Baking Blues

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Baking Blues


110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: So I push in the center of the dough, layer on jam, then bake the cookies until they're golden brown... Perfect! Hee hee! Oh, I do hope Elly likes these. Hello, Elly! I see you've been training hard.

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: Ah, Julietta. What brings you here?

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: I thought you might want something sweet after all that exercise. I've never made cookies before, so I hope they turned out all right.

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: Then permit me to try one. *munch* Ah, but they are wonderful! I am ever so fortunate to be adored by someone like you!

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: ...Hee hee! I hope it goes just like that! Now then! Elly is usually training here at this time of day, sooo... Ah! There she is! It looks like she'll be finished soon. I'll just call out to her and... Er, wait. Are these cookies REALLY fit to be handed over to her? They look slightly lumpy and misshapen. Also, I might have used too much sugar. N-no! I can't let myself be disheartened! And yet, if I were to give her anything but my very best... Ugh... All this worrying has set my stomach off again...

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: Whew! All right, time for a res... Oh. Hello, Julietta.

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: Oh, Elly... Ummm... I...

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: What is it? You're looking rather pale.

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: I...I am fine, I assure you.

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: You really don't look well, though. Do you want me to rub your back? Or get you some water?

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: (Urgh... I didn't come here to cause her trouble!) N-no, I really am perfectly fine. Don't worry yourself for my sake. P-please excuse me!

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: Wait!

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: Oww! Running has just made my stomach hurt even more...

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: A-are you all right, Julietta? Do you have a stomachache?

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: Please just leave me alone.

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: Hmm. Is this one of those situations where I should do as I'm told, or where I should actually do the opposite...?

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: Don't worry about me! Owww...

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: M-my room is really close if you'd like to lie down for a bit.

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: Oh, I don't want to trouble anyo—owwww!

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: This is no time to be acting tough!

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: That is NOT what I am doing here!

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: You say that, but your eyes are teary. Stop being stupid about this already!

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: ...Did you just call me stupid?

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: Willingly choosing to suffer by refusing to put pride aside for even a moment is stupidity personified!

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: Erk...

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: Eeek! I...I'm sorry! I wasn't intending to insult or belittle you! I, um,

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: Owww!

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: L-let's just go to my room, all right? Um...have you calmed down now?

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: Yes, thank you. I'm much better.

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: I'm sorry about calling you stupid.

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: Please don't worry about it. What you said was true. I brought all of this on myself by worrying about nothing, and caused someone I admire undue anxiety in the process.

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: Who are you referring to?

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: Eeep! Please forget I said any of that. Now then, I fear I must be going.

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: Oh, I think you dropped something. Wait, are these...cookies?

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: Er, yes. Could I trouble you to please dispose of them for me?

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: But you've wrapped them up so nicely! They're a present, right?

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta:

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: Oh, okay. ...Can I eat them, then?

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: Ummmmmm...yes?

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: Thanks! *munch*

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: ......

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: Wow. These are great.

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: No they aren't. They're overly sweet and horribly misshapen.

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: Are you mad? They're perfect!

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: You don't need to lie to avoid hurting my feelings. I can handle the truth.

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia:'s the truth. They really ARE good. I'm really not lying—it's just, um, what I mean is...

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: Well, what is it? Hurry up and say what you want to say!

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: They taste good so maybe you should have more confidence in yourself, geez!

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: What?

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: It's obvious you were planning on giving these to someone you admire when you lost confidence and abandoned the plan. But the thing is, I KNOW that person would have been really happy to receive them...

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: Are you trying to console me?

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: N-no! I'm not!

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: Well, it's working anyway. Right then! I'm going to make cookies— and this time I WILL deliver them!

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: Yay!

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: It's still possible I might fail. So if I do... Would you mind if I came here and grumbled to you about it?

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: I'd be happy to listen.

110042 01 r05.pngJulietta: In that case, I shall stuff you full of cookies and gripe until the dawn!