Anglers' Day Off

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Anglers' Day Off


110030 01 r04.pngMusashi: Warm sunlight and a gentle breeze... Perfect conditions for a day of fishing!

Samurai Who Loves to Fish

110351 01 r05.pngJiang Ziya: It's been so long since we were all able to fish together. We gotta milk this day for everything it's worth!

Former Sealer Who Loves to Fish
Jiang Ziya

110019 01 r04.pngThaniel: Indeed. I was delighted to discover that others in this castle shared my passion.

Former Sailor Who Loves to Fish

110030 01 r04.pngMusashi: So long as we've three skilled fishers among us, why not make this interesting and see who can land the most?

110351 01 r05.pngJiang Ziya: Hee hee ha ha hee! A contest, is it? Now THAT sounds like fun.

110019 01 r04.pngThaniel: That suits me fine. I am always eager for a chance to show off the fishing skills my father taught me.

110030 01 r04.pngMusashi: Ah, a mighty pull! I expect I've snared a big one here! Haaaaaah!

110030 01 r04.pngMusashi: 'Twas a great fish indeed! Ah, but there is no greater feeling than seizing victory at the end of a hard-fought duel. Still, I wonder how my rivals fare...?

110351 01 r05.pngJiang Ziya: I got one! Woooo!

110351 01 r05.pngJiang Ziya: Yesss! Just look how these finny critters flock to my special homemade bait!

110030 01 r04.pngMusashi: So you rely not on talent, but tools, eh? I should have expected as much from one who trusts in relics as much as you. But as for Thaniel...

110019 01 r04.pngThaniel: Hmm? Ah, behold that faint ripple on the water's surface. That shows me just where to cast my line. Hah!

110019 01 r04.pngThaniel: I knew it! That WAS a school of fish!

110030 01 r04.pngMusashi: Truly, Thaniel, you are a man of the sea. You perceive much beneath the surface.

110030 01 r04.pngMusashi: Between these two potent warriors of rod and reel, it is clear I have a great battle on my hands. And yet, I would not think to have it any other way.

110019 01 r04.pngThaniel: It wouldn't do to make it easy for you. And when it comes to fishing, I have no great shortage of skill.

110019 01 r04.pngThaniel: Even my stern father couldn't help but praise my angling talents!

110351 01 r05.pngJiang Ziya: You might have talent coming out the... Er, you might have a lot of talent, but I've got WAY more experience!

110351 01 r05.pngJiang Ziya: I've been fishing for...what? 300 years? 400? Gosh, it's been so dang long, I can barely remember.

110351 01 r05.pngJiang Ziya: Regardless, I definitely know my way around a lure, and victory will be mine!

110030 01 r04.pngMusashi: Ah, now things are getting interesting! Methinks it is time to remove the kid gloves and strike for true.

110030 01 r04.pngMusashi: Fishing is but a duel between man and beast—and as a samurai who lives for the thrill of battle, I'll not be defeated!

110030 01 r04.pngMusashi: I must allow myself access to the most forbidden art in my arsenal... Dual-wielding fishing poles!

110019 01 r04.pngThaniel: What?!

110030 01 r04.pngMusashi: Behold! Haaaaah!

110351 01 r05.pngJiang Ziya: Wait, time out! You're planning to catch twice as many fish by using twice as many rods? Is that even a thing?!

110030 01 r04.pngMusashi: Ah ha ha! The ability to wield two blades as if they were part of my body is at the very heart of my swordcraft.

110030 01 r04.pngMusashi: By tapping into that selfsame talent, I can wield two poles with equal ease!

110019 01 r04.pngThaniel: Okay, I guess that IS a thing. But how am I supposed to—BWAAAH!

110351 01 r05.pngJiang Ziya: Thaniel? Did you just fall in the water? Er, you need some help there, buddy?

110019 01 r04.pngThaniel: Waaaaah!

110030 01 r04.pngMusashi: Thaniel? Why do you not pull yourself up onto that nearby ledge?

110351 01 r05.pngJiang Ziya: Now he's diving UNDER the water!

