ends. The quality of the limited units can vary, but waiting to summon until a limited banner means that permanent units you missed may pop up while chasing the limited units.
  • Collaboration banners - Collabs with properties other than Dragalia Lost, usually owned by another company. These usually act like limited banners, except it may be a very long time before these return, assuming they ever return at all.
    • Be sure to double check whether the Collab units are actually limited before you pull. For example, units from the November 2020 Princess Connect collab were NOT limited.

To check whether a banner is limited, look carefully at the phrasing of the text in the announcement news post. Here are some examples:

  • Permanent - "The adventurer(s) and dragon(s) added in this showcase will also appear in the next summon showcase."
    • Note this does NOT literally mean that the very next showcase will have the same units on rate up. It just means they're permanent.
  • Limited - "This summon showcase features limited-time adventurers and a new dragon!"

Sometimes a banner may have a mix of limited and permanent units. If this happens, the units will be specified with similar phrasing to above.

100001 01 r04.png Adventurers[]
  • Start with Rainbow Teams - Start with one adventurer of each element, since in most forms of co-op, you only need to bring one strong adventurer.
    • You can start working on single-element teams (only flame adventurers, only shadow adventurers, etc) after you've gotten one adventurer to 30 or 40 mana circles and max level.
  • Avoid Early Star Promotion - Please DO NOT promote adventurers from 4 Icon Rarity 4.png to 5 Icon Rarity 5.png or unlock the fifth mana circle floor (nodes 41+). Both of those actions require limited resources that cannot be easily acquired, such as Icon Resource Eldwater.png Eldwater and 104003002.png Champion's Testaments, and all content before endgame can be cleared with just 40 mana circle nodes (40MC) anyway. Early promotion is a common mistake made by newer players, and is basically a waste this early on!
210007 01.png Dragons[]
  • Keep Several 4 Icon Rarity 4.png Strength Dragons - You should keep multiple 4 Icon Rarity 4.png dragons with the strength ability, as those are fairly easy to max unbind (MUB). These will serve as filler as you collect and upgrade 5 Icon Rarity 5.png through progressing the game and performing summons.
  • Keep Few 4 Icon Rarity 4.png HP Dragons - 4 Icon Rarity 4.png dragons that have an HP ability will be less useful to you, as only healers would want these, outside of some very specific solo compositions. Therefore, you don't need to keep more than 1 MUB copy of any HP dragon.
  • 4 Icon Rarity 4.png Vs 5 Icon Rarity 5.png Dragons - Despite what it may seem, not all 0UB 5 Icon Rarity 5.png dragons are immediately superior to their MUB 4 Icon Rarity 4.png counterparts. Usually, you can judge a dragon by their abilities. To access this, go to Teams -> Collection -> Dragons -> tap a dragon -> swipe left or right to flip pages. You're looking for something like "(Flame) Strength +40%". Tap this for details on the ability. These effects are also known as the dragon's "aura":
    • Strength - If looking at a dragon that has a raw strength aura, keep in mind that 4 Icon Rarity 4.png have a max aura of 45% strength. You'll want your 5 Icon Rarity 5.png dragon to have more than that.
    • Skill Damage - These dragons are useful on most DPS adventurers, however make sure that your adventurer actually has damaging skills. For example, 110343 01 r04.png Durant and 110300 01 r04.png Pipple don't have any damaging skills, so they would rather have a strength dragon.
    • Attack Rate or Skill Haste - These dragons are in a category of their own, and see the most use on buffers rather than DPS. This is a niche that 4 Icon Rarity 4.png dragons don't have.
    • Skill Recharge - If you're here, then that means you're looking at 210120 01.png Gaibhne & Creidhne. This dragon is special in that she works on both buffers and DPS. Her ability is scary powerful even at 0UB, and is above and beyond anything a 4 Icon Rarity 4.png could provide.
    • Extra Tip: look carefully at conditionals - Several dragons may have a mix of the above effects, but have specific conditions you have to meet to get the full effect. For example, 210115 01.png Andromeda requires you to get to low HP and never get healed, in order to get her full strength value. Look carefully at your adventurer's kit to see if the condition synergizes with their play style. In Andromeda's case, she only sees use on adventurers who gain power at low HP, such as 110306 01 r05.png Bellina. She would not work well with someone like 110343 01 r04.png Durant, who prefers to stay at 100% HP at all times.
  • Unbinding - As 111002001.png Sunlight Stones are extremely rare, and it is possible to obtain Draconic Essences to unbind certain 5 Icon Rarity 5.png dragons, you should only use Sunlight Stones to unbind dragons that cannot be unbound with Draconic Essences, and only if the dragon is extremely powerful. A good Sunlight Stone target would be extremely powerful Gala or limited-availability dragons.
    • Even when you do use these stones, don't unbind a 5 Icon Rarity 5.png dragon unless you can at least 2UB it - the ability (which is the most important part of a dragon) will only start to become superior to a MUB 4 Icon Rarity 4.png dragon at 2UB for the majority of 5 Icon Rarity 5.png dragons. Going for a 1UB upgrade will usually just be a sidegrade compared to your 4 Icon Rarity 4.png.
  • EXP - The game gives you an option to use dragons as EXP fodder for other dragons. However, please DO NOT do this, as the exchange rate is terrible - a single dragon only gives you about as much exp as a single dragonfruit. And you can get 20-ish dragonfruits from just a single run of Avenue to Power.
  • Selling Unwanted Dragons - If you're running out of dragon space, you can sell any that you don't want. To do that, go to "Teams" -> "Collection" -> "Dragons" -> "Part Ways". Here you can exhange dragons for Icon Resource Eldwater.png Eldwater. It is recommended that you keep at least 1 of every dragon species for building bonds in the Dragon's Roost - maxing a species' bond at lv30 gives you a 201011001.png Sunlight Ore, and 10 of these make a 111002001.png Sunlight Stone, a precious resource.
400110 01.png Wyrmprints[]
  • Icon Resource Eldwater.png Eldwater early on is best spent on buying appropriate wyrmprints from the Wyrmprint Shop. Please refer to the Wyrmprints Guide for advice on which wyrmprints to purchase.
    • Note that 113001001.png Holy Water and 113001003.png Consecrated Water, the resources for leveling prints, cannot be farmed normally - you're generally going to depend on events to get more. Due to this, be careful of which prints you actually invest in.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly tasks[]

