Dragalia Lost Wiki

Banner Advanced Dragon Trials.png

Unlock: Complete Master Difficulty Dragon Trial
Primary Reward: Wyrm Greatspheres, High Dragon Weapon Materials
Event Exchange Shop: Advanced Dragon Trials Exchange

Standard/Expert Difficulties are always available, while Master Difficulty rotates on the following schedule:
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Icon Element Wind.png High Midgardsormr's Trial: Master
Icon Element Water.png High Mercury's Trial: Master
Icon Element Flame.png High Brunhilda's Trial: Master
Icon Element Light.png High Jupiter's Trial: Master
Icon Element Shadow.png High Zodiark's Trial: Master

201002032.png High Midgardsormr's Trial

Banner High Midgardsormr's Trial.png

Unlock: Complete Midgardsormr's Trial: Master
Prologue: The Height of the Tempest
Primary Reward: 104002032.png 201002031.png (Prelude Only) 201002032.png (Unavailable in Prelude) 202008031.png (Expert/Master only) 202004005.png (Expert/Master only) 202009031.png (Master only)

201002022.png High Mercury's Trial

Banner High Mercury's Trial.png

Unlock: Complete Mercury's Trial: Master
Prologue: The Height of the Tides
Primary Reward: 104002022.png 201002021.png (Prelude Only) 201002022.png (Unavailable in Prelude) 202008021.png (Expert/Master only) 202004005.png (Expert/Master only) 202009021.png (Master only)

201002012.png High Brunhilda's Trial

Banner High Brunhilda's Trial.png

Unlock: Complete Brunhilda's Trial: Master
Prologue: The Height of the Flames
Primary Reward: 104002012.png 201002011.png (Prelude Only) 201002012.png (Unavailable in Prelude) 202008011.png (Expert/Master only) 202004005.png (Expert/Master only) 202009011.png (Master only)

201002042.png High Jupiter's Trial

Banner High Jupiter's Trial.png

Unlock: Complete Jupiter's Trial: Master
Prologue: The Height of the Storms
Primary Reward: 104002042.png 201002041.png (Prelude Only) 201002042.png (Unavailable in Prelude) 202008041.png (Expert/Master only) 202004005.png (Expert/Master only) 202009041.png (Master only)

201002052.png High Zodiark's Trial

Banner High Zodiark's Trial.png

Unlock: Complete Zodiark's Trial: Master
Prologue: The Height of the Shadows
Primary Reward: 104002052.png 201002051.png (Prelude Only) 201002052.png (Unavailable in Prelude) 202008051.png (Expert/Master only) 202004005.png (Expert/Master only) 202009051.png (Master only)