110030 01 r04.pngMusashi: He does not appear to be drowning, exactly. But what IS he doing...?

110019 01 r04.pngThaniel: Ha! Yes, well. My apologies for that. What a fluky accident. ...Huh?

110019 01 r04.pngThaniel: Well, I'll be. My pockets are full of fish.

Musashi & Jiang Ziya: WHAAAAAT?!

110030 01 r04.pngMusashi: You caught fish with your bare hands?!

110351 01 r05.pngJiang Ziya: Bzzzt! No way, mister! That is SO not fair!

110019 01 r04.pngThaniel: Y-you misunderstand the circumstances! It was coincidence! Mere coincidence! Such things happen to everyone, yes?

110030 01 r04.pngMusashi: Lies, sir! Lies and slander!

110351 01 r05.pngJiang Ziya: Okay, that's it. If we're turning this honorable competition into a total cheat-fest, then I'm going all the way!

110351 01 r05.pngJiang Ziya: O power universal, heed my solemn decree! Convert my words of speech!

110351 01 r05.pngJiang Ziya: Fiiishies! I've got yummy baaait for you! Come and get it, suckers!

110030 01 r04.pngMusashi: Jiang Ziya, if one could merely call out to fish and expect them to come, fishing would be no challenge at—

Musashi & Thaniel: WHAAAAAAT?!

110351 01 r05.pngJiang Ziya: Hee hee ha ha hee! Yep! I used a relic that allows me to speak to any living creature!

110351 01 r05.pngJiang Ziya: All of the fish in the lake are here now. I'm gonna fill up a bucket, then stuff that inside a BIGGER bucket and fill THAT!

110030 01 r04.pngMusashi: Cursed insolence! Wretched deceit! ...Move over. I'm fishing in your spot.

110019 01 r04.pngThaniel: Yes, me too. Make room, you!

110351 01 r05.pngJiang Ziya: No way! Go find your own cheater spot!

Together: Hrrrmph!

Unknown.png???: Hey, wait for meeeeee!

Feline Dragon Who Loves to Fish

Together: Ebisu?!

210114 01.pngEbisu: How can you possibly fish without ME? You KNOW it's my favorite thing! ...Now everybody shove over.

210114 01.pngEbisu: Heeeere, fishy fishy fishies! I'm gonna catch you and eeeat you!

210114 01.pngEbisu: ...Meow?

210114 01.pngEbisu: What the fins is going on here? I'm not catching ANYTHING!

110019 01 r04.pngThaniel: Yes, well, the thing is...

110030 01 r04.pngMusashi: We may have overfished this lake.

110351 01 r05.pngJiang Ziya: Yeah, I sorta used my powers to summon all the fish and then we caught all the fish and then... Well, you know how it goes.

210114 01.pngEbisu: I do NOT "know how it goes!" And your plan was simply horrid!

210114 01.pngEbisu: First you ditch me, then you starve me of my favorite food? Hissssss!

Together: ......

110030 01 r04.pngMusashi: Thaniel? Jiang Ziya? There is still the matter of our little competition.

110351 01 r05.pngJiang Ziya: Ah geez, we've each got a zillion fish. Maybe we just call it a draw?

110019 01 r04.pngThaniel: A fine idea. I'll gut them and trim them so we can all enjoy a proper feast.

110019 01 r04.pngThaniel: Won't you join us, Ebisu?

210114 01.pngEbisu: MROWWWWR! ...Er, I mean, you wouldn't mind?

110030 01 r04.pngMusashi: Of course not. Consider it our amends for failing to invite you in the first place.

110351 01 r05.pngJiang Ziya: Oh, and if we ever do this again, we'll TOTALLY bring you along!

As the sun set, the four friends enjoyed the bounty
of the lake and the remainder of their day off.

210114 01.pngEbisu: Mmmm-eow! This sashimi is delectable! Now for the grilled fish...

210114 01.pngEbisu: Ow! Hot, hot, hooooot!

Together: (Looks like the fish got the cat's tongue...)