Daily BonusDaily Icon.png[]

Daily Bonus Chests

Many event quests have one or two bonus chests for your first runs per day. Make sure to do all of them on the highest difficulty available, even if you are focusing your farming on a specific quest.

Daily Grand BountyIcon Grand Bounty.png[]

Some limited-time events will have a special Daily Bonus called the Grand Bounty, rewarded for clearing that event's Nightmare mode each day. The rewards from this include a randomized batch of rare upgrade materials, such as 201011001.png Sunlight Ore and Icon Resource Eldwater.png Eldwater. Definitely try to beat it once a day if you are strong enough to challenge the fight.

Daily Dragon's Roost Gifts[]

The Dragon's Roost

You may have noticed this small floating island near the top of your Castle Grounds. This is where you can spend Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies to buy gifts for your dragons, which will increase their bond level. The selection of gifts will rotate every day.

Bond level is tied to a dragon's species rather than to a specific copy - meaning that if you reached level 30 bond with a 210059 01.png Fubuki, for example, then that level carries over to all copies of Fubuki that you possess.

Giving gifts to increase a dragon's bond level will have several benefits:

  • Giving gifts (even if the level doesn't actually go up) will have a chance to reward you with 201005001.png Talonstones, a rare material needed to upgrade your Halidom. This is the main way to get these before the endgame. You will also get guaranteed Talonstones at Bond levels 10 and 25.
  • Each bond level will grant a +10 bonus to the dragon's might, for a total of +290 might at the max bond level of 30.
  • Bond level 5 gives you part 1 of the dragon's story, which will grant Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite x25 when read.
  • Bond level 15 gives you part 2 of the dragon's story, which will grant Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite x25 and an Epithet when read.
  • Bond level 30 (the max) gives you 201011001.png Sunlight Ore x1. Collect 10 of these and then exchange them in the Treasure Trade to get a 111002001.png Sunlight Stone, a precous resource which can unbind any 5 Icon Rarity 5.png dragon of your choice 1 time - a lot better than needing to pull a specific dupe.

It's recommended that you buy all the available gifts for your dragons every day, and make sure to give dragons their "favorite" gifts (indicated by a music note) whenever possible to get more bond exp. In total, this would run you Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies x25,500 each day (or 28,500 on weekends), which is relatively cheap and very much worth it.

Daily Draconic Essences[]

Draconic Essences

Draconic Essences are special items that can be used to unbind certain gacha 5 Icon Rarity 5.png dragons, instead of needing to use a dupe or a 111002001.png Sunlight Stone. This can be a good way to power up your dragons if your pulls haven't given you many dupes. You can farm essences daily from Hard and Very Hard difficulties of the main campaign.

  • Hard is unlocked after beating chapter 5, while Very Hard is unlocked after beating chapter 10 + Hard mode of the chapter you want. For example, unlocking Very Hard chapter 6 requires beating Normal mode chapter 10 and Hard mode chapter 6.

You can get 3 essences from Hard and another 3 essences from Very Hard per dragon per day. 50 essences are needed for one unbind, so that would take you about 9 days. To go all the way to max unbind from scratch (200 essences), that'll take you about 34 days.

However, keep in mind that essences can only give you unbinds, not initial copies of dragons - if for example you don't have a Cupid, then essences will not give you a Cupid. You'd still need to pull one Cupid from the gacha first.

Also, actually farming essences is pricey - just grabbing your daily 6 essence for one dragon can take anywhere from 84 to 108 stamina, which is a large chunk of your daily regen. Since draconic essences are permanent content that isn't going anywhere, it's best to only farm 1 dragon's essences at a time, and only if you have a pressing need for that specific dragon (maybe for a specific endgame fight, etc).

Occasionally, there will be events that make the main campaign 1/2 the stamina to play and drop 2x the materials. This is the best time to play for draconic essences, as you can get up to 12 a day for half the stamina that it usually costs to farm just 6.

The quality of the dragons on offer can vary, but generally speaking these are the notable ones:

Dragon Purpose
210016 01.png Agni Icon Element Flame.png Flame DPS
210024 01.png Cerberus Icon Element Flame.png Flame DPS. Slightly better dragon form than Agni, otherwise identical.
210082 01.png Konohana Sakuya Icon Element Flame.png Flame DPS
210017 01.png Leviathan Icon Element Water.png Water DPS. Also inflicts Affliction bog large icon.png Bog.
210054 01.png Siren Icon Element Water.png Water DPS
210018 01.png Zephyr Icon Element Wind.png Wind DPS
210084 01.png Freyja Icon Element Wind.png Wind buffer/healer, such as 110038 02 r04.png Templar Hope.
210049 01.png Cupid Icon Element Light.png Light DPS
200010 01.png Chthonius Icon Element Shadow.png Shadow DPS
210087 01.png Shinobi Icon Element Shadow.png Shadow DPS
210019 01.png Nidhogg Icon Buff 1020001.png HP Up for 110059 01 r05.png Grace.
Weekly BonusDaily Icon.png[]

Endgame quests have chests similar to the daily ones, but they operate on a weekly schedule instead. Don't sweat it if you can't do these yet - but once you can, make sure to do your weeklies for those extra materials.

Weekly Fafnir Medals GatherItem 10001.png[]

Fafnir Medals Treasure Trade

You've likely picked up a few GatherItem 10001.png Fafnir Medals on your adventures. These items can be exchanged for rare materials in the Shop's Treasure Trade, and they can drop from almost any quest in the game. You're limited to gaining 50 medals from quests per week, though there's no limit to the amount you can hold, and any that you get as gifts don't count towards the 50 limit. Make sure you pick up your 50 medals each week!

In terms of what to redeem your medals for, your first priority should be the Mini Dragons:

They're not particularly strong, but they're very cheap to max unbind at only 1 medal per copy, and might be a great help early on. Notably, their auras are not element-locked and grant +30% hp and +30% strength.

After that, you should target the 104003002.png Champion's Testaments. These can't be farmed normally, are in short supply, and are very important for upgrading your adventurers' mana circles. After you're done buying those, you have free reign over the rest of the shop - most of the stuff in there can be farmed, or is otherwise not very hard to get anyway.

It has not been announced when the developers will reset the shop, but if you don't need any other item, it might be a good idea to start saving up your medals in case the shop is updated.

Monthly Treasure Trades[]

Every month, certain quests will have Treasure Trade shops where you can redeem useful items. The amount you can trade is limited, but it gets reset on the 1st of every month. Make sure to pick these up when you can.

Void Battles[]

Void Battles

Void Battles is a series of boss fights that let you obtain materials to craft void weapons, which can unlock special abilities. You can then use those abilities, even on other weapons, to fight other Void bosses and counter the bosses' effects. This is also how you obtain the High Dragon Bane abilities to improve your damage output in Advanced Dragon Trials.

When it comes to using these void weapons directly, they are just very slightly stronger than a core weapon, and only when fully upgraded - an 8-unbind (max) 5 Icon Rarity 5.png void weapon has slightly better stats than a 4-unbind (max) core weapon, while a 4UB void weapon has noticeably lower stats than core weapons at any unbind amount.

Chimeratech weapons can also be created with materials from the Chimera void battles, and they have extremely high stats for 5 Icon Rarity 5.png weapons when fully upgraded. (We'll discuss those later.)

Clearing Void Battles will earn you 201014001.png Void Leafs and 201014002.png Void Seeds, which you can trade for various rewards in the Treasure Trade. This Treasure Trade shop will reset every month.

  • 201014001.png Void Leafs can be traded for rare materials such as 104003002.png Champion's Testaments and 111001001.png Moonlight Stones. The total amount of leaves needed to clean out the shop each month is 1,095, and ideally you do want to buy everything. But if you can't for some reason, then you can skip the Dragonfruit, Whetstones, and Silver Bricks, bringing the total down to 820 leaves instead.
    • Buying out the Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies and Icon Resource Mana.png Mana will open up infinite-trade options for them.
  • 201014002.png Void Seeds can be traded for:
    • Slime Statues, which are similar to elemental Altars in that they boost your stats and can be upgraded.
    • Fafnir dragons: 210089 01.png Bronze Fafnir, 210090 01.png Silver Fafnir, and 210091 01.png Gold Fafnir. Gold Fafnirs are the most useful, since they can increase the Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies you gain from quests. You should still pick up 1 each of the Bronze/Silver for your Dragon's Roost, though.
    • 1 Void Seed can trade for 80 Void Leaves, and then those leaves can be sold for rupies. The exchange rate is fantastic as well - 1 Void Seed trades into 480,000 Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies after you sell the 80 leaves (assuming the infinite-trade option), making this a fantastic value if you need some quick cash.
Astral Raids[]

Astral Raids

Astral Raids are rematch fights with Raid bosses from older Raid Events. These ONLY happen during weekends when a regular Raid Event isn't running. You can enter by using 26 10101.png Astral Pieces, which are obtained when playing quests when an astral raid is not active. Don't be worried when you're over-capping on pieces between Astral Raids - that is completely normal and you are not really wasting resources.

The main attraction for these fights is Augments, which can be applied to an Adventurer or Wyrmprint to increase their stats (you gain the ability to use these after Main Campaign Chapter 9). 1 Augment equals +1 to HP or Strength, and you can have +100 in each stat on an Adventurer, or +50 in each stat on a Wyrmprint, for a potential total of +700 stats on a single adventurer (200 on Adventurer, 100 on wyrmprint A, 100 on wyrmprint B, 100 on wyrmprint C, 100 on wyrmprint D, and 100 on wyrmprint E).

In addition to dropping augments directly, Astrals drop 201016001.png Astral Shards, which can be traded in the shop for an extra 30 of each Augment type every month - a nice bonus. 104003001.png Knight's Testament x3 and 104003002.png Champion's Testament x1 are up for grabs as well. Finally, there are some insignia and tablets on offer, though those aren't really worth it.

The Mercurial Gauntlet[]

The Mercurial Gauntlet

The Mercurial Gauntlet is a sandbag-type mode for you to test your damage against a stationary target. The more times you beat this boss, the higher the level will go. The higher your level, the more rewards you qualify for in the Victor's Trove. Also it costs 0 stamina, so feel free to pop in whenever you want to test your skills!

The Victor's Trove is a large amount of Icon Resource Mana.png Mana, Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies, Icon Resource Eldwater.png Eldwater, and 202004004.png Twinkling Sand that you can redeem on the 15th of every month. While the ability to redeem this technically "resets" every month, you don't need to replay lower Mercurial Gauntlet levels each month - your progress is preserved. So you could theoretically make some progress, then not touch MG for a while, and still rake in the rewards.

Several of the earlier floors are fairly easy to manage. You'll want to make some progress in it asap, even if it's only a little bit, so you can qualify for the monthly rewards.

Here are some tips:

  • Iframe the claps! - The boss does a "clap" every 15 seconds, and if you use a skill at that moment, you and your entire team will be protected from damage for 1 second. This is called "invincibility framing", or "iframing".
    • You can also use helper skills to iframe. These recharge about every 13 seconds after use, so the timing works out well. Bringing a buffer helper such as 100002 01 r04.png Elisanne is highly recommended.
    • Dodge rolls and the transformation animation from shapeshifting or dragondrive activation do not work in Mercurial Gauntlet, as they don't grant AI adventurers iframes!
  • No healers needed! (below level 50) - Don't bring a healer; you don't actually ever need one for the first 50 levels of each element's Mercurial Gauntlet! With proper iframing, you will never take any damage. This opens up their slot for another DPS, which will be much more helpful in progressing through this mode.
    • Even after level 50, it may be possible to still continue foregoing a healer if you have access to a healer helper, shared skill, and/or a dragon with a strong healing skill.
  • Bog on break! - If you have 210040 01.png High Mercury, 210079 01.png Peng Lai, or 210017 01.png Leviathan, transform into that dragon when the boss breaks so you can inflict Affliction bog large icon.png Bog. Bog increases damage dealt by 50%, and bogging Fafnir Roy III on break lets you get in a lot more damage.
  • Off-element is viable! - Don't be afraid to use off-element characters! 100002 01 r04.png Elisanne for instance can improve your DPS a lot with her buffs, even if your team isn't Water.
    • You can even give her the aforementioned water dragons with Bog, if you don't want to put them on non-water adventurers
    • Similarly, off-element adventurers which can inflict Affliction burn large icon.png Burn, Affliction frostbite large icon.png Frostbite, Affliction poison large icon.png Poison, Affliction shadowblight large icon.png Shadowblight, or Affliction scorchrend large icon.png Scorchrend should also be considered due to the following point.
  • Use affliction punishers! - If you deal a status such as Affliction burn large icon.png Burn, Affliction frostbite large icon.png Frostbite, Affliction poison large icon.png Poison, Affliction shadowblight large icon.png Shadowblight, or Affliction scorchrend large icon.png Scorchrend into a boss, and you have punisher effects on your skills, adventurer abilities, dragon abilities, and/or wyrmprints, you can get in a lot more damage. For example, 100005 01 r04.png Alex can deal poison, and if you gear your team with the wyrmprint 400410 01.png The Plaguebringer, then everyone's DPS will benefit from it.
    • Make sure to reapply the affliction as soon as overdrive starts, as overdrive will remove all existing afflictions.
    • Note that the Affliction paralysis large icon.png Paralysis affliction is not as suitable for enabling punisher effects, as Fafnir Roy III has very high paralysis resistance.
    • Below is a list of budget 3 Icon Rarity 3.png and 4 Icon Rarity 4.png adventurers that can afflict without a lot of investment, as well as the related wyrmprints and dragons.
Affliction Budget Afflictors Punisher Wyrmprints Punisher Dragons
Affliction burn large icon.png Burn 110003 01 r03.png Joe, 110052 03 r03.png Valentine's Orion, 110011 02 r04.png Valentine's Ezelith 400146 01.png Elegant Escort, 400435 01.png Me and My Bestie! 210103 01.png Apollo
Affliction frostbite large icon.png Frostbite 110016 01 r03.png Jurota, 110012 01 r03.png Rex, 110013 01 r03.png Waike, 110253 01 r04.png Orsem, 110356 01 r04.png Gauld 400169 01.png His Clever Brother -
Affliction poison large icon.png Poison 110030 01 r04.png Musashi, 110026 01 r03.png Francesca, 110023 01 r03.png Johanna, 110350 01 r04.png Joachim, 110031 01 r04.png Eleonora, 110028 01 r03.png Philia, 100005 01 r04.png Alex, 110334 01 r04.png Audric 400459 01.png A Man Unchanging, 400410 01.png The Plaguebringer 210026 01.png Pazuzu, 210112 01.png Epimetheus
Affliction shadowblight large icon.png Shadowblight - 400457 01.png Welcome to the Opera! -
Affliction scorchrend large icon.png Scorchrend - 400465 01.png The Cutie Competition -
  • Use the boss's thickness against him! - 100009 07 r05.png Zena absolutely demolishes this mode. Her second skill makes a ring of bullets that deals tons of damage to large-bodied targets - which ends up working quite well against the rather-thick boss.

Teching out with Chimeratechs[]

Now we come to the meat of the game's progression: Weapons. There are a variety of these things, but thankfully, you will only need to focus on a couple. Let's start by talking about chimeratech weapons, which are far more powerful than the core weapons that you probably have by now.

Chimeratech weapons are crafted from the Chimera bosses, which can be found in Void Battles. These weapons are the strongest things you can get before dipping into the endgame. The best part is that they are relatively cheap to craft - you can craft one just after playing a couple of battles.

As a prerequisite, you need to have a fully upgraded copy of the 5 Icon Rarity 5.png core non-elemental weapon of the same weapon type of the chimeratech you are trying to craft.

Now that you are ready for an upgrade, it is time to gather the materials required. The materials required to craft chimeratech weapons can be found in the various elemental versions of the Void Chimera Strike fight. The chimera you want to battle will match the element of the weapon you want to craft. For example, fight the Volcanic Chimera Enemy Icon.png Volcanic Chimera in order to craft 301132 01 50101.png Chimeratech Officer.

Play on the highest difficulty you can play at. If you don't have enough might to challenge the expert variant, don't worry. We will only be using the materials you can get from playing standard. If you are able to play the expert difficulty, great! The expert battle has better drop rates than the standard battle. Your goal for the chimeratech weapons is to unbind them a total of 4 times and unlock the additional wyrmprint slot. Going any further than this will cost lots of materials for little strength gain.

Repeat this process to gear out your teams with as many chimeratech weapons as possible.

Also, note that chimeras might not always be available to fight - they are on a weekly rotating schedule, with each fight showing up 3 times per week, and with 2 of those times having 2x drops. Aim for the days that have 2x drops, as those tend to have the best-populated co-op rooms, and you can farm more efficiently. The schedule is frequently changing, but you can find it in-game or on this wiki's main page.


The current endgame of Dragalia Lost consists of boss fights - namely, the Advanced Dragon Trials (also called the High Dragon Trials, or HDTs), The Agito Uprising, and Omega-difficulty Raid Battles.


This is where you want your gear to be as decked out as possible. And since this is co-op, that means you're mostly building single adventurers instead of full teams.

You'll know you're here when you've hit the following milestones for the character you're bringing to co-op:

  • level 35+ Altars of your adventurer's element
  • level 31+ Dojos of your adventurer's weapon type
  • max-level Slime Statues and Event Compendium facilities
  • matching-element fully-upgraded Chimeratech weapons at minimum (you should already have these if you've been following this guide so far)
  • max-unbound wyrmprints that play to your adventurer's strengths
  • max-unbound 5 Icon Rarity 5.png dragon that plays to your adventurer's strengths
  • max augments on adventurer and wyrmprints (the total should be +700 or higher)
  • 50 mana circle nodes (49 bare minimum, missing only the 201007001.png Damascus Crystal node for slightly lower base stats, or up to 70, if your adventurer has access to the Mana Spiral)
  • (optional) augments on the dragon that plays to your adventurer's strengths
  • (optional) co-ability upgrades on backline adventurers
  • (optional) additional shared skills from non-story adventurers that may be purchased
Mana Spiral[]

A Mana Spiral

The Mana Spiral is an extension of the Mana Circle that is only available to certain adventurers (usually older ones). The Mana Spiral contains 20 nodes that must be unlocked in a set order, and brings the total amount of nodes available from 50 to 70. It also raises the maximum level cap from 80 to 100. While spiral quality can vary, generally speaking it will bring the adventurer up to par with, or even make them better than, adventurers around the spiral's release date.

  • If you picked 110021 01 r05.png Xainfried, 110267 01 r05.png Hawk, or 110053 01 r05.png Nefaria earlier, now is their time to shine - the Mana Spiral is the tool that will bring them from zero to hero.
  • 110010 01 r05.png Mikoto, 110011 01 r05.png Ezelith, 110022 01 r05.png Xander, and 110042 01 r05.png Julietta can also see improvement in their performance if their Mana Spiral is unlocked.
  • 110032 01 r05.png Maribelle and 110043 01 r05.png Hildegarde have access to their mana spirals, too. However, the above listed options tend to perform better.
  • Some of the adventurers you got through the story can access the Mana Spiral: 100001 01 r04.png The Prince, 100002 01 r04.png Elisanne, 100003 01 r04.png Ranzal, 100006 01 r04.png Luca, and 100004 01 r04.png Cleo.
    • For utility purposes, even if you don't actually play 100003 01 r04.png Ranzal it's recommended to get him up to 56 mana nodes. This upgrades his Icon Skill 004.png Tornado BashLv. 1: Deals 4 hits of 468% wind damage to surrounding enemies and draws them toward the user for 0.5 seconds. [2805 SP]

      Lv. 2: Deals 4 hits of 520% wind damage to surrounding enemies and draws them toward the user for 0.5 seconds. [2805 SP]

      Lv. 3: Deals 4 hits of 578% wind damage to surrounding enemies and draws them toward the user for 0.5 seconds. [2805 SP]

      Lv. 4: Deals 4 hits of 722.8% wind damage to surrounding enemies and draws them toward the user for 0.5 seconds, dispels one buff from each enemy, and inflicts poison for 15 seconds - dealing 58.2% damage every 2.9 seconds - with 120% chance. [2805 SP]
      shared skill to deal more damage and gain the useful Affliction poison large icon.png Poison and Icon Ability 1010031.png Dispel properties.
    • 100001 01 r04.png The Prince's Icon Skill 004.png Blazing CircletLv. 1: Deals 2 hits of 608% flame damage to surrounding enemies. [2376 SP]

      Lv. 2: Deals 2 hits of 676% flame damage to surrounding enemies. [2376 SP]

      Lv. 3: Deals 2 hits of 750% flame damage to surrounding enemies. [2376 SP]

      Lv. 4: Deals 2 hits of 826% flame damage to surrounding enemies, raises the dragon gauge by 3% if the attack connects and inflicts burn for 12 seconds - dealing 88.3% flame damage every 3.9 seconds - with 110% base chance. [2376 SP]
      shared skill can also be upgraded to inflict Affliction burn large icon.png Burn and provide additional dragon gauge, if desired. This may be more useful for certain adventurers that prefer speedier dragon gauges, or to improve burn uptime.
    • 100002 01 r04.png Elisanne and 100006 01 r04.png Luca's mana spiral upgrades will grant them full dual resistances, and may make them easier to use in their advantageous Agito fights.
      • Keep in mind that Elisanne's Icon Skill 030.png Brave BastionLv. 1: Increases the entire team's strength by 10% for 15 seconds. [3817 SP]

        Lv. 2: Increases the entire team's strength by 15% for 15 seconds. [3817 SP]

        Lv. 3: Increases the entire team's strength by 20% for 15 seconds. [3817 SP]

        Lv. 4: Deals 5 hits of 150% water damage to enemies directly ahead, and increases the entire team's strength by 25% for 15 seconds. [3817 SP]
        will be converted into an attack skill at 56 nodes, if you intend to use her skill as a shared skill, which may not be always desirable.
  • Some of your tutorial 3 Icon Rarity 3.png adventurers are eligible for the Mana Spiral too, though their quality can vary, and it's possible that you've pulled better adventurers to invest by this point. Ultimately, the decision is up to you.

Solo versus Co-op[]

For standard endgame quests, they are available in both solo and co-op variants.

  • Solo variants of quests consume stamina, and tend to be more mechanically forgiving for AI adventurers, or in situations where adventurers are unavailable or have fallen for good, as the attacks are simplified, skipped, or adjusted for easier solo play, and bosses' stats may be lowered. However, total investment required is higher, as you will need to bring four strong adventurers.
  • Co-op variants of quest consume getherwings, and are designed to provide a suitable challenge for a full team of human players. The investment required to play the co-op variant is lower due to only needing one strong adventurer, but player skill requirements are raised to compensate.

High Dragon Trials[]

Advanced/High Dragon Trials

High Dragon Trials (HDT) operate on a cycle - beating a boss of one element lets you craft a weapon of a different element. For example, beating High Midgardsormr lets you craft a Icon Element Wind.png Wind weapon that you can use against High Mercury or other content.

  • Standard difficulty provides only orbs. However, you have to do this first in order to unlock Expert and Master. Your Chimeratech weapons should work fine for this quest.
    • Later on, when you start building dracoliths and fafnir statues, you may find yourself returning to this quest in auto-battle mode, due to its ease and also very high rupies income.
  • Expert difficulty is the main attraction. Here you can farm Tails, which you can use to make weapons. The fights are essentially the same as Standard, though the boss has much more HP and deals more damage. Chimeratech works fine here, too, but having an Agito weapon (described later) can help speed up things.
  • Master Difficulty is where you can farm Horns, which can be used to upgrade your High Dragon weapons past 4 unbinds. This time the fights add extra attacks and shuffle up the mechanics, so you'll need to learn new approaches to the battle. Weapon-wise, it is expected that you enter with a fully-upgraded Chimeratech, an Agito, or if you have it, a 6UB+ High Dragon weapon.

Something to note: due to the ease of farming Icon Element Shadow.png Shadow weapons off of Kai Yan in the Agito Uprising (see section below), you don't need to bother with Icon Element Shadow.png High Zodiark for weapons - Kai Yan's weapons are better and much easier to get. However, its materials may still be useful for dracoliths, fafnir statues, and weapon bonuses.

The Agito Uprising[]

Main article: The Agito Uprising

The Agito Uprising

The Agito Uprising operates a bit differently from HDT. Instead of making a weapon to fight another boss, you can get weapons to fight the same boss. For example, Volk (a wind boss in Volk's Wrath) will give you Icon Element Flame.png Flame weapons that you can use against him to farm more. Due to this, it can sometimes be difficult to "break in" to a fight since you'll want a strong weapon to get started.

  • Standard difficulty of all Agito fights is fairly manageable - your Chimeratech weapon should work fine.
    • As a reward for your first clear, you will receive enough Silver Masks and Gold Masks to make a 0-unbound 6 Icon Rarity 6.png Agito weapon. You can also redeem the Agito Tree from the Shop's Treasure Trade, to boost your stats. Whichever is preferred depends on the player's preference and existing weapons.
      • Shadow is the one exception to this. Kai Yan's weapons grant Attack Rate Up on their skill, which is ridiculously powerful and makes it beat out the fully upgraded High Dragon weapon, even at 0UB. Additionally, Expert Kai Yan is 100% doable with the 0UB 6 Icon Rarity 6.png weapon. For that reason, you really should make the Shadow Agito weapon first before you get the tree.

Volk's beast form in Volk's Wrath: Expert

  • Expert difficulty is where it gets tricky. If you are a damage-dealing adventurer (or DPS), it is expected that you bring an Agito weapon to these fights in public co-op due to their high Strength and useful skills. If you are instead playing a support role such as a healer or buffer, or are playing with exceptionally strong adventurers (especially in pre-made rooms), then you can squeak by with a fully upgraded Chimeratech instead - however, be aware that some fights may prefer more damage instead of allowing supportive adventurers in, or have the public co-op rooms set to a might too high for such weapons to reach.
    • If this is the situation, it's highly suggested to farm towards an extra Agito weapon in pre-made rooms before trying public co-op.
    • Generally accepted might thresholds for public co-op rooms for Expert difficulty Agito quests:
      • 8,000 might: Healers
      • 9,000 might: DPS, hybrid DPS, and support adventurers without a mana spiral
      • 9,500 might: DPS, hybrid DPS, and support adventurers with a mana spiral

Volk's Wrath: Master

  • Master difficulty is where you reliably get materials for refines and unbinding past 4UB, but you will also need to farm lower difficulties to get the proper mix of materials for a full upgrade, as lower-tier materials don't drop much at Master. You'll want a 4UB or better 6 Icon Rarity 6.png weapon, farmed from Expert, and possibly refined with materials from weekly bonuses, in order to enter.
    • Generally accepted might thresholds for public co-op rooms for Master difficulty Agito quests:
      • 9,500 might: Healers
      • 10,500 might: DPS, hybrid DPS, and support adventurers without a mana spiral
      • 11,000 might: DPS, hybrid DPS, and support adventurers with a mana spiral

Volk's Wrath: Legend

  • Legend difficulty is the tip top of the current endgame. You'll want a 8UB 6 Icon Rarity 6.png weapon, farmed from lower difficulties and refined, in order to enter.
    • This difficulty only permits adventurers that are of the advantageous element to participate, including co-abilities. However, you may still use off-element dragons, shared skills, and helpers.
    • Materials from this quest allow you to refine your weapon a second time, providing access to 9UB. The stats from this are very small, however - the main prize is actually a weapon skin with special visual effects, such as swirling flames.
    • Generally accepted might thresholds for public co-op rooms for Legend difficulty Agito quests:
      • 10,000 might: Healers
      • 11,000 might: DPS, hybrid DPS, and support adventurers without a mana spiral
      • 12,000 might: DPS, hybrid DPS, and support adventurers with a mana spiral